When Jaclyn passed me my Brand’s Essence of Chicken, all kinds of nostalgic emotions flooded all over me.

It’s been so many years!! I’m not sure about you but the only time time i ever drank Brand’s Chicken Essence was during my UPSR, PMR and SPM exams. Mom would heat that little bottle of black goodness in that little pot, then served it together with yummy home made bread, cheese + 2 eggs, and that would prepare me for the big days.

I dunno how, but psychologically it really did kill the butterflies inside. And i really felt emotionally and physically stronger. Like Popeye being fed spinach or like Mario having eaten his mushroom. That kind of feeling! I would never, ever sat for an exam without having that green little bottle for breakfast. Sometimes mom even gave me extra bottle if i had an afternoon test.

And that’s really how i associate Brand’s with all the positive vibes and emotions. It was a luxury for me at that time, something that you take when you’re doing things that is greatly challenging, competitive and adventurous.

And then now i realized that i can always have it everyday and feel empowered everyday! Why didn’t i think of that before! Instead of coffee (which i don’t take anyway), this is such a much better substitute for you to stay smart, awake and savy.

Went for Brand’s Generasi Hebat launch the other day.

Generasi Hebat is personified by five young ‘hebat’ individuals who have been specially chosen to the lead the campaign.

From left:  Akim, Hafiz, Aril, erm… the one in red is not counted, then and Black, and Choo Hou Ren.

Damn tumpang glamor haha!

These new faces also represents the five core attributes of Generasi Hebat – ingenuity, open-mindedness, alertness, determination and a go-getter attitude. In Malay it translate to the acronym HEBAT.

What HEBAT means:
H by you.
E by you.

A by you.
T by you.

There’s a contest going on along with the campaign that offers really awesome prizes, including a holiday with the stars to Hong Kong Disneyland!!! They are also giving out 10 LG LCD Tvs and many more great prizes. Stay tuned for the next Generasi Hebat Update!

Find out more on Generasi Hebat’s facebook page!





“Don’t Potong Yet!!” Update:

I managed to convince ChingChing to watch The “L” Word and she’s hooked ever since. Apparently her Streamyx at home is really fast!!

A BBM convo with her:

dl1 by you.
dl2 by you.

dl3 by you.

Sounds really good. Ok time for me to download more Japanese magazines!!