i ♥ kimono

December 28, 2009 in ❤︎I LOVE JAPAN❤︎ / Hokkaido / Japan

Best photo taken in Hokkaido so far:

Almost like a dream <3



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  1. yumii says:

    is this kimono new one or the one Yuriko’s family gave you last year for xmas present? =D last year’s one seem like silky pink though. 😈

  2. petok says:

    I oso want.. D:

  3. David says:


    You are so beautiful in that kimono!


  4. JD says:

    Ish….kawaii-ne… 😈 😈 😈

  5. chaigyaru says:

    omggg. thats soo cute! love the pic!

  6. raiz says:

    😈 😈 😈
    Best photo indeed

  7. Jacklyn says:

    wow…. u look like a japanese princess!!! 😈

  8. Huai Bin says:

    Nice kimono! I love the snow background too. It’s so hot over here.

    Eh, I’m planning to go Bali. *cough*

  9. Pinkish says:

    Very pretty! Your updates seems short..:(

  10. wong how jun says:

    😥 I wanna go Japan. Managed only to go Hatyai…it was fun tho…

  11. Ivy says:

    wow wow wow!!! got snow summore. perfect pic. 😈 😈 😈

  12. WP says:

    Er…photoshopped or were you really standing outside??

    By the way, I didn’t know you could put a ♥ in a URL!

  13. Ashley says:

    but not cold meh?

  14. Irene says:

    Gorgeous face! Pretty kimono! Stunning background! Everything is so picture perfect! 😈

  15. Tastie says:


  16. blooming kyoto says:

    i am not sure if this is a kimono but the last year was a yukata. this material seem like thicker than yukata. if this is a real kimono and is gold threaded, it should cost between rm3k-5k.

  17. gel says:

    wahhh. awesome photo!!! how did you manage to get to wear this kimono?? bought it??

  18. abraxis says:

    Anata wa Bijin desu! 😯 Gorgeous!!

    I’m counting down the days before I head off to the land of Bijin (AKA Tokyo). Arrival Friday!!

  19. cindy khor says:

    although i didn’t see other pictures, but this is certainly very very pretty.

    and your belt for the kimono (what do call this?) is silver, cute combination.

  20. Porkie says:

    oh shiesse!! seeing this pic onli reminds me now that i was supposed to let you see that kimono we have!!! haiya..everytime u over here i forget 1 >.<;

  21. Beth says:

    You’re so cute! X3 I saw this on your twitter!

  22. Hayley says:

    i love your photo!! but not cold meh?

  23. bogoshipda says:

    Nice pic … Hokkaido is lovely..

  24. sara says:

    waa so pretty 🙂 post more photos please..and do show us ur host family’s cooking this year 😀

  25. vvens says:

    so naisssssssss! :3 it is indeed like a dream!

  26. Natashaaa says:

    To tell the truth , i ve been a huge fan of urs now cuz Xiaxue SELDOMS blog . Its fustrating . But u , when i open , confirm gt post , so , i loving it! ((: Keep it up!

  27. vialentino says:

    nice nice kimono fit on u…

  28. c9 says:

    omg can see snow falling … awesomeness!

  29. melody says:

    Super duper gorgeous!!!!!!

  30. fiona says:

    looking good in the kimono ;P

  31. Chezza says:

    you look gorgeous cheese~~ I love that pic!

  32. diane says:

    i am very sorry to say this but.. the picture looks like you paste your picture into that photo and add some snow thingy. really sorry. but you still look good there.

    • jane says:

      That’s sorry to hear you feel sorry, but i think to say sorry is unnecessary 💡

    • fan says:

      what’s with the sorry? she already said it’s the best photo taken in hokkaido…

      trying to be too smart will end up looking dumb :mrgreen:

    • yumii says:

      it looks that way because of the flash, u dumbass. sheesh these ppl really like to use ‘sorry’ b4 trashing other ppl.

      • diane says:

        crazy bitch. i wasnt trashing okay, i was saying only. if not what you want me to say?

        that would be nice right?

        • Porkie says:

          girls lets cool down k 🙂

          diane, will you be commenting more in the blog or was just a once off?

          • diane says:

            how am i suppose to know. i do it when i feel like it. -.-

          • Porkie says:

            just wondering because we often have ppl who come in say something then never come back and post ever again. wondering whether you’ll be the same or not 🙂

          • diane says:

            ” we “?

          • yumii says:

            ‘we’ as in we who united we stand as cheesie’s blog readers. we do welcome you to come and comment just that we tend to defend comments like yours and many others.

            it’s her blog and people ought to show respect to her. if one do not like a particular thing she blog about, one can always pin point another thing one likes and then only comment. Don’t comment on the thing you do not like. Nobody likes that.

            I knw what freedom of speech is, but all we readers do here is respect. Respect is the word. One ought to know how to comment respectfully and not come off as disrespecting the writer.

            People have different opinions, of course.
            Do spend some time read through how other people comment here to learn how to comment politely without using the word ‘Sorry’ in the beginning. That might be polite but the words come after is not very.

  33. Fancyland says:

    Super Nice Photo!! 😉

  34. tzia says:

    omg. that photo is awesome.
    it’s almost like a photoshopped background! 😈 😈 😈

  35. Hawk says:

    wow, that’s gorgeous !

  36. Porkie says:

    can safely say that its certainly not a photoshopped pic and she was really standing in the snow 😉

  37. Dylan says:

    wow! your kimono picture really is GreaTTT!! looking stunning over there. 🙂

  38. JoanneTPH says:

    You look amazingly gorgeous in that kimono !(:

  39. takeshi says:

    Waa, looks like you like to pose in photos while its snowing too! I admit that it’s one of the very very few things that I like about winter (you’re lucky that as a girl you can (I assume) opt out of shoveling snow from the driveway! NOT fun).
    Anyway, just want to say that you look very umm, demure in a kimono. Elegant. It probably helps that the kimono costs like 10,000 yen just to rent. Is it yours? (if so, you’re rich!) I take it you’ll be going for a pseudo ‘coming of age’ ceremony in a kimono for the new year? (should fall on 11th January in 2010) Photos please.
    Arigato gozaimasu…

  40. Cindy Fong says:

    thumbs up for the pic…you look really beautiful in the pic….hehe

  41. nise says:

    You look nice ! Followed your twitter, and you mentioned you stay in a cheap hotel, can you let me know what’s the hotel ? Probably going there next year.
    Stay happy and pretty 🙂

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