tokyo ♥ night

December 31, 2009 in Japan


Tokyo City Night View in Ikebukuro Sunshine City, 60th floor. Taken yesterday.



Sunset at Odaiba Tokyo Beach.



Can see rainbow bridge!!!!!


😀 <3


Rainbow bridge night view.

Will update sooooooon!!!

Till then, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

So happy i’m spending mine in Tokyo! ♥♥♥♥♥



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  1. […] » Blog Archive » i tokyo Tokyo City Night View in Ikebukuro Sunshine City, 60th floor. Will update sooooooon!!! Till then, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! So happy i’m spending mine in Tokyo! ♥♥♥♥♥. This entry was posted on Thursday, December 31st, 2009 at 6:34 pm and … more .. […]

  2. happy new year ringo!

  3. y u never ask ppl to download as wallpaper? LOLROF.

    Very nice pictures. Happy New Year !!!

  4. happy new year 🙂 ♥

  5. hahaha… what the liberty statue doing in Tokyo?? hehehhe… Happy new year!!

  6. Wooohooooooooo!!!!
    Happy Happy Happy New Year to you!!!!!!!
    tokyo is soooooo nice at night!!!!!

  7. Happy New Year~~ May it be a fantubulous one 😀

  8. Happy New Year, Rin-chan!
    May this coming year be a great year for you! <3

  9. oh gosh i was in the exact same hotel in Ikebukuro Sunshine City last year! i tried to take soooo many pics of the night view but failed terribly! how did u manage to take the pic in #2??? u r awesome!!

  10. so lucky that you can spend your new year in japan! happy new year 🙂

  11. rainbow bridgeeeee <3 <3
    hahahaha so pretttty. omg i love the tokyo nightview!

  12. Ringo,

    Great photos! Last few hours of 2009 on this side of the Pacific. Already 2010 in Japan.

    May 2010 be you best year yet!
    BTW, any new romances blooming? ? ?

    Happy New to you!


  13. Nice view. I don’t get to Tokyo as much as I would like. Have a great New Year in Japan. Eat lots of mochi. 😉

  14. Happy New Year Cheesie 🙂

  15. Happy new year ringo:)

    rainbow bridge:)whoa hope malaysia also got ler 😛

  16. Rainbow bridge is so nice. Have a Happy New Year!

  17. Happy New Year!!!
    i only celebrate at home with laptop. 😥
    dont know when only can i go to tokyo!!

  18. HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Hope this year will be a good year!! 😉

  19. hey japan is uber expensive and you go there quite a few times a year! may i ask where you get your funds from? 🙂

  20. Very very nice sceneries !!!

  21. 😀 happy new year

  22. Happy new year, Cheesie!!! may 2010 be great and your will be even prettier muahahaa!!

  23. happy new year ringo ~!

    *looks at ur pics*
    *looks closer*

    when did the statue of liberty migrate to tokyo le ??

  24. japan’s too beautiful. must visit before i die. >.<

  25. Happy New Year!! 😉

  26. i miss my bf in tokyo!!! 😥 😥 😥

  27. Love your hair! its beautifull and nice pictures! i wish i can go there too! but no money sob sob~! Happy NEw year!!

  28. OMG i want to go japan so badly T_T

  29. Hi

    Can you give me some tips how to spend 5 days in Tokyo with children age 15, 13 and 10 ? Will be visiting tokyo from Dec 28 to Jan 2, but on a budget lor….

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