3 hair buns ^^

January 27, 2010 in Hair Cheat One™

Sorry it is my hair bun again!

But this is not just a hair bun. This is 3 (three, tiga, san, sam) hair buns!!! From 3 girl bloggers.

Violet LeBeaux with her signature mori hime hair.

Candice DeVille with her bold blonde fringe and red lips

Cheesie DeLicious with her, erm… Cheat One™ hair bow wtf.

(Ok la the last name is made up just to make myself sound more err, exotic wtf.)

(And can someone make me an avatar? I drew it on Photoshop it looks omfg ugly :(. Why everyone so talented one T_T )

They are both from Australia and I met them in Singapore during the NN Award thing and they are soooooo vain and soooooo OTT and soooo girly and sooo ME because they know everything about Japanese fashion ^^! 😀


This is the video we did together (well not together physically, but kind of, sort of, rather but not really physically. You will know what i mean after you watch it!!!)




Cute anot!!!!

Haha i skipped Step 6 because i never use any hair styling product wtf *lazy.

Violet edited everything. She is so awesome!

Well this is the final hair bow i chose for the outfit. Dress is from Liz Lisa’s Fukubukuro. Daisuki!!! ^^

PS: Really. Can someone make me an avatar? Cheesy please?
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127 responses to “3 hair buns ^^”

  1. JH says:

    Oooooh…i just watched the vid…& its sweet as ~ all 3 of u r sooo gorgeous!!! Ur tutorials just seem 2 be gettin better =) Btw, I have a ques – How exactly did u get ur hair bun in that half curly & super voluminous shape? Like the pic of u at the beginning of the tutorial? in the matching red shirt & hair accessory? Cause it looks sooo good!!!

  2. David says:


    A great video. You make setting up a bun look easy.

    On you the bun looks so cute!


  3. jesc says:

    love the vid and the song!!

    will have to wait till my hair is longer in order to do a hair bun.

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  5. marlene says:

    very cute video!! 😈

  6. kiwi says:

    watashi mo daisuki! <3 lol. Anyway, your avatar making skills not too bad what. Cheddie looks verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry cute. And koyuki looks like koyuki (glad that she's fine now), but you don't really look like you. I don't know whether that is an offence or not. :X

  7. misachi says:

    I don’t mind doing your avatar, if you don’t mind working with a student. (:

  8. kiwi says:

    *gasp* did cheeserland eat my comment up??? In my previous comment, i said I liked it too! And your avatar making skills aren’t too bad, because cheddie looks so damn cute, and koyuki looks like koyuki, but only you don’t look like yourself. I don’t know whether that’s an offence or not. lol

  9. Ivie says:

    Cute bun! I wish my hair was long enough to do it though! 😥 :dunno: It’s so short! :blush:

  10. Ivie says:

    WOw you guys do really good hair tutorials. 😈 I wish my hair was long enough to do this! It’s so short! :dunno: :blush: 😥

  11. Pomme-Pomme says:

    So cute! and you girls were waving at each other like you were staying in the same condo! 😀 Love your avatar too. Koyuki looks so like… well.. Koyuki!

  12. melody says:

    hey this vid is soooooooooooo super duper niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!
    love it!!!!!! very very niceeeeeeeeee!!!!
    love the part where you guys wave at each other!!!!!!!!

  13. raiz says:

    😈 😈 😈
    3 nice buns

  14. M.May says:

    I love the video! It’s so fun and happy!! ♥

  15. Sarah says:

    Love the video..though I had to pay 3 times more attention cos got 3 people doing 3 buns 😯 But the video was edited really nicely 🙂

  16. KY says:

    I thought got 3 buns! cheat one!

  17. LMAO!!! Cheddie looks really Cheddie, but the Koyuki and you…. WAHAHAHAHA.


  18. Fiona says:

    really a nice video 😈 and how come ur avatar so funny one hahahhaas

  19. mizz sharon says:


    Lovin’ the Chio hair-do!!!!

    Nikki told me about this hair thingy the 3 of u are planning some time ago..

    turned out looking awesome!!! Yay~~~ =)

  20. Bella says:

    i love the video…mad cute!!!i love the font…can i noe wats the name?please :blush:

  21. yifie says:

    haha the drawing of u and yr pups so kewt!

  22. missDONUT says:

    You guys look TERRIFIC! I miss my long hair now! Should have seen all these before I snipped my hair off!

    Looking great 😀

  23. Rebecca says:

    the part where u three were waving at each other is so cutee!! HAHA.
    Love your tiara! 😀 😈

  24. ericyong77 says:

    wahhh hair bun again! hehehehe… LOL…

  25. cereza says:

    wow wow wow… super kawaii….
    cute cute cute… 😈 😈 😈

  26. Jamie says:

    Well, if it is any consolation at all, your avatar still looks cute because Koyuki and Cheddie really look like Koyuki and Cheddie. You don’t know how to draw humans is it? Still, your drawing of Koyuki and Cheddie is really very cute!

  27. mell says:

    AWESOME!!!!!!! hehehhee. make more hair tut videos pls! 😀 love how u girls play with accessories

  28. cereal says:

    heyo babe!!

    I tried ur hair bun the other day n everyone’s been praising it. lol! but wtf, i use like 100 bobby pins i always damn scared the whole thing drops down. ahaha!

    btw, we met in christang! i left my link to the photos with u and koyuki!

    keep bloggin hun!

  29. jane says:

    That’s interesting! 😈 Love the video and your drawing so cute! esp cheddie omg…<3<3<3

  30. Reiko says:

    The last pic of you is soooo white(innocent/pure) and cute!! I can feel SPRING! 😆

    I shall remember to come back and watch the video after reconnect my streamyx. Digi broadband damn slow, can’t load. 😥

  31. I love your blog 😈 😉

  32. Catherine says:

    I just love your camara. 🙂

  33. onefourever says:

    ur editing skills are superb..waiting for your photoshop tutorials

  34. MiloMen says:

    Hi friend, awaited return visit to my blog and follow me.. 🙂

  35. Hayley says:

    Nice!! you girls are so pro!!
    i really wanna try it some day 😉
    p/s: i dont know how to do an avatar so cannot help liao :S

  36. Yvonne says:

    nice video! so sweet.

    just a question, i see that you usually put hairbands on your bun, how does it look like from the back? wont have the two parts of the hairband sticking out?

  37. yumii says:

    sobs.. i cannot see the vid ehh! nemaii i try later! go work first wtf.

  38. Beii says:

    hey dear, tried making your avatar 😛 will send into your mailbox!hope you like it enough to use it :3 Otherwise,constructive critism would make me improve as well 😀

  39. noelslife says:

    Aw you look soo cuute! the vid looks like so much fun!

  40. サブリナ says:

    very cute! i know you mentioned you bought your hair bun thingy from japan, but where/which shop exactly? cos im going japan soon and wanna get it too!

  41. Irene says:

    I like the avatar you did on Koyuki! 😈

  42. elly ; =) says:

    Great,nice,short and simple vidd <3 it. but but T__T I can't do a hair like that -.-

  43. JaCJaC says:

    wait my hair grow long then u teach me cheat one..
    mahai the jap book i bought on how to do hair – i si beh tak faham (FAIL)

  44. Carrie says:

    Can I ask one out of topic question? :cheh: Izzit Cheesie will be on air, Ai Fm on next Thursday? I heard dj say ur name, but not sure. O.O

  45. Pingping says:

    At first when I played the video I thought no sound then I switched up the volume more & more….

    And the music made me jump in my seat. LOL -_-

  46. i showed mum the pet magazine and she said Cheddie is so cute and pretty, of course the owner too <3


  47. cathj says:

    Lovely!! So tempted to try… LOL..

  48. show us how to do the hime gyaru hairstyle and make up!


  49. kawaiirubie says:

    ohhhh cheesie i would love that hair bun product u use! 😛

  50. haze says:

    chu never ask!!! ccbkns

  51. Cheesie you’re so pretty! and what a weird name for a beautiful lady like you… haha… jk though. 😛 awesome anime makeup you had there 😈

    Hey if you love skinfood, thefaceshop or any korean skincare, do visit me!

  52. Saya says:

    Hey, someone made you an AVATAR in a Purple Kimono @ http://lvbeii.blogspot.com/ just though you’d be interested!

  53. Sarah says:

    where can i get one of those big bun pins you use in this video?

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