In Japan, everything related to gold is very luxurious!

This is Kinkakuji, the famous Gold Pavilion in Kyoto.

Little rice cake dessert with real gold flakes on top.

Osechi is the Japanese new year bento, and notice their black beans also has gold flakes on top!

And because it’s Japanese New Year now, they started having sales everywhere and i see a lot of gold everywhere too!



For Chinese people, gold is equally auspicious and in conjunction with the upcoming CNY, Mamee Instant Noodle is also having this Golden 8 SMS Contest thing now!

Everyone knows 8 in Chinese is “Fatt” and it means prosperity and good fortune! So this whole contest is all about 8 to wish the participant a wealthy CNY!

The contest runs for 88 days, during which, 3 Gold Bar worth RM 8,888, and cash prizes RM 888/RM 1,888 are given out every single day!

There are two types of rewards:


3 gold bars will be given out to the each month’s jackpot winner. The sender with the most submission in a particular month wins RM 8,888 Gold bar.

On top of contesting for the gold bar, bonus daily cash prizes are given away everyday. The 88th senders of the particular day will win the bonus prize of RM888 every weekday and RM1,888 on Sundays.

How to join?

Each bundle pack of Mamee Instant Noodles carries 1 SMS code card’ and each Mamee Express Multipack carries 2 SMS code card. You just need to to SMS the unique code to 33334 and stand a chance to win those amazing prizes!

All winners of the day/month will be published in the website and via SMS. If there’s no winner on that particular day, the cash prize will be snow-balled to the following day to RM1,776, and so on on the third day.
And every SMS only costs RM0.30!

Start buying Mamee Express and SMS away! More for information, please go to

Wish you 888 in this coming new year! ^^