i can has Duffy ♥

February 12, 2010 in Senti-Emmental

It is just so omfg cute max.


And i has it. Just a month ago i was lamenting how regretful i was for not buying them in Disney Sea. (the post here).

So how come nao i can has Duffy!!!!!!

Ok. It is liddis.

So i regretted not buying right. Then this really awesome reader Veron, who has a heart the size of, i dunno, a blue whale or something (the largest mammal ma), offered to help me get my Duffy cuz she was going to Disney Sea!!!

Of course then i said yes! But the reason i didn’t blog about it was because i wanted to get it for TK’s birthday.

So Veron got my Duffy, but she was only coming back AFTER Tk’s birthday. Plus he was in Japan that time. So i changed my mind and wanted to give it to him as a Valentine’s present instead. Okay yes we split up awhile ago but it doesn’t mean i can’t give him Valentine’s present! Since he has no new girlfriend and i don’t fancy anyone else and all that!!!

(Damn suck one. In Japan Valtentine’s means GIRL have to buy GUY present one. FTL max.)

I can be the awesomest girlfriend in the world can!



The Valentine’s gift plan major failed max. T___T

Ok, it is liddis again.

So Veron got my Duffies (i ordered two! One for him and another one for myself WTF even though it is so bloody expensive but i couldn’t resist it T______T), and on that very day she was supposed to pass me my Duffies, Tk came to visit. And Veron was already downstairs!

I panicked max, and i told him i had to go downstairs to collect something. And the way i said it must be really damn 7 sneaky or suspicious or whatever, because then he suddenly got so curious and kept asking what i was collecting!

And being a super fail max liar, i just shrugged him off and said it’s nothing. When i came back i actually placed the Disney plastic bags in my backyard so he wouldn’t and couldn’t see what i got. So we pretended to chat like normal but in the end he was still damn 7 curious, he couldn’t tahan so he asked me again. (Wtf i think he must have thought that i am a druggie and bought feng tou yuen or something FML).

So being major fail max at lying and pretending, again, i showed him the plastic bags.


Inside got two omfg cute max Duffies.

And he was just speechless for one whole minute, and then he actually was so touched he teared.

I know he damn ♥ Duffy even though it is so sissy for a guy to like soft toys. But when i occasionally mentioned about Duffy, he would sound all emo and said we should have bought it (Then i will secretly grin in my heart because i have ordered it hehehheehe).

It really caught him by surprise. He kept asking how i manage to get the Duffies when they are only available in Disney Sea! (Of course then this is my time to express my love to all of my awesome readers, love all of you kao max!)


Because they are damn 7 cute. I cannot stress enough how cute they are. You just go like all gerammmmm! As cute as Cheddie and Koyuki.


Got Mickey logo on the side of the hip too! ^^


Teddies on my bed.


We finally can has Duffy.



Duffy comes with a card on the hip. It says “This Duffy Belongs to _____”.


And then the Duffy story.


And we can has happiness and luck nao. 🙂


Happy Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day!

88 responses to “i can has Duffy ♥”

  1. zachary says:

    lovely bears~ lucky TK~!!

    gong hei fatt choi n happy valentine’s 2 u too~ wan me 2 reserve a big angpow 4 u? 😆

  2. Adeline says:

    Aww how sweet 🙂

  3. Jamie says:

    The Duffy bears are sooo cute! The both of you are still sweet together! Happy Valentine’s Day and Happy New Year!

  4. Lisa Cheah says:

    You guys are so cute eventhough I don’t understand one word you are saying except Duffy Duffy! 😛

  5. Evangeline says:

    wowowowowow!!!!! touching moment for both you and Tk. 😉

  6. Kristin says:

    WAh so sweet of you. Happy valentine’s day to you in advance =)

  7. Yvonne says:

    awww sweet! happy valentine’s & happy CNY to you too! 😉

  8. izu says:

    u speaks japanese too?

  9. lily says:

    why are you replacing the ‘have’ with ‘has’? anyway happy new year! =D 😆

  10. zachary says:

    btw i thk it’s time for u 2 clean up ur mirror.. can see it’s full of dust in the 1st pic 😳 .. cny ler wei~! clean house ler wei~!

  11. amalina says:

    you made me wanna have a duffy too!
    and made me regretted for NOT buying duffy when I went to disney sea.

  12. Finally you got your Duffy! That was very sweet of you to give it to TK. =)

  13. SiaLingLing says:

    so cute…. wish can bring to office everyday.. >_<

  14. KY says:

    what you really need to get for taka is a pair of new sandals, his pink flipflop major fail

  15. Reiko says:

    OMG You’re super sweet max and TK super ‘niang’ max he teared when he saw Duffy.

    (Ok, joking, I really appreciate guys who teared in front of gf to show that they’re touched. 😉 )

    Happy Chinese New Year and Happy Valentine’s Day.

    Still, so sweet la you!!! What TK got you?????? 😆

  16. samantha says:

    ahhh duffy is sooo adorable. i want one too >.<

  17. melody says:

    super duper happyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
    you have duffy and extra happy tk likes duffyyyyyyyyyyyy
    i want duffy tooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  18. kiwi says:

    SO CUTEEEEE! haha. Duffy really looks adorable la. Happy CNY! 😀

  19. szeee says:

    eeeeeee! *squeals looking at Duffy*

  20. raiz says:

    Love is in the air…
    Happy V Day..

  21. xueni says:

    so sweeetttt!!! 😈
    love duffy!

  22. Tey Cindy says:

    apa lu cakap cannot undersetend! lolsss

  23. Hi,

    Just to let you know, I’ve tagged you to do the haute mess award 😀

    Lots of love,

  24. yumii says:

    Awww.. what a sweet sweet post!! it’s so sweet that the two of you can stay best of friends. 😀 so happy for you!
    well, happy valentine’s day to youuu!! and i know u no rike cny, and so do i, so i just say this out of respect to the tradition, Happy CNY ! !! xD

  25. Francesca says:

    wish u guys all the happiness ! hugs

  26. Cherri says:

    Woot! I have one of these too, and its just so adorable! Your Japanese is so good..I am jealous, max XD

  27. WP says:

    So cute!!!!!
    I just love all teddy bears and that one looks so fluffy and soft!!

  28. OMG!!! I’m so touched with this POST and with my name all over your post…. thanx dear… although the planned had failed max…. somehow…. it’s still a HAPPY ENDING!!! Congratulations honey… I’m glad it’s all good now…. I’ll still remember that TK still owe me a meal… I want it from BOTH of you….haha…. my heart will melt looking at you 2. I don’t mind being the light bulb…do you?? Hahahaha. See you honey… Gong Xi Fatt Chai ahh….

  29. Strawberri says:

    Aw the Duffyies are adorable 🙂 So cute~

    Also, totally weird question, but I love your jeans in the last couple pics. Where are they from?

  30. bear says:

    lol..phail plans.
    i wana see koyuki =(
    n touch n rub n smell n nomz koyuki D=

  31. ahlost says:

    the plan not really fail lar since he is touched that you got him the duffy 😉

  32. Ashiya says:

    Where did you learn your japanese?

  33. Eileen says:

    aww so sweet! 😛
    haha i love the first pic of you! your smile looks like that of a little girl who got rewarded with candy or something.. lolol! super cute! 😆

  34. aaaw, you keep making me want one, even though I didn’t know about Duffy until you wrote about Duffy the first time.

    Happy Valentine’s day!

  35. P says:

    Hello which song is playing in that video above? I love it! Ty in advance(:

  36. Ginger says:

    You two are too cute together…it’s so amazing to see how two people can still be great friends after everything you’ve been through! 🙂

  37. Sarah says:

    Cheesie!:) Here’s wishing you a Happy Valentines day! 😛 and a very Happy Chinese New Tigger Year! 😀 新年快樂!♥ 恭喜发财! :)) rahwwrs!

  38. ryls says:

    ohhhh did he surprise you and came over infront of your doorstep ? btw, love the vid tho totally cannnottt understand what ya saying lol. so sweet though. 🙂

  39. kawaiirubie says:

    happy late valentines day!! 😛

  40. Cheesie ar Cheesie…
    u talk too soft already, can’t even hear what u say….
    ><" 😛
    anyway, great post!

  41. Penn says:

    How much does one Duffy cost ey? 😀

  42. komomo says:

    how is your duffy? i hope koyuki didn’t injure it too much 😳

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