Odaiba ♥ Rainbow Bridge

February 19, 2010 in ❤︎I LOVE JAPAN❤︎ / Japan


Head Accessories and scarf bought from Ikebukuro. Was kancheong to use it cuz go back Malaysia cannot use liao. T_T

And i also woke up extra early and spent quite some time curling my hair so please stare long long at it T_T.


Outfit of the day. Jeans and boots recycled dunno how many centuries already.


Aiya i forgot to say we were going to Odaiba. A sea place. There’s nothing much there lo but there are a few shopping malls and the stuff inside is quite fun one!


Like they have this classroom canteen what turf.


I am a kokosei! (Ok i just googled kokosei’s image and a lot of porn came out. FML).

Omg i kinda miss my long hair T_T.

And the people behind really look like students!


Place for the students to put their bags. And their bags are all the same lo! How to differentiate one?


Student affair lolol


Then we went to this awesome arcade place! There are a lot a lot of old school games!


Super old  drink cans.


Looots of Gacha Gacha capsules!!! 😀


Candy shop


XIANG DOU!!!!!!!


Which one  of you had that in your pencil case during school days? I especially like this one particular scent which is lilac color one, dunno how to describe the smell. It’s damn 7 addictive i use to shove my nose inside my pencil case lolol.

And also one that smells of osmanthus arghhhh





Some UFO looking erm, boat?


Fuji TV! This is where all the famous celebrities are!!!


I dunno why the bears are tearing! T_T


Onside a pet shop. Sell all sorts of winter clothes T_T

I want for Baby C and Baby K!!! T_____T


Their pet shops are so incredibly clean! No bad smell at all. All puppies are inside a glass box and they all have their own fluffy warm fuzzy bed and toys and pee pad!!!!

And i think they damn smart cuz they all pee on the pee pad one leh! Then no need to potty train them when you bring home! Why Malaysia cannot do liddat one!


New Year Osechi bento for dogs -_-



Fail max T_T


After dunno hao many shots. Fish oso dowan kiss me liao. 🙁


Suddenly we were in Hong Kong lolol


I love crepes so much i would buy whenever i saw a crepe shop!

But this one is Cheat One is not nice at all T_T


Sunset at Odaiba






Rainbow bridge


So many things. Confusing. Got Tokyo Tower and Statue of Liberty summore.

After that went home, napped for a few hours and prepare to go to Tokyo Tower countdown for new year! 😀


Cold max. Wrapped myself like dumpling T_T



Tokyo Tower 😀 😀 😀


We queued like 20 minutes to get up the deck and was relieved that we managed to get up there before 12:00 midnight countdown.


The illumination was ON THE TOWER. Means we can only see it FROM OUTSIDE.




Nevertheless it was very beautiful la. The night view.

You know why is it so beautiful???



I brought my Disney viewer thingie!!! (forgot what is it called again and lazy to read my old post) 😀

I actually brought it together with me!


Through the viewer, everything became magical.


Snowflakes glowing everywhere…


Sparkly Tokyo city…


super max


This is the heart viewer but i like the snowflake one more!


Rainbow bridge up close!!!


There’s a glass panel on the floor it is damn scary one!

Nobody dared to walk across it lo!!! I think you give me RM50 also i don’t dare to lol.



New Year liao!!!


This is a normal picture of the tower.

(Actually it is not just a normal picture. It is a normal awesomesauce picture taken by a naturally talented photographer ahem.)


This is through snowflake viewer.


And a clearer one.

<3 <3 <3


Erm, happy 2010?

(again this is after dunno how many trials and my head is finally VISIBLE AND INSIDE the picture T___T)

73 responses to “Odaiba ♥ Rainbow Bridge”

  1. Adeline says:

    Japan sounds fun :twisted:. And Cheesie,your blog is featured on the MYR (i think that’s how it spelled) magazine 🙂

  2. kiwi says:

    Japan so niceeeeeeee~ I want go there someday too. Hahahaha, and it always happens to me when I cut my hair. I always regret cutting my hair, same as removing your hair extensions I suppose. But at least hair extensions can put back on again one lor, but hair my grow slowly out one.

    OH YA, and I like winter clothes too… Too bad I can’t wear them in Singapore, and I don’t like cold weather. lol.

    How’s your CPU coming along? Hope they managed to retrieve all your data in it! 😉

  3. KY says:

    how come don’t have m’sia flag one!

  4. :) says:

    Heard you on the radio last night!! You and your BLUEberry. 😛

  5. yumii says:

    #9 omureto at classroom canteen!!!! i rike!!! #15! i got that too last time, but never really put them in the pencil box coz they keep falling out! i still have some at home leh hehe. #23 omg!! how can their puppies be so freaking clean one!!!! their display windows omg so clean!!

  6. louiee says:

    ur hairrr!! i likeee. sooo puffy one!!! 😛

  7. kei says:

    how come tokyo disneyland didnt have the snowflake/heart viewer thingy T_T_T_T i was searching for it so much but they werent giving it out haihhh

  8. Labby says:

    You make me want to go Japan! Omg next time when I’ve graduated must earn money like siao then go Japan. I LOVE your Japan blog posts! Oh, what is the place with the tearing bears?

  9. melody says:

    wakakakakakaka you are soooo funny about tk not taking good pictures! hahahaha
    really made me laugh!!!
    ai yoo they should have such pet shops in malaysia lar
    and never knew japan played the same toys as well!!!
    wakakakakaka dun feel so sua ku wakakakaka

  10. raiz says:

    I like japan post.. 😈 😈 😈

  11. tzia says:

    lovely post! 😈

  12. EP :) says:

    Wah I like your pictures! Can I take your pictures and set as my MSN display picture? The Tokyo Tower with the hologram viewing it. 🙂

    I will only take it after you approve! ^^

  13. WP says:

    The white teddy bears are so cute!!!

    And oh yeah, I also get tired of people taking bad pics of me…which is why I prefer taking everything myself. Don’t have me inside also never mind :/

    But that last sentence really cracked me up…what, he’s THAT bad?! lol

  14. Grace Oon says:

    Heya, loving your first picca so muchhh! It’s so good, can be like a japanese mag cover liddat! Loving the hair+makeup there. So vintage feel 😈 😈

  15. sunny says:

    you should bring compact tripod. Might take better pictures than rely on someone else. lol. Very pretty pictures.

  16. Amy Huang says:

    I love that snowflake viewer! where can i guess one? it’ll make everything more magical (:

    I don’t know what those green salts are lol. Are they just for fun to smell?

  17. me says:

    you bought that hat because it’s damn SEVEN relevant 💡

  18. me says:

    you bought that hat because it’s damn SEVEN relevant ? 💡

  19. Michelle says:

    The sunset pictures are amazing. 🙂

  20. nikel says:

    there d view so nice nice..

  21. line says:

    nice pic.. 😈
    im super love odaiba too.. went there 3 times in a month during my tokyo holiday last year.. are you going to japan again sometime this year?

  22. サブリナ says:

    your description of the photobomber and his lousy photography skills is damn funny! 😆

  23. Reiko says:

    Xiang dou!!! I had sooooo much of those my mum actually reminds me everyday not to stuff the thing inside the nose. LOL! :@

    The snowflake tokyo tower is pretty!!! OMG!!!
    Really love all your photos.
    Too bad TK not a good photographer. How come all famouse bloggers also dun have good photographing skill partner one ar? Haha. 😳

    P.S: Spotted your golden teddy bear earring on TK. LOLOLOL!!!!! 😆

    • Grace Oon says:

      I also noticed that> How come all famouse bloggers also dun have good photographing skill partner one ar?

      And you’re so sharp to spot the golden teddy bear earring! Like playing Where’s Waldo hahahah 😆

  24. tamago says:

    i love your japan posts so much i wish they’d be shorter just so there’s be more to last longer! hahaha! <3

  25. Maple says:

    Can you please please please do a tutorial on how to edit a picture to make it have vintage feel?? Thankiuuuu

  26. nat says:

    so many pics *_* must’ve taken forever to upload
    i liked your hair in these pics 😀
    and omg super nice lenses …esp pic #1
    what lenses are those?? so pretty!

  27. Jillian says:

    cheesie i’m addicted to your blog. T___T Actually each day when I visit cheeserland and you don’t update, I very very sad lo. 🙁

  28. ahlost says:

    Wow.. so many picsssssss…

    Happy CNY 😉

  29. Ping says:

    and we just talked about your Seven cap 😛 buy winter clothes for baby c and baby K? Msia superb hot la!

    so got see any super stars or not when at Fuji TV there? and the ufo ship thing, i just saw it last night at the ‘I Survived Japanese Gameshow’ LOL!

  30. Cheryl says:

    Hey, may I know where can I get the jeans you’re wearing? I’ve been looking for it everywhere. Please and thanks! Love your blog. 🙂

  31. CeeKay says:

    You and TK are so cute tgt, u guys shud get back to tgt.
    correct me if im wrong~

  32. Ben McC says:

    いいな~。めちゃ羨ましい。 😛

  33. SiaLingLing says:

    so nice.. make me want go japan also.

  34. Tracy says:

    May I know what camera you are using? thank

  35. Francesca says:

    you cut your hair ? Still long on the “Duffy” post ! I cute mine before CNY – regret it … too short … i miss my long hair. I keep saying to myself that it grows but why I still feeling upset lol *sigh*

  36. First I thought, “What great hair today, and what a goregous scarf!” Then ” Geez, Cheesie goes on so many great adventures.” Then I got to the bit about the puppies in their clean boxes and was like OMG! That is the best Pet shop set up I’ve ever seen! You’re right, having pee pads there and making it like a little home is perfect!
    Oh, and the cam-whoring was particularly good. 😛

  37. Cindy says:

    Such cute pic’s doll! I super love your scarf and curly hair, so nice. I bet it was so lovely spending New Years count down at the Tower, so nice. 😀 Go go cam-whoring!! 😈

  38. xueni says:

    love brown!
    #1 is 😈 😈 😈 !

  39. gel says:

    I have the same snowflake hologram viewer as well 🙂 Lovely post! Makes me wanna go to Japan!!!

  40. G!ne says:

    Really Love your photos!! Thxs colours on them were all so nice!!
    What camera you using?? The colours originally is like that or you use photoshop to edit them??
    Nice nice!! ^^ 😈

  41. mokusang says:

    what is snowflake viewer? where can get that? very nice effect i love that…

  42. :D says:

    You know how to speak japanese? 🙂

  43. Jinq-Yi says:

    hello chessie. love your jap pictures! and i miss Japan too!! =) so randomly googled your blog and noticed that you posted it out ON MY BIRTHDAY! =) Japan rocks!

  44. Great! I will surely include this one place for my vacation try to post more pictures! thanks!

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