What the fatt

February 16, 2010 in Cheddie&Pets


On da nian chu yi, Koyuki knocked my CPU down and now i couldn’t start my PC at all. Hence cannot update my blog with more Japan pictures. What a way to start my career this new year fatt my life max T___T


Here are some pix i managed to squeeze out from CNY so i am still a hardworking blogger!


Baby C

Cheongsam almost same as the sofa what turf.


Baby K

Btw cheongsam is from MyDreamCottage. RM40+ only. Damn cheap and cute!


“Reeli? For mi?”


“Hao machi inside???”


Ok i promise i post more when i fix my PC T____T

47 responses to “What the fatt”

  1. kawaiirubie says:

    i shall wait patiently for new japan pics! 😀
    you have such a cute dress on! 😈

  2. melody says:

    Ai yoo!!! So sad ur pc got knocked by baby k!
    Haha maybe its for u to rest a bit? Ahh but pls dun stop updating!!!
    Gong Xi Fa Cai!!!
    So lucky baby k got ang pao!!!

  3. Xiaopei says:

    I likey your first pict.
    No matter what, I will still read your blog ^^ You must duo duo update. Haha.
    Happy CNY!

  4. zachary says:

    but then u still got ur lappie right? can still update what.. more cny pic~
    gong hei fatt choi btw~

  5. kiwi says:

    How come baby C no angpow??? Haha. Baby C jealous not?

  6. yumii says:

    i keep imagining Koyuki rammed your cpu like a bull. =.= gahhh when is cny finishing… can’t get over the hot weather ahh! and the stupid cny songs in the malls. if i had a gun i will shoot down all the speakers. T__T

  7. KY says:

    kekekeke as ST would have said: grandma window curtain pattern 😛

  8. David says:


    Lovely cheongsam!

    Koyuki is cute but a bit of a trouble maker. I hope you computer is okay.

    If the hard drive is damaged….

    Good luck and happy CNY!


  9. Michelle says:


  10. Reiko says:

    The flower prints of your cheongsam is matching with the “Vintage feel photoshop skill”. Love your cheongsam very much!!! 🙂

  11. Jenny says:

    So lovely!! And your dress! Gorgeous :O~!

  12. Amy Huang says:

    Aww so cute! Your dog received a red envelope (:

    I wonder what was inside! Jealous …

  13. I got the exact same cheongsam as yours, but I added a chinese button at the centre of the collar myself LOLOLOL.

    Yours must be S size as we are both skinny bitches!


  14. Janet Chia says:

    I like the cheongsam but then they only do COD to malaysia. SIANZ…

  15. Karen says:

    lovely cheongsam!Will buy one too.Thanks for the promo:)

  16. rara says:

    so nice ler the cheongsam.. i thought nobody wear cheongsam anymore these days.
    anyway, gong xi fa cai!

  17. Passerby says:

    Are you from Malaysia?
    Sorry to bother you but you didn’t write it in your ‘About’. :mrgreen:

  18. catherine says:

    cheesie,u hv gorgeous hair~ i was wondering what kind of sprayer u using after u curl ur hair?

  19. petite_pilot says:

    Haro Rin,
    You look lovely and sweet in the cheongsam. 😈
    I went to the website but the prints and colours look different; may I know which one was it that you were wearing?

  20. WP says:

    Wah…such a lucky dog! I didn’t even get any angpau…have to wait till I get back to M’sia. What was inside, by the way? Dog food? 😛

  21. tzia says:

    i love love love your cheongsum! 😈 😈 😈

  22. heavy window curtains would be much needed this december to conserve more heat ;~`

  23. Alfie says:

    I prefer your web blog! Do you have a facebook or myspace or myspace page? I’d love to connect and speak about certain things. Thanks for all of your work.

  24. Some times its a pain in the ass to read what blog owners wrote but this site is real user genial ! .

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