This picture was taken 17th December, 2009.

I managed to salvage some baby photos of Koyuki in my old memory card, but most of the videos are gone together with my dead hdd T____T.


And today, she turns 5 months old.


It’s incredible! So big ger oredi!!! But she is like half the size of a normal husky of 5 months old no matter how much extra i feed her. I guess getting very sick made her stop growing a bit.

I am feeding her now 1 cup per meal, 3 times a day. And i try to walk her everyday (stop lecturing me on the exercise thank you very much, i watch Cesar Millan everyday, i know what’s good for her! *defensive max) but she is still quite skinny.

I think she’s going to be a miniature Husky T_______T

I am very sad to lose most of the videos i took of her. Everything was about her growing up, learning new things each day. She’s like the smartest dog ever. Kim calls her #KoyukiMensaBitch lolol.

She learns her tricks soooooooo fast. When she was in the hospital, she was so bored so  i decided to teach her some tricks. She learnt “up” and “kiss kiss” inside the hospital. I can’t express enough how proud i am of her!



She now knows (in order):



hand hand


other hand


kiss kiss



say wou (can control volume one: louder/softer)

say wououou

say silent wou (because dowan to disturb neighbor la)


BANG (her tail will still be wagging damn 7 cute lolol)

back off

nomnom (catch treats mid air)

bow (latest trick!!!)

And i am nao training her to say ai wuv wiuuuu lolol

Video of her performing tricks. 🙂




Vain pix.


An old picture during CNY. painted my nails pastel leopard print (white base, pink stripes and brown outline)

Matching multi-color leopard print scarf from Beautiful Disaster.


I know i have tons of Dolly Wink but i heart pain to use them T____T.

And when i’m lazy to stick on fake bottom lashes, i still do the Cheat One™ draw-on bottom lash. Just make 4 small dots using liquid eye-liner, then apply mascara like usual.


And whoever say cannot kiap eyelash extension with curler is lying to you.

I do it everyday and i’m not dead yet.



I love my Cheat One™ Gucci bikini!!!! 😀



I am very lazy to edit my Japan pictures. T_T