This is a cheesy post. This post is about things around me that i love.

One day i sat down and i thought, 2009 really ended perfectly (i was in Tokyo). And i suddenly realized how (relatively) happy i am compared to say, just two years ago.

I think i am living the happiest life right now than i have ever been. I have friends. I have pets. I have #Porkgang, i have an awesome job, and i have my readers who love me so so much. I am so blessed i can’t figure out why sometimes i get so upset and so bitter at just someone’s slightly better fortune.

I feel like i dont owe myself anything anymore. i feel satisfied. i feel really loved.

Whats funny is, when people grow up, i guess they really grow up.

I don’t want more things anymore. i just wish i could want less things. And be able to be happy at simpler things. Ironic, but true.

I love the sight of my Baby K sleeping like the whole world doesn’t matter.

I love to see her run freely like all huskies do.

I love to hang out with my #Porkgang.

I love all their silly jokes and antics.

I love good music.

I love a nice, simple Mentaiko Pasta. (Although, in my amateur opinion, a good Mentaiko pasta is never simple)

I love it when my girlfriends play dress -up with me.

I love Hokkaido.

I love seeing the world.

Traveling really opened my eyes. It made me realize how beautiful the world is, made me realize how much better a person i could be.

Going for homestay in Japan made me realize there are people who still possess pure, beautiful hearts. I couldn’t comprehend why someone could treat a stranger in their house as if she is their own child. Don’t people skepticize? Don’t they doubt or distrust?

It was unadulterated sincerity and hospitality they treated me with. And it made me feel stupid being such a cynical person.

I love winter.

The first time i touched snow i was surprised at how soft it was. Like cotton.

Snow in Sapporo was beautiful. It made me want to protect the world. lol.

I guess everybody go through this more or less after they come back from Japan. They feel so gung-ho they want to change the world. They get angry at people who throw rubbish on the floor. They stop using plastic bag (for like maybe 3 days). They feel upset and think, “why can’t we love the world a little more?”

Then it faded after awhile, and sooner or later they will completely forget about it because everybody around them do the same things. And there’s no point doing something alone.

But until today i will still scold people who throw their ciggie butt under their feet. May i know how many of you do it? (I know KySpeaks does and he is absolutely unashamed of his wrongdoing and he rationalize it as a good deed to create more job opportunity for all the poor unemployed foreign workers. -_-)

It makes me angry! Don’t let me see you do it!



Anyway, this entry is about loving the world, and loving the environment.

Do you know that even lingeries nowadays are made of recycled material???

That’s amazing. I thought saving the environment means wearing banana leaves or wrapping newspaper around your body.

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