Hada Labo ♥ Mochi mochi

April 8, 2010 in Commercial Break

Mochi is the glutinous rice ball thingie.

Mochi mochi means skin so smooth, bouncy and mochi-like you want to pinch it (or, err, eat it). Every Japanese wants mochi mochi skin!

When i travel, i always the most important thing that i make sure i have in my luggage case is my moisturizer. (If i could i would even bring it with me on board because 7-hours flight in the cabin is enough to your skin prune like sour plum.)

And this time i have Hada Labo with me!

This is Hada Labo’s Super Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Lotion.

My must-bring in the luggage apart from Duffy and Koyuki.

Brought it all the way to Nagoya with me!!!

With Kotabo, my host family’s Shiba Inu. 

Mashiro–Another Shiba Inu loves it too!!!

Hada means skin and Labo is, well, short for laboratory. So it means Skin Lab. And the two big kanji words is Gokujyun, it means… actually you know what, forget it. I know it sounds intimidating and it’s all in Japanese and you don’t understand what that is and everything all!


I have seen this everywhere when i travel to Japan. TK said it’s really popular he watches the TVC everyday on tv.

Hada Labo stands for the lifestyle of “PERFECT X SIMPLE” a skincare range that brings beauty back to the basics – perfect, simple and confident.

It looks simple and basic! All the unnecessary additives, colorant, fragrance and mineral oil that will burden the skin are omitted. Only essential ingredients that are beneficial to the skin are retained to ensure maximum effectiveness .

And apparently,

One bottle is sold every 4 second in Japan.


Means like if i go to Donquixote or any beauty shop and stand in front of the Hada Labo rack for one hour, Japanese girls with blonde hair and long eye lashes will knock me over and i will be stumped over and over and over again until the rack  (now above me) is empty.


I don’t really wanna bother about what it really means, because i know every pretty Japanese girl in Japan is using it now.

The commercial.

So cute and punny. Hada Labu! (Rabu = Love in Japanese).

And the best thing?


This super popular lotion hydrates skin and preserves the skin’s optimum moisture balance.

As the tagline goes, “one drop locks up an ocean”. Maybe that is a bit exaggerated. Obviously your face is not made of sea-water but it locks in moisture for complete hydration!
And the phrase SuperHyaluronic Acid means: it has the ability to maintain twice the moisture retention capacity of Hyaluronic Acid (1 gram of Hyaluronic Acid can retain up to 6 litres of water).

I also like that it is completely free of fragrances, mineral oil, alcohol and colorant, so it won’t irritate my sensitive skin!

How to use it?

1. Open the bottle and pour a small amount on your hand. Because it is rather sticky and thick, just about 2-3 drops is sufficient. (I think the girl in the commercial has overdone it lol)

2. Spread the lotion onto your face.

3. Start slapping yourself non-stop like the girl in the commercial.


No la, it’s a joke. Obviously you pat your face lightly until he lotion is all absorbed into your skin!!

To be honest, at first i was a little taken aback at the sticky feel of the lotion when i first pour in onto my hand. However as you pat it into your skin, the stickiness miraculously disappears and it is replaced by a smooth, velvety feeling.

It is amazing! I love it! And you can feel that your skin is really moistened up instantly.

Check out Hada Labo for more info.

Mochi mochi!!!!!!!!

52 responses to “Hada Labo ♥ Mochi mochi”

  1. KY says:

    wahh got model arm pose on last pic don’t mess!

  2. ericyong77 says:

    Kotabo so cuttee!!!!!!!

  3. Mochi mochi!!!
    cheese sibeh kawaii kawaii!!!
    but why getting more skinniii skinniiiii!!?
    anorexia NO GOOD!!! come uncle feed u eat goldfish 😈

  4. yumii says:

    big hair bow is so cute on you!!!! 😈 Mashiro and Kotabo are so cute cute cute!!! Cat earring on second last pic!! where did u get it!! =D I realised almost every home stay u went to, the host family sure got pets one! ^^

  5. Hanie says:

    Thanks for doing a review on that! I had been curious whether it really works.
    Anyways, the doggies are so cute!

  6. Reiko says:

    Yeah~ When I fist saw Hada Labo selling inside Watsons I was like: OMG IS IT WHAT I SAW IT IS!!???? 😯

    Now I’m waiting for my moisturizer to finish to get my hands on this!!! Can’t wait!!!! 😆

    Post more Nagoya photos!!! <3 <3 <3

  7. Rachy says:

    hey ringo,

    just wondering apart from the mosturizing benefits, does it have SPF ++ ?
    Singapore weather if no SPF will burn under the sun!

  8. hoyoyi says:

    hi dear, i do use this product, but i have skin pilling off issue, i use the facial wash the moisturizer liquid and the moist essence, any idea why is this happened to me? specially my nose area T_T

  9. Jeslene says:

    shiba inuuuuuuuuu! I’ve got one erh… inside the Nintendo DSlite dog game.
    I wonder will the product be in SG!

  10. David says:


    The care for your skin shows in all the closeups of your lovely face!

    You always look fresh and young and so so so so so pretty!


  11. melody says:

    soooo magical?? haha
    must try must try! hehe wait for current one to finish first hehe
    yes bring koyuki along to japan too!!!!!!!!
    i think she would fit in perfectlyyyyyy!!!!!
    and she can do dolly wink too!!!!!! hahaha

  12. Gin says:

    Urghh… Super love black shiba inus. T_T

  13. Glo-w says:

    lols…i straight went and bought when it 1st came out^^ but didn’t blog coz plan to use it for a month 1st and see. loving the moisturizer so far <3

  14. Labbylove says:

    Haha sounds like it works wonders!

    Wonder if it’s expensive. I’m so envious of you being in Japan T_T . Got so many things that can’t get in my country that can easily find there ): .

    Next time must save like siao go Japan asap 😡 . Do you need to speak the language to join the homestay programme?

  15. Ping says:

    wah happyla you!!! your host family this time got 2dogs!! shiba inu somemore~

    and your host family’s home got a garden?? looks very nice oh the house!

  16. joyce says:

    I’ve seen this ad before, can’t remember where, never really pay attention, but now after reading this, i’m sure i wanna try it. 😀

  17. LuLu says:

    hey. where can i buy that?

  18. lydia says:

    can i know where to buy this hana labo? in which shop? thank you!

  19. catTy says:

    yeah,found it in Guardian outlets and m using it currently 🙂

  20. miko says:

    koike teppei and oomasa aya :D!

  21. Annie says:

    Do you know where I can find a long blonde wig?
    It’s for Alice in Wonderland cosplay!

  22. Amy Huang says:

    LOL every 4 seconds?
    wow I’d really love to see it in action (:

  23. Alexandra says:

    Koike Teppei is so cute! haha 😀

  24. stella lee says:

    wow! where can i find it in indonesia?
    does anybody sell it worlwide? D:

  25. eehui says:

    i heart the guy in the commercial omg hahahaha….

    r their whitening product any good? been in the sun too much too tan edi T____T

  26. Mei says:

    Your cat ear ring is so cute!!! Where did you get it? 😀

  27. Adrina says:

    Is this product suitable for oily skin? 🙂 Or only for dry skin?

  28. mimid3vils says:

    Just start using this, hope it work wells on my skin *oily inside dry outside skin*

  29. Simon Seow says:

    Flag check 666! :p Saying hello from Legian Beach, Bali.

  30. candy says:

    teppei inside the mv so cute. HAHA. :blush:
    i’ve seen this in popteen before, but i didn’t dare to try it cause japan’s weather is different from ours.
    their weather is much colder so it tends to dry up their skin faster than in hot places.
    maybe i should give it a try. (:
    maybe you should do a review on cure, also a japan’s brand.
    it’s goooood. ^^

  31. Caroline says:

    I just picked on up from Guardian @ RM40.90. Can’t wait to try it on.
    (I understand that it is exclusively available only at Guardian)

  32. lydia says:

    ok..thank for the information, will buy it! thank you 🙂

  33. Nasha says:

    Hi there! do u know any places in singapore that sells it? i went everywhere but cldnt find it 🙁 please help!!

  34. Amerline says:

    Oh my god!!!! I see teppei!!!!! This encourage me more to buy it!!!!

  35. kenneth says:

    does this product work on women age 50?

  36. Yew says:

    Hi cheesie.

    When i saw the dogs in the pictures above, it reminded me of a story. about a loyalty of a dog. i know there’s no relevance to this post, but i thought i should just share it.

    See the trailer of the movie here.


    It’s based on a true story. And it’s really really touching. T.T

  37. Shi-chan says:

    -> anou…minna-san! does anyone of you know where I can get cheap coslpay wigs but good quality?? or if not, how about in sites that sells cosplay wigs with free shipping?? please help!! >.< 😥

  38. サブリナ says:

    it’s interesting that those sold in japan are made in japan while those sold in m’sia are made in china. i got 2 bottles from japan at ¥880 each and it says made in japan. hmm… wonder why the factory location difference.

    • Melantha says:

      Did you go all the way to Japan to get it, please do tell me if you know about any website I could shop the Hadalabo skincare made in Japan who also provide international post mail service 🙂

  39. stellar says:

    yay thanks for the impressive review!
    i’m about to get some HADA LABO soon, thought dig up some review and found yours 😈

    now am contemplating between the whitening range VS hydrating range hmmm
    i wish to lighten some brown spots & post pimple stain *sigh

    i luvvv shiba inu! have you watched richard gere’s movie in HACHIKO about the legendary loyal shiba Inu

  40. Eisse J says:

    😈 Great review. I’m lovin it too…got myself 4 bottles already …hehe

  41. alia says:

    Hallo..where can i purchase Hada Labo in Malaysia? it is good if i can purchase it in Malacca too my hometown..thank you for the information.

  42. Eisse J says:

    Hi alia, I got mine from Guardian (at KL n Negeri Sembilan). I think Malacca Guardians should have them too. (^^)

  43. farae says:


    im selling my whole range arbutin hada labo skin care.buy it originally from watson alamanda. apparently this product does not suit my skin 🙁
    just use it for 2 weeks and i want to let go all (facial wash, lotion and milk) for RM70 only(including postage) instead of original price is RM130. if u interested, pls let me know tru my email pluss2me@hotmail.com


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