Today is my last day in Tokoname! 8AM flight tomorrow T____T


I feel that i am really super duper mega ultra lucky! Yesterday was so winter we had to switch on the heater and wear 4 layers. So cold i didn’t even bother dressing up to take picture.

But today was a family outing day and it was 21C. Warm till i had to take off my jacket.


Throughout these 8 days, sakura was full bloom all the way.


And today is the start of Hazakura, which means you can see a mix of green and pink on the sakura trees.

Little spring leaves start popping out and soon the flowers will wither and fall off.


So lucky! Just the perfect timing! Looking at the pink trees makes you feel so blissful!


On the first day of my arrival, it was full bloom with a clean ground. But 8 days later, hazakura is beautiful in its own way.


Fallen sakura carpeted the ground.



One(ka)chan, Youta and Otosan.





Bye bye sakura!