Spotted 3 wild Devils at Cradle Mountain, but finally saw some up close yesterday, and heard their scary voices during feeding.


Went to Tasmanian Devil Conservation Park.


They just look so cute!!!


One curled up sleeping just like Cheddie! T__T

Well, not until lunch time. The real devil reveals himself. O.o



They were fed dead wallaby meat (Tasmanian Devils are scavengers), pork knuckle and eggs.


And they faught and squealed and were. crunching. the. bones.

I could hear it. Crunch.

Nom nom nom.


The whole piece of wallaby ribcage was gone in 30 seconds. O.o

Imagine if you dangle your finger in front of them and go awwww so cuteeee.


This park is actually still a disease-free Devil conservation center.

If you know about the Tasmanian Devil facial cancer story, it is actually very heartbreaking. Imagine a cute devil with half swollen, rotten cancerous face. When i googled Taz the Devil i saw one of the picture of a sick Devil i almost cried T___T


Sad place in the park. 🙁

I really hope the best for the Devils in Tasmania!

On a happier note, i saw some quolls too!


You see them so cute, but they are carnivorous too!


And saw a white Possum who refuse to give face to us 🙁



Then spotted some UFO alien along the way.

And then another two strange devils.


What turf.


Saw some Kangaroos too! Didn’t manage to pet one when i went to Perth, but there are soooo many here!


You can just go up to them and say hi and maybe have a chat about the weather or something.

Then we saw the CUUUUUUUUUTEST thing ever.


A baby kangaroo and a goose sharing food bowl nomming the same food.



I fed one with a  leaf. And he/she layans max lol..

And then i spotted another huge Kangaroo and approach him to feed him some leaves.





Oh wait.

*mocks Keju*  what turf.