Pictures of the city!


According to Keju: “Wtf is Liz Lisa Spring look?”.

Oh well.

(Anyway, in case you missed it, you can get my floral romper from ThePopLook!)


Sydney Harbour Bridge



Sydney Opera House–one of the World Heritage building.


I cannot imagine how those people build this in the 1950s.


Colorful interior



This is so opera!



B&W mode. Looks very old leh!


Back to 2010


A funny tree in the Botanic Garden. Everything is like a piece of art in Australia. Even their plants are born with creative genes wtf.




Went lunch at Cafe Sydney. I totally love this place! It has got an amazing view of the Harbour Bridge from the cafe.


And superb food. Oyster again.

*proves to self that phobia is conquered* * approves excuse* *proceeds to order more*


Fried squid. Why fried squid in Australia soooooo nice one!


Ok i forgot what this fish is.


Yummy cherry drink.


The restaurant is nice and all but it can get a little chilly outside. But the staff are so attentive! They noticed two freaking shivering Malaysians, and brought us some warm blankie!


What does that remind you of?


South Park Kenny wtf.

We were the two useless Asians in the whole cafe who wrapped ourselves up like a springroll (and South Park Kenny wtf) while other people watched in amusement FOL. I felt like we were two tropical creatures who just got rescue by 911 from Antarctica or whatever.


Super clashing fashion sense, unmatch max.

Find me a fashionable Malaysian guy please!!!!


Talking about fashion, i have this BIG question.

Okay so Australia has its own seasons, that are like completely opposite of the seasons of the rest of the world (i don’t really mean the rest of the world, but you know what i mean.)

So how the hell are they supposed to keep up with the latest fashion trend? I mean, like, tak kan they wear bikini in winter or the latest Marc Jacobs fur coat in summer wtf? Don’t they feel left out? Like, while the whole world is wearing Liz Lisa spring collection (ok by the whole world i mean the whole Cheeserland really), they are starting to sell wintery stuff. I mean, how does that work?


Then i found out that they have a lot of local designers who are really really good, but not known to many people.

I have been to Alannah Hill and Tigerlily, and i must say they have some of the cutest collections!

(So i guess they can haz their own Australian Liz Lisa wtf)


Also like to shop in Kit Cosmetic. They have this brand from the US called Smash Box.



You can buy it from Smashbox’s website. And don’t forget to use vsHub because it helps you save heaps on expensive shipping fee all the way from USA!


While Kenny was climbing Sydney Harbour Bridge freezing himself to death i was all warm and cozy inside Miss Frou Frou, one of Sydney’s best salon, having my manicure done. ^^


Also met up with Janice whom i could click so well with just 5-minutes into our first meet up! First we have the same type of dogs (a husky and a maltese, both cannot get along with each other), same taste in fashion/make-up then when we go shopping we end up buying all the same things lol.

I dunno la, i am that type of person who love having the same items as my friends, unless the person is some lameass blogger with zero fashion sense trying to copy other people. I totally don’t mind lo! But i know there are people who would never buy the same thing if her friend also likes it, or worse not letting her friend get it because she wants it too wtf.

Why ah?


Anyway. Oh yea these are my Miss Frou Frou nails. Very pastel!



Russian dolls. I only know they are called Matoryousika in japanese wtf.


Thanks to all your recommendation, i went to Pancakes at The Rocks and had omfg yummy pork ribs!


You know why this is called the Devil’s Delight?

Cuz it reminds me of a feeding Tasmanian Devil O.o Bloody like that.


Went to the Summit Restaurant for dinner. A revolving restaurant with superb view!

(But i dunno if it was the champagne or the restaurant, i could feel my head spinning)


And lovely Trinity Scarf from Tourism Australia!!! She is super super nice and patient enough to listen to all my lame jokes wtf. (And i told her how i use wtf and fml a lot on my blog wtf)

Omg i completely embarrassed myself (ok now i’m pretty sure it was the champagne, not the restaurant) by making fun of her last name and telling her that she’s my new best friend FHL.

Trinity don’t hate me! >_<

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