All my f♥v animals

Are in Maruyama Zoo, Sapporo!

I like all snow animals *ahem hint hint Koyuki hint*!


WA SO COLD WEI all the monkeys can tahan meh!


Monkey’s nom nom.


Too much blusher oredi la monkey.


WTF reminded me of China war time


Tapir wtf!!!

In Sapporo!

If tapir can survive in Sapporo in winter then don’t ask me about Koyuki anymore ok please. And no i don’t switch on aircon 24 hours for her.





They standing very impatiently outside the door because it’s feeding time.




Haha Okasan. This is how close we were to the tiger.


Damn cool wei this pic.


Lion chewing on, i dunno, part of a snow cow. lol.


And the most wtf lazy animal on earth.




lolol. Seriously, all they do the whole day is just, i dunno, ROF(L). (If they ever laugh la.)


Can you see can u see! The cute thing in the small photo on the cage!


Leopard print is big in winter.


Snow leopard! Omg they are soooooo pretty.



I think this zoo is my fav zoo! Because it is very humane. Although it is really small, but you can see that the zoo keepers really put their whole heart into maintaining the environment, and also you can see that the animals are really treated well.

Also, there are many little stories behind each animal and it’s really touching^^


Like the touching story of the twin polar bears.

Ok actually i dunno what’s the story behind it but i’m sure it’s somewhat touching! Anything related to animal people will say touching one confirm one.

Btw, polar bear in Japanese is Shiro Kuma, literally means, The White Bear.



Cheat One™. Where got white?



This was how they looked when they were babies wtf!!!!!!!!!!

Damn cheat lol.




Omfg cute i like bears wtf.


Ok can someone tell me what those sharp ice thing is called i forgot -_-

I wonder if one falls down will it poke through my heart. -_-


We went to the rest area and took a break, and saw the message cards hanging all over the Xmas trees.

Curious i went to look at each one of them.

They are all cards sent in by Japanese kids for the animals.


This little kid sent in Wagyu beef for all carnivores HAHAHHAHAA


i am imagining after i die in the future and somehow someone put me in a museum (what, dream kenot ah), people from all over the world will come visit and send me all kinds of cards with pictures of mentaiko lolol.

Ok next.



No la, i changed my mind again. Actually my fav bird is this snowy owl!


But i couldn’t take any nice pictures of it because of the stupid mesh T___T


Nah this is how it looks like up close.


The zoo people there are really considerate to put up such huge picture of the animal outside cuz they know that we can’t see nuts.


The Ezo Ural Owl. Cute?


Resa Panda! <3


Very cute lo when i grow up i want to be a zoo keeper!!!!!!!!! <3





This Koyuki so smiley one. Doesn’t look like she could nom human.


See! Another touching story about snow wolves.

The left one is called J, 5, and the right one is Kinako, 9 years old.


Omg J is so handsome i wanna intro to Koyuki please!!!!!!!!



<33333333333 I WANT!!!!!!!


Red Ridding Hood is evil she seduces the wolf KEEEEL HER!!!!!


Cheat One™ husky howling lol.


This is not an animal. This is snowing very heavily.


In the museum!


OHAI lolol




RIP, monkey. You want banana?


Oh, neh this is how the real snowy owl looks. Except it’s dead.


The advatage of being a giraffe is that “nei sei zhor dou ying dak chut ah!” (die oredi also can recognize).


This dead elephant is called Hanako.

And apparently there’s a touching sad story behind it also. (ok this one i know).

The reason why the put Hanako next to the Giraffe’s skeleton after they have died is because…

They used to be good friends


Touching anot. I almost cried then. T_T

46 responses to “All my f♥v animals”

  1. ShuenXOXOXO says:

    haha awesome post 🙂

  2. KY says:

    I wanna have a snow leopard!!!!

  3. Galvin Tan says:

    Looking really cold there. How cold was it then? Nice pics of the animals 🙂

  4. reina says:


  5. miracle says:

    d polar bear are white when they r young!nt yet get polluted!haha

  6. JoDism says:

    After reading this, I only realize that, elephant’s trunk does not have bones?! 😯
    I always thought the trunks actually got bones one.
    OR maybe they have, but they kept it? hmm…

  7. kimmy says:

    awwww the animals are so cuteee! > <

  8. Jwxwei says:

    those sharp things are called icicles 🙂 in the lovely bones it’s the perfect murder weapon wtf.

  9. Lynx says:

    What a nice zoo you visited 😉 didn’t know pelicans can survive the winter and appear far more colorful too — what pinkish web feet they have!

    About those monkeys, aren’t those the ones that love to bathe in the hot springs? Just wondering….

  10. yumii says:

    why all the animals oso got touching stories oneee!!!!

    I think Koyuki is prettierrrr~~ btw, ppl still bising about Koyuki living in malaysia meh!!! the story so old liao move on move on! Koyuki is fine now whattt!

    if i really reincarnate to next life i want become #13. blisssss! ♥

  11. Pinkue says:

    Awwwww animallls <3<3

    I love this 'Koyuki' 😀 wolfs are sooo damn lovely<3

  12. David says:


    Those icy things in pic 21 are Icicles.

    You are so pretty in pics 40 and 41! Really cute boots!

    Winter animals are fun to watch.

    Great post, now all you have to do is learn how to ski on snow and then you can model all the cute ski outfits!


  13. K.e says:

    yerr so cute i also want go.

    Ringo Your Contacts so natural wan, what brand? intro intro! 😳

  14. Jeslene says:

    Sooooo cuteeeee!
    #12 just look like hotdogs. LOL.

  15. melody says:

    wahhhhhhhhhhhhhh the zoo sooooooo niceeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!
    i usually dun like zoo one!!!!
    coz smelly smelly!!!!!!!
    but this zoo is superbbbbbbbbbbbb!!!!!!!!!!!!
    and best of all!!!! KOYUKI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! heart heart heart!!!!!

  16. Manzy says:

    My cat’s name is Tora XD

  17. Cereza says:

    I grew up wanting to be vet.. haha..
    where did you get your boots from?? I want…. ♥ ♥ ♥

  18. I like this post 🙂 😈 Not to mention, the baby elephant & the giraffe is so cute la omg 🙁

  19. catTy says:

    nice post 😉

  20. Denise says:

    😈 Zoo in the winter, really cool! I love animals in the zoo, though’ they stinks, :@ they look so cute!!

  21. Francesca says:

    T____T elephant such a sweet thing … what a great zoo … doesnt look like high tech or fancy but it has humane feeling bout it. rin, thanks for ur info. sorry didn’t reply right away – thank u much

  22. Glo-w says:

    the seals look like fat sausages o.O” y jap zoo so fun? most of msian zoos are just stinky n plain :blush:
    But i still love going to the zoo, in fact after so many yrs went to taiping night safari. total opposite from urs, everything DARK! 😳 but manage to get some blair witch like pics for my blog 🙄

  23. iameunice says:

    last picture reminds me of the madagascar cartoon! 😆

  24. lydia says:

    WA…the last part was so touching….n the zoo look so nice..snowing some more…so beautiful….

  25. Fash says:

    lmao Cheesie how “grown up” do you have to be some more! “Grow” some more you will be in your 30s already.

    • chapter says:

      IMAO! 😆 😯 some people just can’t differentiate between being serious and kidding around…they take everything so literally 😛

  26. emi says:

    cute pics~ i love snow leopards!
    very sweet story at the end ><

  27. Jay says:

    つらら / 氷柱 だ!

    Cute giraffe & ellie story…wonder if they died together or if one died first, how long the other lived and if they died shortly after because of depression!

    Jay xx

  28. cherry says:

    those sharp ice is called icicles.
    i ♥ zoos.
    but hor, one of my bros in law is one the only one person whom i know who refuses to go to zoos. die die force also dont wanna go. cos according to him, those animals in zoos (esp those in cages) damn the amat kesian cos they don’t have much freedom as compared to those in the wilderness and when he looks at them he feels bad, sorry and amat the very kesian them.

  29. cherry says:

    correction. *one and only person* not ‘one the only one person*

  30. Vicky says:

    Awww… the last pic really touched me heart 🙁 sad…

  31. These pics are AWESOME!<3
    and I loveeeee the animals. This zoo is SOOOO much better than the zoo where I live. Mainly, because it snows in Sapporo, so you can actually have animals like Snow Leopards and Wolves!<3 😈

  32. csueling says:

    #22 is icicles!

    Is the olympus pen weatherproof?

  33. biopolymath says:

    Since they can put a red panda in the snow why dont they try putting a kangaroo in it?!

  34. Ben McC says:

    I love the zoo! My house is less than 10 minutes walk away from one. 🙄

  35. nadia says:

    the last pic of the bestie between elephant n giraffe somehow remind me Madagascar the movie. remember the giraffe tht was in love with the hippo? i can’t remember the giraffe’s name but i tink the hippo was known as Gloria, am rite? ^^

  36. YV says:

    hey cheesie you r so lucky to be able to see such awesome things! 🙂

  37. Kim Ong says:

    You and your momo jacket, camouflage with the rest of the animals… 😛

  38. JD says:

    Wah, even lions and tigers can stay in cold countries? Not bad…and the zoo looks so good during winter time.

  39. Shelz says:

    Is your Japanese ex-boyfriend here in Malaysia now? Saw him last Sunday in Dak Fok restaurant at Aman Puri!

  40. Irene says:

    The snow owl is very pretty! Erm..I like it because white is my favourite colour?!! 😀

  41. I’ve never go to the zoo in the winter. I think it must be a different feeling.

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