How to wear a kimono

June 4, 2010 in Useless fashion

My host parents in Sapporo brought me to the grandparent’s place, and the grandma has this gorrrrrrrgeous kimono. She spent 20 minutes helping me wear it.

My host dad was holding the camera for the entire 20 minutes. This is a 8X fast fwd video of the process.

Really, wearing kimono is an art.




Bon Odori is coming again! This is my new Yukata from Kimono Cottage!


Cute colors!


Matching Geta.


Bunni & Cherry Obi


With a bow


Anyway, some bags for sale. To to Wardrobe to have a look!

46 responses to “How to wear a kimono”

  1. michy says:

    I is <3 the cherry & bunnie obi! Sho cute!

  2. lj says:

    hehehe..look like japanese

  3. Jillian says:

    Hope to see u at Bon Odori. ^^

  4. Glo-w says:

    ah so cute^^ some reason i’ve been missin bon odori 3 yrs in a row >_<"

  5. takaoryo says:

    u look so pretty 🙂 may i know what song is playing in your vid?

  6. yv says:

    😆 so thats where high waisted belts came frm haha xD

  7. melody says:

    Super duper uber gorgeoussssssssss!!!!!
    Happy happy happyyyyyyy!!!!!! 🙂
    Never knew kimono sooo difficult to wear!!!

  8. Ashley says:

    hope to you see you at bon odori =D

  9. s says:

    wow must be hard for one to wear kimono without help :dunno:

    last pic 😈 did you ps your lips? they look so inviting!

  10. KY says:

    i suppose certain things on this blog doesn’t really apply to me :S

  11. ita looks really beautiful on you :cheh:
    the cat is funny and cute how it walks around in the video the hole time 😛

  12. blooming kyoto says:

    That’s must be a married women’s KIMONO. It doesn’t seems to be an expensive one though.

  13. Erica says:

    Gosh, your new kimono is so beautiful! And you’re so pretty~ 🙂

  14. T says:

    great video.. and omg such a cute yukata! ^^ can’t access the website though 🙁

    question : is that a pre-made (tsukuri) obi? just wondering if it is, because i just wanted to know how you wore it. i bought one but it doesnt seem to look right when i tried >_<

  15. amalina says:

    I am selling yukata at my blog
    super cheap!

  16. steeeph says:

    you look gorgeous in yukata girl!!! what lip colour are you using? it’s subtle and pretty!

  17. unice says:

    gosh, so pretty!

  18. Guest says:

    How did you do your hair? Looks so nice! 😈

  19. Alexandra says:

    Wow! So pretty! I need to get myself one- hopefully on where the shipping doesn’t cost as much as the actual buy…

  20. Ben McC says:

    You look nice in a kimono. 😈 But you like nice in just about everything. 😉

  21. jolene says:

    so many layers!

  22. RMilner says:

    Do you know you can take a course and exam in how to wear kimono!

  23. yijun says:

    fast forward video effect is kinda funny! lol
    you look really pretty in kimono 😀

  24. Totally hearts the kimono.It looks like wearing a kimono is so difficult! tying so many times.I feel very tempted to buy a yukata but no occasion to wear it.

  25. nana says:

    kimono is definiately an art.. ><
    cheesie always look so pretty in anything you wear.. D:

    ah~~ bon odori is around the corner.. xD

  26. Stella says:

    may i know where you buy your circle colour lens? does it ship to Singapore?

  27. It was nice to see you in Pavilion… =D

  28. Amelia Chen says:

    remembered reading ur post about the crepes in Japan, or at least I think it was you. And I just tried this omg damn freaking gorgeous crepes in Ikano, Shimino crepes I think.

    Wondering whether it’s as good as the Japanese one. D: So tempted to go Japan again just for it hahaha.

    okay end of randomness Bye. =)

  29. jess says:

    hey cheesie,

    is that you in the picture??

    When I saw it, I thought “that girl looks like Cheesie”
    Anyway,she used the picture to sell fake bun.

  30. RO says:

    gee…so many sash…how did u managed 2breath????

  31. SaeWei says:

    With all that layers, fat people are gonna look like a pregnant person after wearing the kimono.

  32. WP says:

    Wow, I never knew there were so many layers around the waist!

    Hehe, when you’re in Japan, I suppose most people think you’re a local? 😛

  33. Natalie says:

    😀 Wow i’ve just stated reading your blog and i haven’t commented yet but that yukata is so gorgeous!! The obi is so cute too! You look amazing!

    And i didn’t realise how much skill went into wearing a kimono! 😯 Woah!

  34. Violet says:

    Oh you look so lovely! I looooove your hair in the last photos!

  35. ken says:

    putting on a kimono is really complicated, apparently even Japanese girls have to take classes just to learn how to put it on correctly

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