Ubud Hanging Gardens

June 7, 2010 in Indonesia

Ok time to blog about the Bali trip! Went with TK, Ching and Keju.

The first night in Bali we stayed in this villa Julia Roberts was staying in when she was filming her latest movie Eat, Pray, Love (best selling book by Elizabeth Gilbert).


(Maybe i could still pick up some of the blonde hair she dropped in the villa?!?)

Ubud Hanging Gardens is said to be the best accommodation in Ubud. And having been to bali for 3 times, i don’t doubt that.

I don’t know how to tell you how exciting it was for me. I will just bombard you with 40 gorgeous pictures.


This is where it is located. It is quite impossible to find but once you found it, heaven  just unfold before your eyes.


Flowers at the reception.



Statue in front of each villa.


The resort has 38 luxury private pool villas. Each villa features heated infinity plunge pool (HEATED!!!!!!! I have never been to any heated pool in Tropical countries wtf!).

(Erm we will come to that later.)



Now why is it called the “hanging gardens”?

Take a look at this:


The resort is build almost vertically, and there’s this inclined “railway” thingie, with a lift that brings you to and fro between the reception, your villa and the restaurant/pools.


The lift thingie. It operates non-stop and i can’t imagine working as a lift operator. (Well at least this one has got break-taking views. In Japan, the pretty elevator girls are stuck with sweaty hentai old men FTL.)


Workers fixing or building new villas.



My room (will come to that later too)

Dress from thepoplook.com


Took the lift down to the restaurant for breakfast.


Cute cheese!


And visited the common pool area.



All angmohs sun tanning by the pool.


This is the first infinity pool by the restaurant. Can you imagine swimming here????

I have never been to a pool with this sort of view!!! Totally incredible!


The 2nd layer of the infinity pool. This one if you drop down, confirm bye bye.


(pool overlooking a beautiful temple)



Time to look at my room yes? 😀 😀 😀


View from my room.

With the HEATED POOL overlooking Ubud mountains and rice terrace.


Chill area next to the pool.


Infinity pool wtf!!!


Indoor bathtub


Nvm hor. Got outdoor bathtub too!




I looooove the bed! So romantic!


So awesome i feel like a Bali Princess wtf.


At night we ordered room service, and the villa sent this butler with a hugeee old school  dim sum box thing to our room.

It’s like a magic box wei, he took out plates, cutleries, placemats, napkins… food…


And set up with dinner table by your bedside!!!


We had foie gras & mushroom risotto.

I dunno if it was the ambience. But it was the most. freaking. delicious. risotto. ever.


How can i not be surprised! Best Risotto! In Bali! It sounds almost absurd. It’s worth every of the 200,000 rupiah wtf.


Close up pic with flash.


Was lying by the pool side. Feeding myself risotto and going “hmmmmmmmm” “hMmmMMMmmMmm” non stop thinking, this is the freaking life to live.

That’s all about the villa.

Anyway, if you visit Ubud next time, forget about the Bali Guling me (“wtf are you kidding me?” No i am not. It’s overrated.)


Try this instead. Naughty Nuris. I can’t remember where it is. But it’s famous! Just ask around!




Best. Pork. Ribs. Ever.

F♥ck Tony Roma’s.

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84 responses to “Ubud Hanging Gardens”

  1. Xiaopei says:

    Niceeeee! I want go Bali too. But no one wanna go with me 🙁

  2. Ashley says:

    that looks like where xia xue stayed when she went to bali 😀

  3. Glo-w says:

    OMG finally a plc i can afford to go 😈 in fact plan to go by end of this yr. Friends friend working there as a guide so will get SUPER discount 😆 CANT WAIT! ^^ P/S was looking for pic of TK Ching n Keju, well mostly of TK^^ half expecting him to photo bomb ;p

  4. Abby says:

    i wanna go there too! but boh lui eh so sad. 😥

  5. jo says:

    WOW did you see/take any pics with julia roberts? i’m thinking it’d be awesome if you have! 🙂

  6. aud says:

    bali pwincess!!!

  7. Ben McC says:

    Looks like an awesome place. I now need to add Bali to my list of “must visit” places. 😈

  8. Bali post but not Cheesie In Bikini uploads!? Where can!!?

  9. I bet it’s really exp lah the ubud villa! But so pweety! Die die must go to bali when I go back during summer. Thanks cheesie for tempting me, now wallaby-daddy will be like ~!@#$%^ cox imma bomb his pocket. 😛

  10. gracie says:

    Impressive bali trip! 😈

  11. Jamie says:

    cheesie, u file this entry wrongly lah, it’s not Japan 😛

  12. yv says:

    i love the blue dress, so effortlessly nice 😀

  13. wen pink says:

    eh why the butler so cute one?! LOL!!! handsome neh!

  14. lydia says:

    nice place… 🙂

  15. Narcissique says:

    These photos are beautiful! Your blog is very cute ^^

  16. Porkie says:

    other than chillaxing/sightseeing..what’s there to do in bali ah?

  17. xan says:

    looks soo breath-taking, omfg I wanna go to BALI !

  18. lj says:

    yummy food! Definitely very luxurious place with breath taking views

  19. KY says:

    u didn’t buy babi guling for meeee 🙁

  20. mymy says:

    how much the rate of the room ur staying? 🙄 i feel like opening ‘pintu sesuka hati’ and walk in there NOW!! 😆

  21. Timothy says:

    Cheesie, I am very jealous because you get to go to these god damnit beautiful resorts everywhere.

  22. Coco says:

    I like pic #21, #29 and #34. 😈

  23. I can’t agree more with the Naughty Nuri’s recommendation! Damn delicious pork ribs, a whole rack for less than RM30 each! It’s somewhere up north from Monkey Forest Road in Ubud, and taking a cab is compulsory.

  24. Junee says:

    maybe, if I’ll sell my soul to the devil, I could visit such a place too. T___T

  25. Katyi says:

    Do you have any exercises do be thin please ? Especially your legs are so thiiin *_*.

  26. Rojakgal says:

    I was in Ubud last month and too bad I didn’t know about Naughty Nuris then!
    But I had Babi Guling at Ibu Oka and I think it is nice. 😛

    Bali is indeed an awesome place with very nice resorts. I checked that Hanging Garden costs USD350/night!! 😳 Haha..it’s too expensive for 99% of the human population. I stayed in a USD70/night resort and I think it is ‘almost’ as nice. 😛 http://rojakgal.blogspot.com/2010/06/why-i-love-bali.html

    U r serious that the risotto costs 200,000 rupiah (like RM70)? *faint*

  27. David says:


    Gorgeous photos from a beautiful location.

    Pics 28 and 31 show the beauty of Cheesie!

    Thank you!


  28. Essie says:

    Aww, I’m so jealous~ That pool is amazing, and the food looks so good! Lucky Rin gets to go on such fabulous trips 🙂

  29. Jay says:

    Ah looks like an amazing place!


  30. Fara says:

    Are you using the olympus camera for all these shots? coz im considering in buying one 😉

  31. JD says:

    Wah infinity pool definitely cost a lot…save up or wait for my 6 months bonus…

  32. kelly says:

    wow ! damn nice 😆
    must be expensive right ??

  33. whatever says:

    I’m posting my comment here because you disabled the comment function in your latest post. You know, the more I read your blog, the more I realize how bitchy you really are. One, one who might look ugly to you might not be so to others. Ever heard of the phrase ‘one’s trash is another’s treasure’? Who the hell are you to judge these people seriously? Whether or not the top models date these people for money is none of your business seriously. If you have the right to want to chase your dreams of holding down a stable job(or whatever it is you dream of in that shallow little head of yours), what is so wrong with what these girls are doing? Plus, one ugly parent does not guarantee an ugly offspring, don’t be stupid.

    • LSA says:

      I agree with whatever. If you want to consider looks to create an offspring, you should also consider other facts like intelligence. So, seeing you do not have a proper university degree and your IQ level is probably lower than 120, you should only be allowed to date unintelligent guys who is just like you, not much future to depend on brains.

      By the way, this is obviously an advert. It’s sickening.

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  36. dee says:

    Hye, may i know which type of villa that u stayed in during ur visit? Coz there are just too many villas 🙂 hope u don’t mind sharing, am searching for a place to stay for my honeymoon 🙂 Thanks.

  37. Melati says:

    should experience yourself here, so damn luxurious relaxing http://hanginggardensubud.com/spa/full-menu/

  38. gabriel says:

    nice post. The place is really beautiful and nice. it was very natural and green. I love the collection phon-tree green and refreshing. and you make a very good picture at all. I love the photos you take. This great information. and I am in order to collect a lot of information about Ubud. because in the next few months and pasangannku I will plan to vacation there. nice information.

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