I’m a bit caught up with emotions and some new projects, and i figured that i haven’t blogged about Baby K for a long time (although i tweeted a lot about her. She nommed my eyeshadow and remote control FML.)

So here you are! I found two videos that i took of her the first day i brought her home!

The video quality is obviously shit because i was still using my TragicCreamCakeCam™ that time.

But so omfg cute!

That’s Momokun, the CJ7 toy i bought for Cheddie but because Cheddie obviously didn’t layan it (she thinks she’s cuter than CJ7) so i gave to Baby K, who lurrrrrrrrrrrrrrved it max.

Then i left Momokun at Ming Tien one afternoon FOL. T____T.

(yea, that’s my Cheat One™ Lorenzo sofa HAHAHAHAH)

This one right, lol she liked to hide underneath things when she first came home. Behind toilet seats, underneath sofa, under the bed, under the table everything all. Cute max!!!!

She was sooooooo tiny. T_____T. Nao she can’t even stick her snout under the sofa to sniff wtf.