(yay it rhymes)

I’m not sure if this happens to you, but when i was in a relationship, most of the arguments revolved around food. It is like the famous comic strip you all saw (i tried to find but kenot ๐Ÿ™ )

Girl: Where do we go for dinner today?
Guy: What do you wanna eat honey?
Girl: I dunno. Anything.
Guy: How about pasta?
Girl: I’m in no mood for pasta.
Guy: Pizza?
Girl: Fattening.
Guy: Vietnamese? it’s light.
Girl: Hmmmm. Dowan.
Guy: Why not we go for Japanese?
Girl: But we just had that yesterday!
Guy: Then what do you want to eat?
Girl: I dunno. Anything.

Are you liddat? I admit i am liddat sometimes F my ex bfs’ L.

I dunno why i find it so difficult to decide what to eat! I will say “anything la” then disagree with every single suggestion wtf. To avoid argument i think i need a system. Like Sushi every Tuesday. Lard every Friday. Or something. It is really easier to have decisions made for you for you than to make it.

I think that is really bad! I am determined to change myself for good. From nao on i will come up with an awesome idea every single day.

And all the ideas i steal from THIS GUY.

The deal Guru wtf.

He will come up with a ย different deal at Mydeal.com every single day, a new place to dine in, a new hobby to do, a new shopping experience etc. All free ideas to be stolen.

And that’s not all.


That’s the deal.

And it’s super easy. Tested and proven by me.

When i discovered the website, i have already missed a lot of good deals. The deals are time-limited and quantity limited means if you don’t grab it fast THAT IS THE END OF YOUR PERFECT LIFE. No i mean you will regret it later la.

However i managed to snatched a dining voucher (excellent. Dinner idea settled for that day) at El Meson, Telawi Bangsar.

It was a Paella + Wine set for RM76 and you only need to pay half!

Just log in, buy the deal and do an online transfer, and the e-voucher would be sent to you.

And you print it out.

Then bring to the place.

Spanish food!!!!! I think it must have been a sign. The day i ate at El Meson was the day Spain got their World Cup wtf.

To my surprise the food was really really good! One of the best if i may say. Normally for spanish i will only go for La Bodega. If it weren’t for the Deal Guru iย wouldn’t have discovered this place. I heart you little genie! May i rub you? lol.

Parma ham salad.

Soup of the day. I think it is Onion. It comes with an egg yolk! So cute one!!!! And it’s really really yummy i <3 it!

Lamb chop nomnom.

And this is my Paella deal at 50% off.


Imma check out Mydeal.com every single day nao (You won’t know what’s gonna be on next so it is always a surprise.) and save half of my money.

the deals are time-limited and quantity limited adding to the exclusive nature of the deals on offer and meaning that people have to ‘jump’ in order to buy the deal on time.

And did i mention that i love the tagline? “Malaysia at half the price“. This is perfect for kiam people like me. Maybe even makes me like my home country a teeny weeny bit more.

Today’s deal is (Insert today’s deal).

That’s my dinner.