Arthur likes J-Pop

August 27, 2010 in Commercial Break

It’s Arthur’s Day again.

Last year we went to his 250th birthday and had a blast. This time around, he’s having a party about music and entertainment.

Arthur’s Day is all about music! And i know Arthur loves music. Maybe he’d like some J-pop this time around.

I’m going to make him something special.

So, through some complex recipe of brewing and blending and extra flavors poured on top, I made him a music video based on Kana Nishino feat WISE’s Aenakutemo.

This is the amount of videos i took as the ingredient to a perfect pint of romance wtf.

Original Video is HERE.

These are some of the stills. Story is about how a couple who is in an LDR miss each other and want to see each other and cheesiness ad nauseam. Irony is KY stays 5 minutes away from my haos HAHAH. And I had to play 5 different girls in that video HAHA.

Featuring Ky from

As you can see the only line he knows from the whole lyrics is “wooo, i miss you baybeh” and the rest he just tembak only mumble mumble mumble and yo yo yo check it out lolol.

I hope Arthur likes my birthday present for him.

Feel inspired yet?

Create your own Arthur’s Invention and win a trip to Dublin to visit the St James Gate Brewery & Guinness Storehouse (!!!!).

I osowan. T______T

How to:

  1. ‘LIKE’ Guinness Facebook.
  2. Choose your favourite song (it could be any song! – oldies, hiphop, rock..) and recreate it any way you want on video – sing, dance, re-enact the music video, anything goes.
  3. Upload your video performance onto YouTube.
  4. Your video must feature a mention of Arthur’s Day 2010 in the title, e.g: “Arthur’s Day 2010: <insert own title>.”
  5. Copy the embedded code or URL from your YouTube page.
  6. Post your YouTube URL on the Guinness Facebook page together with your name and video title.

More info on Arthur’s Day’s Facebook page.

Did i mention that your effort will not be wasted? Every successful submission wins passes to awesome Arthur’s Day event!And check out the artist line-up!

There’s Sean Kingston, Melissa Indot, Timbaland, Pop Shuvit, Mizz Nina and more!

Apart from The Man of Action Contest, there’s also The Man of Vision contest – you just need to decipher how many Guinness elements can be found in a given image and you get to win a trip to Dublin and a pair of Arthur’s Day Mosh Pit tickets worth RM 350 each.

I osowan T_____T.

This year, I Am Going Again. Are You Going Too?

141 responses to “Arthur likes J-Pop”

  1. KY says:

    what tembak? i pro ok!

    you ask me to learn japanese overnight how can laa ayoh i already tried damn hard ok wuwuwuwuuw T_T

  2. Porkie says:

    commence the are you and KY together rumours 😛

  3. OWT says:

    lovely ringo and cute ky 😈

  4. THIS IS SO AWESOME! Rin I think you look way prettier than singer herself! <3

  5. xi says:

    i have billions of that winnie the pooh schedule planner

  6. aud says:

    same planner <3 best video ever i luv u T_T

  7. Amy says:

    This song is so nice even though I don’t understand a single thing. The acting so natural! Nice nice video 😉

  8. Mokky says:

    OMG ROFL LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cheesie u look beauuutiful in the video! great job! 😀

  9. Michelle says:

    Cheesie, you’re just so darn good at lip syncing! The video made me believed that you were really singing it… KY seems a bit… strange/awkward?

  10. J says:

    HAHAHAHA. KY so cute.
    Very nice video :):)

  11. astrosurge says:

    warao! twas nais weh…ur lipsync chun omost like u singin it. would be perfect 10 if KY could do da Jap rap lipsync too (ya i know its hard).

    nais nonetheless. keep it up.

  12. kimberlycun says:

    OMG i see ky i behtahan wahahahhahaha. awesome video!

  13. Huai Bin says:


    Nice video! =D 😈

  14. Synchroflash says:

    So cuuuute ! So kawaï !!! 😈

  15. bryanlyt says:

    Sean Kingston coming? Don’t see him in the promo lineup poster wan geh?

  16. dori lukey says:

    wah cheesie pro eh! nice video!

    Dropped by from

  17. melody says:

    Looking super duper gorgeous as alwaysssssssssssssss!!!!!!
    i think your vid is superbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb
    even better than d ori????? hahahahahahaha

    happy happy happyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!! hehehe
    to Cheesie!!!!!!!!!

  18. eve says:

    😈 both of you are adorable! <333333

  19. Jess says:

    so damn pro !! nice ,, u captured the feeling there.. but for ky.. ahemmm.. hahahahaha..

  20. サブリナ says:


    if you don’t win the trip, the judges must be blind!!

  21. veronica says:

    love the lipsynching!! very well done haha. and KY’s part are just hilarious

  22. Dylan says:

    nice video! love your makeup.

  23. Jiayi says:

    The video is really nice! Look pro and you are pretty! KY’s also quite good in rapping and the hip hop pose 😆

  24. Krh says:

    Oh Cheesie, the video was beautifully done! I love it <3

  25. I think KY looks funny inside but nevertheless, it’s a great video! two thumbs up!

  26. shinnie says:

    you look so pretty in the video! 😉

  27. blekming says:

    I so love your video! You look really pretty and your expressions were so real! Mad loves!

  28. hazel says:

    Very nais!!! KY is cute haha. Y all side view of u? Should have more of u looking into camera. Chioness!

  29. lydia says:

    wa…i love this video…is sooo…goooddddddddd

  30. pk says:

    Great mv … so cool~~~ 😆

  31. jymei says:

    anata ha sugoi !!! 😈

  32. Glo-w says:

    Be honest, how many times did KY lose it?
    lols…could see him “mei mei siu” the whole time lols…great job guy ^^
    and love the soft effect 😈 edited?

  33. catTy says:

    😈 😈 😈 nice video~

  34. helena says:

    Wow. That’s a lot of videos! Lol watch later…lol

  35. Pearl says:

    Kudos to the effort put in haha! I love pretending to sing along with jap songs too!

  36. Greg says:

    Great Filming. Who shot it?

  37. Anni-Amanda says:

    I love youre expression at 05:08! so cute and natural! Cute cheesie<3

  38. Jeslene says:

    The parts when you’re lip-syncing really looks like you’re the singer ~ Hahaha~ So prettyyyy!

  39. Gin says:

    wooo!! i gots the same shirt as KY but mini sized and in white! wtf

  40. Xiaopei says:

    KY is so funny! Hehehe
    Double 😈 for you both !

  41. miao miao says:

    haahahha ky looks like those chinese vampire, chao gan (cramp) and yo yo yo at the same time.

  42. jes says:

    yayyy! cheesie’s video is so awesome!!!

  43. tiffy says:

    whaaa at first i tot u try act cute one but then i see the original mv and look like the girls there ( i tot theyre all same girls, why look so similar one wtf) are act cute also
    nice vid btw, even have same costumes like the original one eh, u so dedicated!

  44. Fiionna says:

    May i noe wat the song about ?

  45. Kimitty Kim says:

    Hahaha, that KY dude is hilarious! Good vid!

  46. Belle says:

    Ringo your blog was featured in Galaxie. Congrats! Oh, and so was KY too. 😀

  47. melmonica says:

    Damn nice picture. Good job! 😈

  48. WP says:

    Wow, at certain angles that singer really looks like you! Good job…haha, good thing you said that you played 5 girls, or else I would have thought it was supposed to be the same girl at different moments 😛

  49. bubblyvene says:

    haha! mou liu yet very creative!! hahaha! good!

  50. Nice video Cheesie… love that 🙂 & Ky is funny 😉

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