August 2, 2010 in Bon Cheesepetit

Ok i logged in to my wordpress for like the 638th time and i dunno what to write but i’m itching to write something. (I almost wrote “something” and clicked publish.)

I mean no matter what i blog it will seem all wrong and so i think it is best if i stick to something completely irrelevant.

For once it is actually quite hard to think of something irrelevant because i don’t know what is relevant to begin with. So i thought i would blog about something not a lot of people have something to say about and something that will make me happy.

For example, mentaiko.

I mean, how many of you actually know what mentaiko is?

So yea, i am going to blog about mentaiko today.

This is a commercial i saw in Japan, about mentaiko.

This, is mentaiko. It is food for thought so if you dunno what it is, maybe you should think about it and question your own existence.

This is tarako and mentaiko wtf.

I mean, just look the them. It makes me happy already.

This is mentai mayo on bread!

And this commercial has got some people tasting mentaiko.

Sometimes i wonder how people can tahan doing a food tasting program.

I mean, i would probably need a Japanese thesaurus for the word oishii.

END. Only relevant comments are allowed. So you better look up mentaiko nao! :D.

33 responses to “Mentaiko”

  1. kimberlycun says:

    im totally salivating at the thought of mentaiko mayo on bread. want it..need it

  2. Fuyuhii says:

    Wow. Wiki-ed. I didn’t know that Mentaiko originated from Korea. Karashi mentaiko is my fave~ Spicy~ yumms. I wonder if there’s any cheese mentaiko or something? I love cheese. I bet it’ll taste super yummy – melted cheese mentaiko pasta. OMG. -drools-

  3. Anna says:

    HAHAHA! naise post. 🙂

    • Smeech says:

      Eh your comment should be deleted cos not related to mentaiko! Mine should stay cos I mentioned the word mentaiko wtf. Sorry simply kacao .__.

  4. rachel says:

    i actually really dislike mentaiko

  5. Simon Seow says:

    Hey, now I can try to make mentaimayo at home and spread on my sandwich. I wondered how long can the mayo last.

  6. Pomme-Pomme says:

    i love tarako more as i can’t stomach spicy food. I have seven trays of tarako sitting in my freezer nao. 😀 Oh wait. I just had a tray the other day. So I’m left with 6 now. Ah. Maybe a tarako mayo salad with baby spinach, shredded cheddar and porto bello mushroom slices. 🙂

  7. ashley says:

    keep on posting daily/ 2 days once lah. 🙁

  8. angelrainez says:

    i love mentaiko~!!

    *hugs* i can still feel ur sore from ur words.
    we bought a new poodle after my lil poodle passed.
    hope that Koyuki will come home soon. i miss her.

  9. Lenna says:

    Oishii = Yummy. I thinks. But the girl on the far right looks like she wants to say yuck instead. Or something.

    Mentaiko is roe of pollock, or so says the wikipedia.

    Looks yummy, as long as its not spicy. Especially the mentaimayo stuff. Onomnomnom.

  10. PD says:

    I got hooked on mentaiko because of you! Ever since you mentioned mentaiko pasta/rice on your blog years ago I started looking for it, and I always order it when I go to my favourite yōshoku restaurant. 🙂

  11. Michelle says:


  12. Myhorng says:

    Hugzzz…. Cheer up ya

    U wrote irrelevant post I put irrelevant comment. Fair right?

  13. SK says:

    I bought the mentaiko spaghetti sauce packet just because of your recommendation. Still no guts to try it though! 😆

  14. miko says:

    Hi cheesie,
    I saw an exact Husky dog at pasar malam @ SS2 yesterday but the dog is locked up in a cage by a pet stall owner.
    It’s a female also n the size is also the same as your Husky.
    N she has a choke chain on her also but I don’t know what is your Husky’s choke chain design..

  15. Ribeenas says:

    ok…i just get too find out what is mentaiko 😯 😯 😯 so sampat me firstly i tot is some kind of fruit wtf…hahah :blush:

  16. Elsie says:

    My heart goes out to you. I hope Koyuki comes home soon. That aside, I had my first mentako fried rice last week.

  17. KY says:

    I love mentaiko dot commmmm

  18. Aleanor says:

    I brought some back from Hokkaido (by the way you visited the exact places I did whilst you were there), turns out I really do not know how to cook ’em without the oil splattering all over the place. I ended up just mashing it all up, closing the lid and tossing them and laying them over rice. That’s it. LOL. I need cooking lessons.

  19. LJ says:

    yum yum yum..looks so good!

  20. Miss Marquis says:

    aiyo, u always have the idea for ur readers. i dah ketagih ur blog LOL

  21. Jake Lo says:

    OMG! THAT MENTAI MAYO LOOKS AWESOME! Does anyone know where I can get it cause I looked everywhere. Maybe I can ask someone in Japan to FedEx it? :dunno:

  22. David says:


    I will go along with the roe of Pollock.
    I would think it should be yummy.

    Do let me know as mentaiko cannot be found anywhere near where I live.

    Please let us know when you hear anything about Koyuki!


  23. Coco says:

    I knew about Mentaiko from your blog. =D
    Then the first time I had it was at Ozeki, I tried their mentaiko onigiri (closest I’ll get to have a taste at mentaiko cause I remember how crazed you were about it).
    It was nais!!

  24. kcin says:

    where can i get these in kl?

  25. Miffy says:

    Because of Cheesie I went to buy some Mentaiko to cook pasta with, but still don’t have the guts to try it since I’m scared of fishy stuff. Still, this post makes me tempted to try.

  26. emily says:


  27. asstha says:

    i’m still sore at u for getting me addicted to it 😛 … as of today i still can’t step into ANY sushi joint w/o ordering ALL the items on the menu wit mentaiko… n if dey dun hv any mentaiko on d list i won’t eat der 😳
    but still hahaha… love u loads… i pray u find ur dearest Koyuki soon… *hugs*

  28. Tamstar says:

    that’s it, i am going out to have mentaiko spaghetti tonight!! reading this made me remember just how delicious it is…

  29. zachary says:

    me vege, kenot eat mentaiko.. so nonit 2 google it, n nonit 2 wori will get addicted 2 it.. 😆

  30. Lisa says:

    Are u reading this??? The pasar malam guy sells dogs which he either finds along the way or breeds them. Very rude too n wld yell if u photo him and the dogs. U may try n check him out at chow yang pasar malam on thurs as I’ve seen him there b4. I hope u find koyuki soon.


    Hi cheesie,
    I saw an exact Husky dog at pasar malam @ SS2 yesterday but the dog is locked up in a cage by a pet stall owner.
    It’s a female also n the size is also the same as your Husky.
    N she has a choke chain on her also but I don’t know what is your Husky’s choke chain design..

  31. jane says:

    you always write about mentaiko.. but i dont think u ever mention where to get them.. can u please suggest to us where to get those mentaiko.. especially that mentaiko mayo that is use to spread on bread? looks super delicious!!! Please…

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