Of all the seasons, i think i love autumn fashion the most.

It’s cool enough to play around with layering and not break a sweat, yet not freezing enough to wrap youself up like a kebab and think “screw fashion, whatever”.

And there’s always fur and fluffy stuff to play with!!! I dig that the most!

I got myself loads of nice furry, knitted wear when i went to Japan, but guess what, you can now get all these things right here in Malaysia!


Hot weather? Time to get yourself a vacation and go somewhere autumny enough to dress up. ^^

When i received MNG’s new Fall Winter 2010 collection catalogue, i almost fainted. SO MUCH NICE THINGS HOW TO CHOOSE!

Just an iceberg of the collection.

I have picked some of my favorite items from the bunch and did a few Polyvore style themed postcards.

1. Glamorous Fall

Leather, fur coat, and lots and lots of gorgeous shades of brown.

Items: Crepping wedges boots, Chip leather tote, Nomada fur coat, brown harem pants, toffee camisole and leopard print scarf, all from MNG.

2. Vivi Leopard Print

I don’t think leopard is ever out of season. Vivi has it all year round, including summer. And i myself is a big fan!

Items: Sonia heels, leopard print coat, leopard print bangle, Dots gloves, Nina purse and beige dress, all from MNG.

3. Nordic Chic

Needless to say, Nordic print is the hottest new element this fall after fur. Instead of going full-on Nordic and look like some rare tribal breed, some contemporary elements for balance.

Items: Madell bag, Yakelin Nordic coat, black bodysuit, black boots and Rocoso ring, all from MNG.

4. Angelababy Sweet

Hate to say this but she’s still pretty as ever T___T.

If you don’t like earthy tones, you still can play girly and feminine with the right combination!

Items: Cream Madell bag, grey peeptoe, flowy dress, floral scarf and earrings, all from MNG.

5. Preppy European

This is also a hit look very frequently featured by Lena this autumn!

Items: Moscut bag, Oro checkered pants, boots, nordic scarf, all from MNG.

6. Mori Girl

Super in love with this subculture. Mori means forest, and mori girl style is very fairy like, a lot of loose dresses, vintage pieces and earthy tones.

Item: Colegio bag, knitted hat, Messi wedges, Sabana scarf, all from MNG.

Can’t wait for them to be in store so i can go play dress up!!! ^^