is such a strange thing.

I was just thinking there are just way t0o many temptations in life. It occurs anytime anywhere, and it exists because there are curiosity, lust and avarice and the simple fact that human just have never ending desires. When you don’t have a car i was tempted to get one. When you have one now you are tempted to get a better one. Or two. FYL.

The problem is that temptations are often contradicting. Like, you can be tempted by the familiarity and comfort, at the same time you can also be tempted by the new and unknown. And it will never stop because like when you get into a relationship, you are tempted to be single again. And when you’re single you are tempted to date again. And it is also dangerous because people are always tempted to do things they are told not to do. And it is also a vicious cycle because the more you know you shouldn’t be tempted to do something, the more you are tempted to do it. It is like an itch. It’s not exactly a pleasant thing, but you can’t deny that good feeling when you’re scratching it. But the more you scratch the itchier it gets FYL.

Like i am really really tempted to call someone i know i shouldn’t.

I am tempted to blog about things i shouldn’t be blogging about. About certain people ahem. But i won’t la cuz i’m nice wtf.

And oh i’m super tempted to reveal this big secret of mine but many people advised me against it so i’d better listen to the wiser wtf T__T

I am tempted to buy all the Liz Lisa Autumn/Winter collection in the entire Harajuku shop.

I am tempted to screw my day job and call it quits because it is eating up so much of my time.

I am tempted to just buy a ticket and fly to Kansai and see maple leaves in Kyoto and drink macha tea and pretend all melancholically romantic wtf.

I am tempted to just buy a ticket and fly to Shanghai and smell osmanthus in October. And go to Qipulu and eat Lao Ya Fen Si Tang  T___T

I am tempted to just buy a ticket and fly to i dunno a random place in europe like Amsterdam or Rome or whatever and just, i dunno, chill. (Bet it’s cold)

Basically i am just quite tempted to leave where i am now, screw work and start something new somewhere.

Sometimes i’m even tempted to stop blogging. But this means i have to eat grass for the rest of my life and no where for me to post my camwhore pictures so i won’t be tempted to do it just yet.

I am tempted to tell you all that i wanna go on a diet because i can’t fit into my 25″ jeans already *sob* but i think i will kena instant lightning and cause major hatred by people who already cannot fit into 25″ jeans so i will just STFU.

However sometimes i believe it is okay to sin a little. Give in a little…

to temptations.

As a matter of fact, i am going to do a live demonstration on you.

No one can deprive you of life’s simplest pleasure. Like a sundae. With hot chocolate sauce. And crazy amount of assorted toppings. Yums.

Temptations – 7atenine (The Ascott Kuala Lumpur)

Date: 27th October 2010 (Wednesday)

Event time: 9:00pm till 12:00pm

A night time event about ice cream???? What can get sexier than that!

Besides ice cream, 4 Encore signature cocktails will also be served. The last time i went for a Horeca event (Fashionista), i was so impressed by their cocktails, if i remember correctly, one even has cheese in it wtf. And if you up for it, you can even make your own cocktail, guided by HSE Mixologist.

At the Fashioista night by Horeca. Our cocktail was super ♥


And party with people i ♥


How much fun we had! ♥


Well, to squeeze that extra whipped cream on top, i’m giving out 20 drink vouchers to the first 10 readers to comment on this post (2 for each reader). The vouchers will be given out to you at the event itself when you sign in under my list.
Do check out EncoreHSE for more info. Join me for them fun night! *tempting wink wtf