Last Tue night i almost fainted because it was 11:57PM before i realized i haven’t paid my credit card bill fml.

Logged in to my bank account frantically before the maintenance started and i fainted again when i saw my actual credit card bill figure.


How. On. Earth. Did. I. Manage. To. Spend. So. Much.

Then i realized i totally asked for it.

Cuz i was going to Japan and all and i thought it would make sense to bring less cash but have more money with you so you feel secure, right? Right right right? In case you saw that Japan Limited bag, or Liz Lisa fukubukuro, or 345913 pairs of to-die-for boots. Right?

So i made a request.

And the worse thing is, it got approved.



Have to eat grass for the next two months.

So then i was having a chat with my friend about how ridiculously much i spent the last month and he was like, “don’t be too harsh on yourself, don’t feel too bad about it, money can always earn back one”, and i was like, “Siao ah, the whole point of spending money is supposed to make me feel good, so if i end up feeling shit about it then what’s the point?”

A bit of a Catch 22 here.

Spend also cannot don’t spend also cannot FML. But to be honest i really love the feeling of buying things with a magnetic stripe card due to the simple fact that it is not money. If i have to pay cash to buy a, say, Harvey Norman sofa, i probably will die of heartache half way counting my notes. T_T

But with credit card you can just swipe, sign, and never look at your credit card bill ever again. (Hide them behind your toilet seat or burn them if you must).

Until you actually have to pay for them.


Lesson learnt. There’s only one way to solve the root of all evil. And it is as simple and clichéd as the age-old advise: Don’t spend more than you can afford, ie, BURN YOUR CREDIT CARD.

Instead, get a debit card.



1. Still solve your cash-less problem. First of all, I never have to carry too much cash on me. Cash =dangerous in Malaysia. T_T

2. The Highest Cash Back. Up to 2% rebates whenever, wherever you swipe. MEANS MORE MONEY TO SHOP YO! But since my deposits is not that high, right now it is only 1% cash back. Wait will i get richer, then i shall be upgraded!

3. Absolute Convenience: Combines all the functions of an ATM card with the absolute convenience of shopping in the entire world.

4. Absolute control: Deducts purchase amounts direct from your bank account. I can decide the limit i want, need not go through the who application with the bank.

5. (This one is a bonus point for kiam people like me) No stupid RM50 service tax! HA BEAT THAT!!!


My new baby.

Still buys me good meal.


Still a shopaholic (bought two bolster because err… it was Buy 1 Free 1) not a wiser one. 😛

Got to to find out more on how you can control your wallet!