Hennessy Artistry Shanghai

December 3, 2010 in China

Quick update after Hennesy Artistry Shanghai Press Con.

And guess who met the stars!!!!!!!!!


Sa Ding Ding, China’s new age artiste.

Seo in Young FTW!!!!!!!

(Yes, go on. You totally have my full permission to be jealous.)

She is super cute omgomgomg. And she has like one of the nicest Korean noses! I like.

And super tall Ciara who looks exactly like her wax fugure. And her backside nice until kenot nice wtf that’s what i’d been staring at whole day. She said she likes my hair! So if next time you see her with braided mermaid hair you know where it comes from hehehe.

Can’t wait for tomorrow’s party and I LOVE SHANGHAI!

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45 responses to “Hennessy Artistry Shanghai”

  1. LYNN says:

    OH.MY.GOD YOU MET SEO IN YOUNG! I FUCKING LOVE HERRRR! SHE’S S.KOREA’S FASHIONISTA, and she had her nose done several times. SHE’S GONNA RELEASE HER COMEBACK ALBUM THIS DECEMBER~ OMG, I’m fucking jealous of you now Cheesie. LMFAO!

  2. ~ says:

    FUUUUU SEOINYOUNG!@?#!@#!@!!! OMG CHEESIEEEEEE did you shake her hand? can i touch your hand naoo? 😥 😥

  3. XCB says:

    WTF I totally couldnt recognise seo in young at all! I was like staring at th epic for minutes and i still cant tell which part of her face is seo in young! she’s a goddess! OMFG

  4. Grace says:


  5. Ginny says:

    omaigawd!!! YESH.. I am fully JEALOUS with you~~!!! >< 😈

  6. noel says:


  7. axiao says:

    wow seo in young looked like a doll!!!

  8. Kristin says:

    OMyGwad! Seo in young!! T^T
    so jealous…CIARA! ><!!!

  9. jackie says:

    c’mon..ciara’s not really that tall. she’s only like 5’8 , is that tall ? no, right!! so you don’t think you are short then, huh ? hahaha 😛

  10. Francesca says:

    lucky uuu
    yep, liking ur hair .. the styling is perfect ! inspire me to do mermaid hair actually but scared too 😀

  11. Charmaine says:

    I love your hair! Your should do a tutorial on how you did it 😈
    + You don’t look like yourself in picture 1 😯

  12. Huynh says:

    SEO IN YOUNG!!!! I’m Jealous 😛

  13. Ben McC says:

    Yeah, I’m mad jealous….

  14. 33 says:

    You look like you fit in perfectly with the stars!!! So nice : >

  15. LJ says:

    you look like Amber Chia in the second picture with Seo In Young…

  16. Can’t believe you met Seo In Young T_T

  17. melody says:

    oh yeahhhhhhh
    i’m sooooooooooo jealoussssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!

  18. ichig0 says:

    OMG SEO IN YOUNG!!!! lucky uuu! haha yes I am very jealous here =S HAHA her heels must have been gorgeous!! gaahhh 😈 😈

  19. Yumi says:


  20. cheekyNadia says:

    SEO IN YOUNG?!?!?!?! NO SHIT CHEESIE! Out of all awesome ppl u met this is the MOST AWESOME ONE! I’M FUCKING JEALOUS OF U NOW!

  21. stefanie says:

    omg!! can’t believe u met Seo In Young!! ENVY!!!
    glad that u had fun!! post more pictures yea~

  22. CRAZY says:

    She’s really pretty right!!!! OMG

  23. Chika says:

    Wow. Lucky you. Ciara looks really good in that photo, and so do you. 😛 But now I’m really curious about who’s head it is you decapitated in the photo in your previous blog post. The freakishly tall person? 😛 hehe.

  24. sarah says:

    Jealous max !!! I like Ciara !!!

  25. BeesOHoney says:

    I really like Seo’s look, it’s very jazzy. 🙂 I’ve never heard of her before, but I am definitely going to look her up and perhaps follow her. The Ciara pic is nice too by the way. Thanks for sharing.


  26. MimieJay says:

    SEO IN YOUNG!!! How’s her voice in person? I love her voice!
    She’s fashionista in Korea~! ME VERY JEALOUS!

  27. Lin Wan says:

    OMG you actually met Seo In Young & Ciara in person 😮 !!!!? Gosh I’m so jealous right now! I love Ciara <3 !

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