Super Notebook

December 22, 2010 in Commercial Break

Shelliemay: Oh my, hunni, look what i’ve discovered! A notebook!

Duffy: Oh wow is that our Xmas present??? Let’s have a look!

Shelliemay: Isn’t that JJ Lin the famous singer? What is he doing on a notebook cover?

Duffy: I guess because he is a musician so he can use a lot of note…

Shelliemay: -_-.

Duffy: Sorry bad attempt.

Shelliemay: Looks like he love Super Coffee Mix! He said it’s his inspiration wor.

Duffy: Yea i guess some caffeine makes him… composed.

Shelliemay: -_-

Duffy: Sorry again. :X

Shelliemay: Oh look, there are some sketches!

Shelliemay: Wow, this Christmas tree is really special!

Duffy: OMFG are those steaming hot coffee cups underneath!

Shelliemay: Oh look hunni, that’s pancake with butter and you dripping down!  Hunni, you hunni, geddit? Teehee. *giggles

Duffy: Hmm. The coffee looks good. *intoxicated

Shelliemay: I lurrrrrrve bagels!!! Is that strawberry cheesecake flavor!

Duffy: Baby, the coffee looks really good. *sniff

Shelliemay: Hunni look! OPI nail polish oh god oh god that’s the Christmas Glittery series!

Duffy: i… want… the… coffee!!!!!!!111

Shelliemay: Wow awesome bento!

Duffy: Wow. Awesome roasted aroma of beans… i can feel my nostrils trembling with pleasure.

Shelliemay: So cute! Little animals carrying sugar cubes!

Duffy: i don’t mind being them just to be willing thrown into this heavenly pool of dark liquid and dissolve myself to be melted as one … pool.. of… blissful sweetness.

Shelliemay: Awwwwwwwww. That’s just like us.

Duffy:  Awww. Two cups is better than one!

Shelliemay: Oh. That’s just a bunch of mess. *disgusted

Duffy: Work has never looked better with that Super mug. I need a coffee NAO.

Shelliemay: Oh look, it says in this stupid blog here… simply purchase 2 packets of Super 3in1 Regular coffee and get this Limited edition JJ Lin Notebook absolutely free. Hunny, let’s go to the nearest supermarket to grab it! My Christmas pressie for you! But i will keep the notebook 😀

Duffy: DEAL.

Shelliemay: Ohhh JJ ohhh.


31 responses to “Super Notebook”

  1. Charmaine says:

    Am I first? 😀

  2. Jacqueline says:

    Nice!! 😈
    I will buy it too, tempted.. 🙂

  3. dblchin says:

    nice! I love ur drawings! <3 <3

  4. Glo-w says:

    Lols i cant take coffee. 1 cup and i’m buzzed for 2 days!

  5. Joanne says:

    Aww, JJ fans here!

  6. Ju Ann says:

    hey ringo! love this ad! so creative!!

  7. eko says:

    interesting! 😈 and you can draw!

  8. lydia says:

    i love ur drawing so much… 😈

  9. Cherry❤L says:

    You make me really wanna buy a pair of Duffy & Shelliemay!

  10. bc says:

    love this ad! very cute and i think you’re a good storyteller LOL!

  11. Aly says:

    Nice sketches, especially of your own blog!

  12. hazel says:

    ur drawings are 😈

  13. samn says:

    omg cheap u can do better u guys started producing crap because of all these nonsense ads

  14. jillian says:

    😈 😈 😈 sketches, hahaha i like how you draw your own face of cheeserland in the sketchbook. 😛

  15. Hinami says:

    Very cute post!! Love it! 😛

  16. me says:

    Ha, doesn’t this kind of remind you of the first hamper you ever won in a coloring/drawing contest? A hamper full of all kinds of Super’s products! well, that’s about 15yrs ago…i guess you’re too young to care about brand…

  17. David says:


    Wonderful story!

    I really like Duffy and Shelliemay now!
    Any teddy bear that likes coffee as much as they do!

    Always enjoy your boundless creativity!


  18. XCB says:

    ur drawings is funny!

  19. Ben McC says:

    Too cute. The bento looks good enough to eat. 😀

  20. Joey says:

    My favourite singer JJ Lin!! How can I get that notebook?
    Love Duffy and Shelliemay too, can I have them for xmas?
    Thank you

  21. trinie says:

    lol that’s so nice and cute!!

  22. renae says:

    eehhh i thought the sketches are done by jj lol until the last pic haha u draw ur own blog on the book lol

  23. Jeff Tan says:

    I tot is a computer notebook… then it is really a notebook. wtf
    I like the sketches… 😈

  24. suz says:

    brilliant! i love this post very much 😀

  25. 😆 merry xmas and nice drawing.. =D

  26. karen says:

    i am JJ fans.. whr to get de notebbok?… every supermarket will have?.. how much does de coffee costs each?…

  27. lv says:

    wow!! this post is SUPER cute!! i love it!!! 😈

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