NHK Tokyo Kawaii II

February 21, 2011 in NHK Tokyo Kawaii TV

This NHK Tokyo Kawaii thing has quite a twist in the end!

At first it was really just a filming about foreign gyaru with their Japanese fashion, but in the end instead of just Aud and i, it became 8 Malaysian girls who are now more gyaru than ever, and also two Real Deal™ who shed many tears in front of the camera =)=)=)

It was a very touching moment la. And nao Aud and I are thinking if we should really start a gyaru circle in Malaysia because… well… NHK Tokyo Kawaii sort of made us promise to do that iiiiiiiii


Ok here’s the half secret Aud has already revealed.

We’re such fickle minded and easily budged human beings the moment we saw Maiko and Lie looking so effortlessly good in black and Kara (spicy) style, we were like FTS we would ditch CUTE forever and go for HOT. Plus i think most guys prefer HOT to CUTE that’s why until nao my market value very low fml. (*My* because Aud’s out of the market FHL.)


Color lens from vivifashion.


So like we did a 180 degree change we did darker make up, lots of bronze and black. Also spent like 900 years deciding what to wear that is not CUTE. Ironic when i think what show we’re gonna be on again.


Then we looked liddat la. Which is err…. not every different FOL.



So Aud and i were like analyzing what went wrong. How come no matter how hard we try we still couldn’t have that sizzling vibes like Maiko and Lie.

“FTS. I think it’s our face la.”

“Yea, we’re too cute to be hot.”

“Yea i think so too. Why are we so cute FTS.”

“Seriously. Being so cute sucks!”


Then we shut up when we realized how wrong that sounded. iiiiiiiii

I wondered why no one slapped us yet.


We wanted to look liddis T_________T


And liddis T_________T


Srsly. being so cute sucks.

*runs away


Maiko looks hot while being cute. T_T



Hao can anyone anyhow do any face and look good? T____T



Including this T_______T



Anyway, these are the gyaru who came for the make over that day.



Our reader (who responded to us through twitter on the first day) came for the makeover oso <3 That was Christy, Jac, Renae and Joey. They very brave they came make-up less. And you are about to regret not coming that day because the Gyaru Transformation is… sugoi desu wtf.



Lie impart to us her secret to a smaller face.



We started filming in the hotel room. Maiko was the make up sensei who taught us step by step hao to look pretty.


Aud and i oredi had make up on so we just…. camwhored. -_-



Filming goes on. There were a lot of oooooh and uwaaaaaa going on too!

The girls were really pleasantly shocked to see their own transformation.




This is a Before pic.



This is Joey. She looks sooooooo cute and 100% gyaru nao.



Christy i think looks like a very pretty ulzzang instead. She has a Korean face!


Let you see again the Before pic.



Gyaru transformation!


And then Lie and Maiko were also Santarina kept throwing Dolly Winks and other make up stuff to all the girls JEALOUS ANOT! But Aud and i didn’t get because we’re the “Big Sister” FOL T_T.

We also got our pressies, which is a furry scarf for me and monster fur leg warmer for aud <3.


Which i then brought to Europe <3


*tries Maiko and Lie pose





Group picture!


The final scene was in front of Pavilion. Everyone was damn happy and touched.

Then suddenly… Maiko cried.


Not knowing what to do, i turned around to look for help (or a sign to tell me what to do), and saw Lie…. also cried.


I really think it’s sort of like a natural requirement for Japanese ladies to be able to tear under appropriate circumstances. Every single time i part with my host family, my host moms confirm will cry and wave and cry again and wave again one. Then i’ll be like =)iii=)iii not knowing what to do. So i also cried.

Wiping tears, Maiko and Lie spoke to the camera about how moved they are to see us transform, and for them to spread gyaru love all the way from Japan to Malaysia, and that the girls here are also gambatte embrace this whole gyaru culture, and it’s a really touching experience. Even though we have met each other less than 24 hours ago.

And then aud and i also became teary-eyed fol.

Seriously it really made is want to ganbatte and create a gyaru circle here since we know they are also a lot of aspiring trend-setters who want to be in touch with Japanese make-up and fashion. (Also so that next time we meet Lie and Maiko we got face to tell them we kept it up la.) Plus on the show, they sort of already created for us on the spot, and it is called…

guess what…

Foruchizu Gyaru Sa.

For nao la. I mean if we want to do it seriously, we’d also need some help from you girls. So if you have any ideas or opinion, or want to volunteer to help, pls drop a comment. 😀

119 responses to “NHK Tokyo Kawaii II”

  1. Fiona says:

    what was the secret to smaller face?? 😛 😆

  2. Glo-w says:

    Eh i wanna join^^
    lols…mayb you can start a class on ur blog?
    Foruchizu 101?
    from dressing, co-ords to style n posing^^
    I think you already have all those things just now can make into syllabusss!
    Spread the Gyaru Power!~

  3. yv says:

    pretty cool!nice makeup on the 1st photo

  4. Maguro says:

    I’ve always wanted to create a gyaru circle in east malaysia, but seriously very hard lar… most of the girls here admire Japanese fashion and make up alot,but no guts to wear or try,wear a boots oso kena say “kua zhang” 😳

  5. ashley says:


    so next im expecting para2 dance from u!!!

  6. Maguro says:

    wish i live in west msia at least got teman lol, spread the gyaru virus Cheesie!! I support! gayao~ 😉

  7. Christy says:

    So touched TnT Look ulzzang but wait… I tot i’m trying on gyaru makeup but why I still look korean one? 😯

  8. vivienne says:

    oh! any job vacancy if it really happens? =.=”

  9. jacqueline says:

    Nais nais!! All look gorgeous! Dunno when got chance to become so charming again. 😥
    Miss the moment we had been together <3 <3 <3

    Never give up on gyaru make up 😛

  10. Picture no. 25 is hot what? Please don’t say it sucks to be cute.

  11. Jennifer says:

    I am in love with gyaru fashion but always fail to be cute due to big boobs FML. But somehow this matured looking gyaru change the way I think. Don’t need to be cute like you guys to be a gyaru.
    So is this group on?

  12. kianfai87 says:

    😈 good post and I wonder why my flag pop up from Australia 😳

  13. Yuki says:

    😈 😈 😈

    how about start from a group or pages and shows every gyaru profiles, blog, recent wearing styles, and gyaru events and bla bla bla

    🙂 🙂 🙂

  14. Anna Crystal says:

    Did Lie and Maiko talk in English or Japanese (since I know Aud and you speak Japanese, I wasn’t too sure about the other pretty ML girls). Also – that’s a pretty lame statement, but I think guys are too afraid to talk to you because you ARE hot AND cute, dun understand why you’re still single. I’d immediately hook up with you T_T

  15. Chibirubie says:

    Ahhh sooo nice!!! Love all ur gyaru looks! You all look super purrdy!!! Tutorial for smaller looking face secret wahhh!

  16. Cherish says:

    ME! ME! ME! 😛 I’m willing to help and be the first gyaru member! lol
    Cheesie & Aud, come on, be the first to start Gyaru Circle in Malaysia! 😉

  17. XCB says:

    reading this post makes me happy~~~~ =D =D =D i reread for million times already! i wonder if singapore has their own gyaru circle yet 😀

  18. Jace♥ says:

    aww~cheesie~you did a great job~~ 😉
    actually~ you dun hav to be like anyone~
    you look the best in your own way 😀
    haha~ 😆 and i see a lot of japaneses girls they can do superb silly face~
    but still looking great~

  19. Lucy says:

    Maybe you should ditch the bangs to not look less cute, though they suit you 😉

  20. misshermes says:

    I want to join the gyaru group! ;D Even though I’m more of a lolita but I like gyaru a lot as well!

  21. Guest says:

    Haha maybe the tip to looking sexy is to keep hair off the face. Maybe Cheesie you can grow out your fringe and become sexified 😛

  22. David says:


    You and Aud do cute and hot so well!!

    On your way to becoming media stars! ! ! !

  23. fiionx says:

    maybe you should make a gyaru hang outs ! then everyone wear boots! if sometimes ah, go shopping alone wear boots ppl say kua zhang, if 1 gang, people wont say anything, then we just mumble in japanese lah! LOL. act like japanese, then ppl thought tourist, sure no comments wan!!

  24. Min says:

    gyaru fashion seems nais! how to join? 🙂

  25. nekomeow says:

    CAN”T WAIT to watch NHK Tokyo Kawaii TV this SUN 10:30pm~!!! 😈
    (MUST WATCH if not u will regret for life)
    i saw the teaser dy~ u n Aud looks awesome~ 😈
    the crying scene is vy touching dy~ 😳 sure ppl will 😥 one~
    oohhh i wana join the gyaru circle thingy oso~
    but hope not too old to join~ :dunno:

  26. Sharon says:

    Please let me know if there’s a gyaru circle. Love jap fashion. But need lotsa help on the dressing and eyelashes.

  27. Sharon says:

    I’m from Kl btw. Duno y it doesn’t show Malaysian flag in my earlier comment.

  28. Hachi says:

    You look amazing in these pics, like Tsubasa Masukawa!!! You should totally make a gal circle~ hehe, my host mother & host sister cried when I left Japan. They made me cry also, I really miss them! 😥

  29. Queenie says:

    Ah Cheesie, I am such a fan of the Gyaru style but it can be quite challenging being American and like, NO ONE, knowing the style :O!

    I’d really love some tips or advice, just some help:)

  30. KY says:

    first pic looks like you have the secret camera model – G 15! lol

  31. aud says:

    ya seriously anyone who has any ideas or wants to volunteer help onegaishimasu!

  32. Ben McC says:

    Very cool. Wish I could see the show. (><)

  33. Jessica says:

    Hi Cheesie,
    I found your blog through xiaxue. I just wanted to say how cute you are and that I enjoy looking at your blog. However, maybe it’s lost in translation, but what’s up with the frowny/smiley face thing going on? Maybe it’s popular, I don’t know… I’m just not a fan.

  34. Audrey says:

    Hello, this is my first time commenting. I’m surprised to see quite a number of gyaru fashion enthusiasts leaving comments here. I really hope to see the gyaru sa materialise ’cause I don’t think there’s anyone more fitting to represent the local gyaru scene than you and Aud. 😀

    Also all your pictures are really nice! Even the failed ones ok, WTF. Why you all so photogenic one FML.

  35. maruko says:

    my suggestion:
    organize a high tea session to meet up with the “gyaru wannabe”.. there are many girls out there who trying to be gyaru, end up wearing a failed makeup shopping in the mall.. during the meet up, maybe you and aud can correct the mistakes done by these “gyaru wannabe”.. k? k?

    • Audrey says:

      I agree with helping them develop a look that suits them yet stays true to the gyaru style. A lot of self-professed gyaru water down the style too much till it’s almost unrecognisable, or worse, mistaken as lala WTF.

      • maruko says:

        yea, agree.. all half-tong-water standard (include me).. the worst is, with punk eyeline (thick max), zombie eyeshadows, lala hairstyle, gyaru eyelashes, local made outfit = failed attempt by M’sian-gyaru-wannabe

        • Audrey says:

          Wa, no need say yourself till like that gua, haha. But your description damn funny and true lor seriously. At least you realise your mistakes, so I guess that’s the first step to improving. 🙂

  36. neeCo says:

    love love love gyaru fashion! i’d love to volunteer help 😀 😀

    maybe you guys could like organize a gyaru-japanese fashion week. 😀

  37. Yaptus says:

    kawaii gyaru sa name :> i dig it ^-^

  38. donna says:

    i print screen joey pic and show my friend, before and after one..
    they don’t believe that is same person! 😳
    she is so cute and pretty after the transformation… and she gave me hope wtf

  39. kim says:

    cheesie.. y ur face look so thin?? lol hv u lost some weight? ><

  40. suraya says:

    the transformation was really impressive! Will you be posting the NHK video on ur blog?

  41. budleee says:

    i actually like the girls transformation, it does not look over the top at all

  42. guest says:

    what contacts are Maiko wearing?

  43. Sarah says:


  44. eruki says:

    hello!!! 😀 my first time commenting here! xD i have a question i love your friend lie style…. and by this i dont mean that i dont like yours lol! but hers is very fierce xD i wanted to know if she have any blog site? please tell me if she have i would like to follow her also! ^___^ ja ne~~

  45. Mona says:

    do you have a link where we can watch the videos???

  46. Minery says:

    I wanted to learn jap cos of the animes I like.. But how long do you take to learn jap? Isit hard??? Thanks!!!!

  47. fish says:

    u r gorgeous wif this look!!!
    erm….can i ask u sth? have u ever received bad comments like some1 u dunno scolding u in ur blog? hw u deal wif them? kinda sad 2 c those in my blog…

  48. Natsu says:

    It would be super awesome if you were to start this!
    I loved gyuru fashion ever since i was 15!
    I hope i cant join! (:

  49. bloomzy says:

    Oh no I missed your episode D:

    I am going to be on a foreign gyaru episode tonight, with some friends!
    I would have enjoyed watching you and Xiaxue on it.

  50. belle says:

    hi which lense you wearing in this post? look like abit you have the model or name of this contact lense? it it nice..

  51. belle says:

    hi which lense you wearing in this post? look like abit you have the model or name of this contact lense? it is nice..i wanted to get it..

  52. jav megaupload…

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