Mt Rigi

February 24, 2011 in Switzerland

A lot of other things to blog but as i browsed through my  Euro trip pictures, these are some pictures i cannot resist to share nao nao nao!

On the second last day in Zurich we went up to Rigi Mountain, initially for skiing, but there were a lot of kids traveling with us so in the end we just did sledding, which was good fun too ^^



In the car driving up the mountain. It was foggy and just white everywhere.







Reached the base of the mountain, waiting for the train to come.



Scenery from the train.



Suddenly the surrounding became all bluish it was almost magical like we have entered Twilight wtf.



They say it is due to the reflection of sky but i dunno la i think Edward has arrived wtf.



Think i’m about to grow fangs.

And when we got to the top of the mountain, it was bright and sunny. It was a sight i’ve never seen in my life.



Seriously one of the most beautiful places i’ve ever seen.



Like an ocean of clouds!


Blog more soon!

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  1. Wow, the mountains looks so cool! It must have been cold too.. Haha! 😀

  2. It’s so beautiful!! I’m planning to go there soon (like 3 years XD)

  3. Awesome blue sky! Something tt we can hardly see in Malaysia. But yet another reason to travel! 😀

  4. Real pretty photos 😀
    Cheesie what do u apply on your amazing mermaid hair?? Luv ur style ^.^

  5. Mei Anh. ♥ says:

    hey cheesie! <3 short question: which language do ya normally speak? you're in so many different countries, which languages do you like best? dunno, I like you :3 ~

  6. Mei Anh. ♥ says:

    hey cheesie! ♥ can I ask you something? :3 which language do ya normally speak and which one do you can speak? I’m just going to learn chinese in school- but I’m absolutely untalened, eww, so I’m just good at japanese and german” ..which is not very beautiful T_T

  7. Wah, so nice. I’ve never been to snowy mountain before. I want to go to Europe too T_T

  8. oh wow… gorgeous scenery!
    I need to go to the alps again, wai u oways make me jelly eh??? D:
    btw I hope you had a good sunblock on when you were on that mountain!

  9. So beautiful!!!! Wish I could come with you- but outside my window is snowy woods, so not feeling too bad.

  10. WOW!!!!!
    Super beautiful breathtaking!
    And u r gorgeous too!

  11. Ops! Forgot to finish my sentence!
    Haha was paying attention so that I dun sound too hyper haha
    View is truly superb!!!!
    Its really like from the movies!
    Never knew such places existed hehe

  12. haha, still snowing! i mean your blog.. even cny is long gone 😆

  13. Beautiful scenery! What camera are you using? The pictures were great 😈

  14. “They say it is due to the reflection of sky but i dunno la i think Edward has arrived wtf.”

    LOLOLOL!!! 😆

    why u so funny one??!!

    anyway, gorgeous2 scenery…. in inside a snow globe wtf *envy*

  15. The pictures look ethereal! My idea of a winter wonderland. 😀

  16. looks awesome! how far down the slope did you guys sled? the mountain looks very tall and dangerous! O.o

  17. Your gummy teeth in #4 reminds me of Xiaxue’s front teeth!

  18. everything looks very bright!! 😈 😈

  19. ah so happy trip ^____^~ and the surrounding is superb!! Gah cant wait to travel Europe <3

  20. SO amazing!!! I wish I could sled down the snow mountains too!

  21. Ocean of clouds sounds really great!

  22. The final pic is really nice! 😉

  23. Wow, so beautiful! I went skiing (or more like non-skiing) in the Pyrénées, and it was nowhere as nice :/

  24. Ringo,

    Gorgeous scenery with gorgeous Cheesie, who could want more.

    Sledding is not comparble to Skiing, you really have to try skiing someday!!

  25. shining… blind my eyes…

  26. this almost makes me miss snow.. almost!

  27. I wanna be in pic #6.. It’s like being in a fantasyland…

  28. Hey Cheesie, I have been reading your blog for some time but haven’t commented until now. I love how fashionable you are. I wish I could dress up like you too everyday ;), unfortunately my colleagues, boss and the people around me would definitely stare and look at me funny, haha…;)!! Well, maybe I should do it during the weekend :)!

  29. Like in a dream.. *sigh*

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