Venice II

February 15, 2011 in Italy

This is probably one of the most colorful and beautiful posts i’ve done so far.

We went island hopping in Venice so we went to Murano and Burano, and Burano is the most colorful place i’ve ever seen.



Murano is a glass-making town. But on the day we went, nobody was working because it was a very cold winter and. And also because they are Italians -_-. People who watch Eat Pray Love will know Italians dont work. Haha it’s true to certain extend. They should be called Eatalians instead.



Finally found someone who would make glass for us to see.



Puffing and blowing glass at the same time wtf.



Lunch at Murano.



Beautiful alga. And because of this photo i almost slipped and fell inside water fml.



Wa this is my fav photo ever. It’s a 1 euro glass shop, although it is Cheat One™ la some stuff are 5 euro or more. But  you can find cute trinkets for very cheap prices. I bought my Venice snow globe here for 3 euro <3/



Then we arrived Burano. It is a train ride (which is also a boat ride) away from Murano. I inserted this picture, which is a google image result of “Burano” just to show how colorful it is ah.

Actually right, i don’t understand why they want to make two towns sound so similar. What if on that day the Venetians catch a cold ah, how do the people know if they wanna go Burano or Murano ah?




It’s amazing all the houses there are painted different bright colors. What i also don’t understand is also, how do they decide what color to paint??? Like, there’s never a repeated color within ten blocks. So let’s say my neighbor painted pink, then FML la, i have to paint a second favorite color la?



See what i mean?



Pink and violet, so pretty!!!!!



*pretend to look like someone took this picture wtf. #foreveralone



This is Italian Madonna. Mama mia.



More colorful haoses!

It was very, VERY quiet though. I guess Italians only eat, sleep and have sex in winter.



Cute little shop.



This is the most normal touristy picture of me. Normally i really hate posing liddis. At least i make an effort to put my hand somewhere. But it’s ok la cuz i’m The Tourist. Johnny Depp was quite cool to be one.



Finished with Burano, took the train back to main island.



This is Hotel Danieli damn pretty.



Night time outside the hotel. Walk two more steps and i’ll drop into water wtf.



The next day.



Street shot.



Finally was quite a sunny day!





Normally when kids see me they will cry one. It’s like my name is Tear Gas fml.

But dunno why Kesha and Shinta liked me so much until my hands damn sore cuz they were holding onto them whole day long. It’s like hauling two huge luggage cases of different weight. Every 20 minutes i had to ask them to change position so that i don’t become long short limbs wtf.

Also i created the Jacket Monster and they loved it max. I hid my hands inside my sleeve la (cuz it’s so damn cold) then their cute tiny hands come in and search for mine i will nom their fingers with mine like a hidden beast. Hence Jacket Monster wtf.

So that one whole day my name became Jacket Monster wtf.






This is at a… erm… car park.



This is pretend-to-wait-longingly-for-someone-at-the-train-station look.



This is my-blind-date-looks-like-limkokwing-fml-lemmi-hide-behind-lamp-post look.



I like this picture cuz i think it’s very cute!!!!

… ok la Shinta and the glass figures are quite cute too la.



Backyard haha.



Big alley.



At St Marco square.



I pretend didn’t take this picture. #foreveralone





Gondola guys!



#Foreveralone pic number 3.



Grand canal.



Jacket Monster and two victims.



Doggie in a cafe.



So colorful and pretty! I mask buy one of these when i come back to venice again for the carnival!



A poster i like very very much dunno why. She’s hot.










(taking a break from caption)









A love this pic very very very much! Poor bird la but cute! It’s an Italian hound dog i think.






Fake sunset.





I think the white space is very wasted. Maybe should PS my face there.



Night time.

Ok hungry go dinner first bai.

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30 responses to “Venice II”

  1. J says:

    Wow, cool (: There is so pretty in Venice!

  2. :) says:

    Aww venice looks so beautiful! 😆

  3. Laura says:

    waah I need to go to Burano too this summer *writes Burano down on Italy vacation list*
    so pretty!
    btw the kids are incredibly cute >.<♥ who did you steal them from Jacketmonster?? =D

  4. melody says:

    happy happy happy that you blogged!!!
    superb captionssssssssss
    i like the Monster Jacket!!!!!
    eh wrong jacket monster! (had to scroll up and down) wakakakakakakakaakaka

  5. steph says:

    i initially thought the first picture is like a flying carpet or something hahhaha! :))

    truly venice is beautiful 😈

  6. Glo-w says:

    so beautiful and colourful!~
    And I’ve seen Lim Kok Wing at a mall before. I don’t blame you hiding behind lamp post lols…

  7. gel says:

    love the colourful photos!
    and italians = siesta!!! 😛

  8. Did you eat anything nice, Miss Tourist? 😉

  9. Joanne says:

    hey. in venice, do u have any frens? or u went with a travelling agency? if so, can u introduce them to me? because i will be going alone and i need to noe whether it is safe to travel alone in venice or not. thanks!

  10. fiionx says:

    so nice!!! I wish i can travel to Italy one day!! 😆 😆 😆

    I wonder who help you take pictures wan ah :D, do you always bring photographer or kawan who help you take pic only ? 😀

  11. aud says:

    are you saying italians have sex quietly!!!

  12. jillian says:

    so pretty. :'( wish I could also go there..

  13. Chibirubie says:

    Ahhh so nice there!
    And I love ur makeup cheesie! 🙂

  14. sj says:

    cheesie how tall are you? just curious 😀

  15. Laura says:

    That girl on the poster looks like you! Lol quite a resemblance, I thought so at least. Italy was quiet? Hard to imagine!!

  16. Siham says:

    Woww!! Venice is so gorgeous! And those two kids are so adorable!

  17. Tina says:

    Bring me on your adventures cheesyyyy ! hehe ^-^

  18. Xiao Hui says:

    aw ur jacket monster story so cute. u sound so motherly to entertain them like dat and no 37 pic look quite motherly too. wun be forever alone one la cos got mothering potential one bah. 🙂

    eh my comment got nothing to do with venice hor? ok i give u one appropriate comment – nice pics!

  19. Francesca says:

    ahh I want to go there too … it’s nice when it’s quite cos ur pictures not full of people. more stories n pics ! 😛 xo

  20. j says:

    the blind-date-look-like-xxxx caption had me laughing out loud you so bad 👿

  21. V says:

    Are you going Venice with travel agent? You look so great in all the photos.

  22. ashley says:

    caption #51 is the best!!!!!!!! LOL

  23. Ben McC says:

    Awesome pics by an awesome person! Glad to have you spreading international joy and wisdom.

  24. David says:


    Agreed, very beautiful photos.

    Pics 14/42 are sort of cute, you look like you not sure what to do with your lips ! ! !

    Pic 20 is super nice!


  25. Alexandra says:

    So pretty! The colors make it look like a toy town. And I want a wall poster of that poster…

  26. JD says:

    Nice photos of Venice! Wish I were there….

  27. Ria says:

    WOW 😯 Great photos! Especially that first one of the glass horse and #42 kitty and masks.

    I’ll tour Europe one day… yeah one of these days 😥 I’ll definitely add this to my travel list!

  28. Ariel says:

    The poster looks like you -.-‘

  29. keikei says:

    I think the colours for houses are by regulation. When we were building our new house, it was required by neighbourhood authority thingy that the colours/ style of our house not be the same as to 2 houses on either side of us. And that’s just for a residential neighbourhood in the suburbs, not a huge tourist area! So it makes sense to regulate it for better eye candy 😉
    Glad u had fun~ italy is pretty and italians are damn attractive 😀 hehe u shd come to canada for winterlude 😛

  30. Gisella says:

    Am I the only Italian reader? lolol
    I bet that any other Italian would be offended by your first comments… you know, Italian proud and stuff LOL
    anyways, glad you enjoyed Italy!


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