Daisuki na Nihon.


Cancelled my trip to Japan. It’s more like for the sake of not worrying people who care about me since there are so many rumors and warnings, like not to eat Japanese food for the next 10 years if not your baby will become a mutant octopus or something like that.

Ok i exaggerated. But that’s exactly how rumors come about.

So i was very sad. Listening to Japanese songs also sad. Eat Japanese food also sad. Wear Japanese make up also sad. Totally unnecessarily dramatic and overreacting and utterly whiny and annoying.

The other day someone left a comment on my blog and said i should “calm the fuck down”, which i agree la. There’s nothing much i could do to help the situation except donating, which i already did, unless i actually fly to Japan and physically help out, which people fear i risk turning myself into a mutated glittery Na’vi who probably has skin cancer, which i don’t intend to.

Then the fella also commented that i should stop pretending as if i worship the ground Japanese people walk on. Haih. actually, i don’t only worship the ground they walk on, i wish I WAS  the asphalt that fills up the cracks of their shattered ground.


I also wish i have hands so long i can hug the entire Japan.

Over these years i have gotten so many remarks saying that i should stop pretending to be a Japanese, or i should stop trying to be a Japanese, because i am not. I am, of course not. Even if i changed my name to Gyu Tan, i’m just a yummy ox tongue in Japanese, not a Japanese. When i was dating TK, i also received the nastiest comments saying i’m a traitor who forgot how Japanese people killed out ancestor and raped our women.

Problem is, i didn’t even experience it, let alone remember, so how to forget? I didn’t grow up having my grandparents or mom asking me to detest Japanese. I grow up with famicon, Sony, Honda, Toyota, domokun, Doraemon, Hello Kitty and more. Nobody ask me not to play with them also. I simply cannot relate to something that happened like what, sixty years ago? Plus for a fact, i know that most of the young Japanese people still feel bad about what happened in the past, and if anything, the horrible history has made them strive to be better people, which they did.

I have seen some people brought up the issue of Pearl Harbour or whatever during the earthquake, and to some of the Japanese people replied, “we really have nothing at our defense to say to that”.

That said, it’s not like i love every single aspect of Japan (people/culture) to the max la. I do have many bad experiences and negative thoughts about Japan sometimes. The most obvious one was when people ask me (all the time), “Since you like it so much, why don’t you move to Japan?”, it got me thinking for a very long time. I don’t think i can work and live there permanently, simply because i don’t think i can adapt fully to the way the whole society functions.

And dating a Japanese was also one of the most stressful time in my life because i was so imperfect in so many ways. The way i ate, the way i held my chopsticks, the way i spoke, the way i dressed and even the way i sat and walked, was all wrong. And i had to learnt a whole new culture all over again. And it wasn’t without much heartbreak and tears. After the whole thing i was just like, fuck this shit, i will never date a Japanese ever again.

But on hindsight, even though it seemed like a lot of sacrifices and humiliation and utter ego-deflation, i realized that i have become a more civilized and well-mannered person. It’s true. I would have frowned too if i see the way i behaved back then, so it’s all good.

As for criticizing me to be a Japanese wannabe and acting as if i’m ashame of my own culture and roots. Honestly? I am indeed a little ashamed of my culture and roots, especially after witnessing the earthquake and how i would have reacted differently under the same predicament. I am ashamed that i am rude, selfish and irresponsible.

Just ponder, how many of us here, can queue orderly outside a store, grab as little food as you need so that other people get their share too, when your whole family is starving? How many of us here, can remain calm and actually attempt to protect the store and give priority to customers when an emergency happens? I most definitely can’t do the same. Not even close.

I have seen enough people who lose their temper or behave nastily just because they didn’t get what they want, or lose a game, or lose a gamble, or just lose their face. They threaten, fight and curse the other person’s entire family and pets plus three generations of ancestors and maybe throw a chair or two. Imagine what happens when you are dealing with death, and everyone is in panic?

But the people in Japan displayed utmost good will, discipline and generosity when one of the world’s most horrible disasters happens.

There are so many other stories and example i have read and seen personally, that brought many tears to my eyes. These are the most excellent examples of a human specimen.

Which brings back to my question. Is it so wrong, after all, to try to want to be a better human (like the Japanese)? Not to mention they also created/have one of (i added “one of” in case some French or Americans or Singaporeans get defensive.) the world’s best food, best hygiene system, best social manners, most adored fashion scene and most efficient services and crisis management.

I think if the world is full of people like these, maybe we don’t really need a heaven after all.

Haih. Dowan say liao la. I sound so emo and irritating.

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  1. Jodie says:

    Aw~ I agree in your thoughts 🙂
    after all, even though the japanese were cruel in the past it was for the good of the country, and they have learnt and have made racial harmony with us now anyway~
    forgive and forget!
    and they are awesome im not even kidding..


    i know my flag doesnt do justice. i am stuck in australia and will be stuck till i finish uni or sth QQ

  2. lissy says:

    i agree too, but the past is the past…..
    had to cancel my trip too, because of the radiation shit 😥

  3. PinkPaperPlane says:

    Well said. Well written. 100% support! :mrgreen:

  4. Sam says:

    I agree with you on this..
    Look at them Japanese lining up 3days
    just to get petrol/gas for the car.. And no one cut queue or start a fight..
    And now look at Malaysians.. Petrol hike 2cents and everyone is at the petrol station
    cutting queue, fighting and stuff like that..
    There is this Malaysian personality who was at Japan during the quake and she
    was really impressed by how the Japanese act..
    They were stuck in traffic jam for 7 hours and not once the honk sound was heard..
    I feel so ashamed to look at ourselves..

  5. JasLyn♥ says:

    Don’t sad leyy…. you emo I also want to emo alr.. and somemore the stupid news keep repeating their pilight until I have to change channel if not the tap will open again.. 🙁

  6. KY says:

    it’s true, the way the Japanese handle adversity is nothing short of amazing.

  7. dblchin says:

    cheesie! Dun b so emo laaaaaaaa!!! Breaks my heart to c ur like that, I like u better when U tell silly jokes and ur impeccable makeup skills!

  8. Isabellmiao says:

    *hugs* humans are just humans.
    no matter what you say, they won’t agree if they don’t. 😐

    don’t be too sad over some useless comments.

    you totally have the rights to be someone you want to be.
    and you’re amazing the way you are now, japanese or not. 😉

    and God bless Japan.

  9. Natalie says:

    wow… that’s a really long artical… but i agree what u said… im glad i visited Japan last year at Nara in a school trip 😐 i hope Japan will be fine soon 🙂
    feel free visit my blog 😛

  10. nana says:

    I agree with you on all counts… especially about dating a japanese guy and integrating into society here 😥 also, foreign press is almost a little disappointed at the lack of panic in japan that they started bullshit coverage in order to have widespread panic elsewhere. half of the foreigners in tokyo have fled!! wtf it’s safe. very nicely written!! 😉 I heart.

  11. Glo-w says:

    You are a citizen of the world. What others have done generations ago, let it be. We have learnt n evolved and excepted. Move on. Those who cant are destructive people who feed on negativity and fear. Japan was what appealed to you, for me Japan and France, to others maybe Africa or India or anywhere else. The fact that you want to learn good things from a culture and still love Malaysia is already admirable enough. I miss this side of you, the deeper cheesie^^

    Listen to charlie chaplin


    • Glo-w says:

      Oops i mean this speech, this was during a time when Hitler was up and coming yet this one man dared to make a parody of Hitler. the movie is the link above.

      What i meant to share was his speech here http://goo.gl/Cv8VD

      • David says:


        We are all brothers and sisters on this little blue planet.

        Those who look for differences and look for reasons to hate will always find a way to support their evil ideas.

        Those of us with compassion and love will always reach out. Across borders, across oceans to help anyone in need, help anyone who is suffering.

        I am a causasian man married to an Asian women. Race was never an issue, colour not an issue. Being loved, and returning love, living with joy each day.

        That is a bridge my wife and I crossed. Both our lives are better for sharing the best of our cultures.

        The Japanese, like all nations is not perfect.

        Like Cheesie has mentioned, she was not alive during or shortly after WWII.
        The same can be said for the majority of Japanese alive today.

        Few there are from that horrible era.

        Humans are not perfect, nor will we ever be such. That makes for no perfect nation. We must recognize that there is evil and bad in this world.

        When good people work together, great things can happen, suffering can be reduced, and peoples across the world can become friends!


  12. Porcco says:

    Haih what can you do? There are a lot of stupid people out there using the net. Ones who think its fun to criticise others..talk as if they speak for everyone…act tough..like to hate the popular so it makes them look cool etc etc. Theres been a fair share of them on here before.

    Wouldn’t worry anyway as loads of people around the world are giving aid to Japan and they will most definitely get back on their feet 🙂

  13. Rinniboo says:

    I agree, people should take a page out of the japaneses book when it comes to such disasters. Even in this chaos there is no looting and rioting, they kept calm and are coping with what they have even with contradicting information about how to deal with the radiation around the power plants!

  14. Ohamme says:

    Nothing wrong in appreciating another culture to the max. Its all this “you gotta be loyal to your own race” that spawns racism. If everyone would just grow up and see that the Japanese are onto something with their awesome way of life, then the world would be a better and super awesome place. Flying cars might have happened by now.

    I’m going to Japan in the end of June. I AM GOING. My friends can drop out or go invest in a pair of lead underwear and 8 legged pyjamas. (Unless Japan is glowing green by then which it wont be because it is awesome and it will be fine!)

  15. jane says:

    yea… i like how u say the fact that we grew up with all the japanese stuff instead of living a life in fear whether the jap will rape or kill us or not. It is not fair that people force us to hate the japanese and become inhuman towards them for the past.

  16. Nia says:

    Your right la Cheesie,you ain’t doing anything wrong.
    First time see you write dao so serious also :mrgreen:

  17. Moonangelko says:

    So true, if all our cultures were as proper as Japans, there would be no crime in the world

  18. Yu says:

    Cheesie! Don’t care about those people, you did nothing wrong, you’re just expressing your feelings. How I wish Singaporeans can be as good as the Japanese also! Most of us here is so kiasu 😳

    And the thing Japanese did so many many years ago, have nothing to do with now-.- those people are crazy. So long ago already. Last time is last time, now is now what. Japanese people produced so many awesome tech! who cares about the past.

    Hope Japan will be fine as soon as possible <3 I love Japan too 🙂

  19. catzhakury says:

    This might be the post ever.. 😈 I wish I could save Japan 😥 .. hell yeah.. I wish I could save the world 😆 ..

  20. David says:


    You are so RIGHT.

    There is nothing wrong with what you express and desire. Here in the States our media has pointed out on many occasions how well the Japanese are treating each other. Despite shortages of so many goods for daily life, their is no looting, no fighting, no bad behaviour to be seen.

    The Japanese are to be admired and indeed to be emulated.

    Modern Japan has enriched societies around with world with everything you mentioned.

    No one should take offense at your word!


  21. Ani says:

    aiyo. this day and age, there’s really no such thing as “being ashamed” of your roots. like what you said, a lot of things happened eons ago. for those born after that, there’s hardly any memory of what happened except for the museums set up after various events.

    small minded people like to talk nonsense. I love the culture and social aspects too, but you won’t see me move there any time soon simply because i am too wild to fit in la 🙂

    • cheesie says:

      Well it’s not the “root” per se, i think that my culture is very flawed, due to the way we were brought up, and the very messed up education system. What i’m saying is there are so many ways we can improve but it is hard because we have been behaving like this since we were born. But there’s always things we can learn and change.

  22. Jovis says:

    i wish that this post has a ‘like’ button on it so that i can click it. it’s amazing that you can put this in words. i feel what u feel but i would not be able to describe it so perfectly in words like how u do. =)

  23. misshermes says:

    I agree totally with you! ;u; My mother used to say I was born in the wrong country because I’m so pro-Japanese. *sighs* I was really affected by the whole disaster and I cried like bucket loads of tears TAT I really hope Japan will be restored to it’s beautiful state soon.

  24. Jen says:

    People and businesses in Tokyo area are doing almost everything to save electricity voluntarily, and you might be surprised to see how dark Shibuya is at night on a Friday night! Many people went to work after the earthquake taking trains that are so packed due to limited operations in saving electricity, believing that keeping our economy running is their way of contributing to the recovery. Hope you can come back to Tokyo when you feel safe, and hope we can show you even better Japan then : ) Loved your post x

    • cheesie says:

      i can imagine! glad to know that it’s recovering so fast. And thank you for your comment. Love your flag. <3

      I will return as soon as everything stabilizes. 🙂

  25. hl says:

    i neber go japan before so idk what they are like,i think i go there starve to death only since i cant stand sashimis, maybe live on ramen for a month :O. my friends went on a school exursion to japan last year though, they told me they all dam unfriendly and quiet LOL. except for the waiters,shopkeepers all those service de~ i wan go japan but now also no chance liao…always wanted to try the hot springs there, i think i got money my parents also dont let me go, consider yourself lucky u at least go japan so many times already =[[

  26. Lee says:

    You said the things very close to mine. I was big J fans when I was in school and even dream to go study there. My dad said they’re so bad they’ve beaten my grandpa and all those history. (until today I have not been to Japan) It’s alright I wish I can at least go for traveling but seems like it’s not possible in these few years already.

    What I really wanna say is. Fight for your right! There are ppl who hates them. even celebrate or watch them suffering. They can stop using J stuff. But who knows, maybe they are using things Made in China but brand is Casio? chicken bone.

    Yes I really think I can’t be as patient as the Japanese, I lose temper in a sec. So, yeah, we can learn to be a better person from very good example 🙂 I’m happy you realized you did learnt something good from you previous romance. 🙂

  27. Ping says:

    screw those that said those nasty words to you, Rin! alot of us share the same feelings as you ‘cos we love Japan truly.

  28. BS says:

    well said.

  29. Yen says:

    definitely agree with you. i almost cried reading your post, “pray for japan”. it’s exactly how i felt. my heart aches everytime i think about the disaster in japan. such a beautiful place to be destroyed in this way.

    people used to give me shit just because i love japanese culture. even people i’ve just met…
    it’s not that i’m not proud of my roots or culture, it’s just that i find the japanese really interesting.
    so, don’t worry too much bout what others think.

  30. jacqueline says:

    😯 😯 😯
    dun emo cheesie, everything will be going back as usual, time will let it go! 😉
    JAPAN will turn even better in future! <3

  31. yukirin says:

    I totally agree to what you said!!
    who cares what the japanese did when the war is on…!!
    If I have the strength i would have donated or helped the japanese with something i’m able to, sadly I can’t T^T

    but I believe Japan will be better than what Japan was before!!

  32. melody says:

    big big hugs to cheesieeeee and japan!!!
    i wasn’t following the news and when i saw it
    oh myyyyyyy u really wanna hug them and wish it never happened!
    and their response in such times! unbelievable! its like from another world!

  33. priincess says:

    I had cancelled my trip to Japan as well 🙁 I’m truly sadden by everything that had happened in Japan so far 🙁

  34. Michele says:

    cheesie, i just had to say it, I think what u wrote was really honest n sweet. Don’t worry on what others comment about u, u know what u are. 🙂

  35. natsu says:

    I totally agree 100%
    Japanese people can be so calm when everything goes wrong unlike we people who wouldn’t even queue up to get up a bus.
    I also love japan and the Japanese race.
    I am doing my best to donate as well and I believe this accident will make them stronger!

  36. natsu says:

    I totally agree 100%
    Japanese people can be so calm when everything goes wrong.
    I also love japan and the Japanese race.
    I am doing my best to donate as well and I believe this accident will make them stronger!

  37. Oli says:

    Ibbytun had to cancel their trip to Japan too. It’s lucky Oytun’s not dating a Japanese girl, because he can’t hold chopsticks for shit either

  38. Hui says:

    I honestly think people shouldn’t hold the current generation’s japanese as a hostage to their past. It’s not them in this generation that did those cruel things to our ancestors. It’s their ancestors. I don’t understand how people can hold grudges like that which is totally illogical.
    Yes, so they treated our ancestors like some plastic toys they could disintegrate back then, but they aren’t doing it to us right now.
    People these days really have no compassion at all. Not all the Japanese people did what their ancestors did or was involved in the killing of sea creatures. I don’t think it’s fair that even the innocent victims are brought upon their ancestors’ faults.
    It’s natural to feel sad for them, i cried as well watching how all the people lost their loved ones. Imagine if it happened to us in Malaysia (imagine if YOU were the one who lost a loved one) and others all around the world are just saying “they deserved it because their ancestors killed each other and whatnot”.
    I can’t believe the haters actually said those mean things to you cheesie. Keep up the good work! 🙂

  39. Synchroflash says:

    I agree too, i love them, and my heart bleeds…

  40. Kati says:

    I agree with you 100%.

    Also most of the people who are saying it’s karma for Pearl Harbor are low-life who have no compassion. I can’t believe the Japanese are so nice even in response to that… As an American myself, I feel like something that happened so long ago has no relevance now. Japan is an amazing country and a HUGE ally to America so Japan should just disregard the people who would say things like that because most of our country is so upset about the disaster there and we want nothing but the best for Japan. I personally LOVE them and am praying for them every chance I get. I wish there was more I could do to help.

  41. Nourah says:

    what you say is true & I think everyone needs to read your post and be reminded.
    Thank you so much!!! It really means alot to me. Being a fan of anything Japanese also brings me sadness but also pride for having known and loved them for years!
    All we can do is to continue to pray and donate 🙂
    Cheer up <3

  42. eeria says:

    Hi Cheesie, I totally understand your feelings and I believe I share the same love you do towards Japan! I often say that Japan is my true love, because I love it despite its bad sides. I have been called crazy, japan obsessed, wannabe japanese and other names because of my love of that country. Like you, I know the bad sides of the country and its people but it doesnt stop me from loving the good sides and still keep on loving it. Unfortunately I realize that unless people go to Japan and experience it, I doubt they can ever come close to understand it. So don’t let people’s comment about how you love Japan bring you down, we have the absolute right to worship if we want to, and be sick worried about the situation of a country that we love. 😈

  43. js says:

    agree to the max!!! if everyone is as civilized as the current Japanese, the world will be a much better place.

  44. Shmuberry says:

    I couldn’t agree more with everything that you wrote: my high estime of you just went up through the roof!!

  45. Lenna says:

    I agree with you 1000%. I’m graduating college soon and I was gonna go to Japan to celebrate that, and I still want to now.

    All the people saying this is all karma and that bad stuff are horrible! How can anyone even think such a bad thing??

  46. jean` says:

    Yeah, the way the Japanese citizens are showing kindness and empathy towards each other at a time like this is admirable.

  47. Alexandra says:

    Is okay, Ringo! We understand. My heart hurts every time I read more news about Japan, or think about how much damage happened. I’ve never wanted to be a Japanese- I like myself-but I love the culture and the people, so I have deep sympathy for what happened. And as for Pearl Harbor- we won the war. Conversation over.

  48. sam* says:

    First time leaving a comment, because its so WELL SAID :DDDD

  49. carebare says:

    dear cheesie, its ok to have your own opinions and feelings.. i do feel the same ; about feeling emo for japan recently,(been listening to more jap songs than usual. 😐 ) and wanting to hug japan. and only being able to be in awe with how they’re coping. ppl who use the past to accuse that they deserve all that just displays immaturity. don’t let others downplay ur big heart ya! respect for u! gambatehhhh. 🙂

  50. Ben McC says:

    Nothing wrong with respecting another culture and taking from it the things you like to try and make your culture better.

  51. Candy says:

    I really think that the japanese now are high leveled cultured beings! I dont think people from other countries can behave in the same way without honking, without snatching food, without cutting queues…

    people who are celebrating of the calamity now should go get have a cold shower and wake up from being so childish… what was done in the past was not done by the japanese people in this century, so cheesie~ stop being sad with the stp comments posted by childish people~

    lets cheer for Japan and watch its retransformation~ woohoo!

  52. keikei says:

    “i wish I WAS the asphalt that fills up the crack of their shattered ground.” .<
    Obviously, WWII was a tragic disaster, and I think every side made their mistakes. It was a Pyrrhic victory all around. My background is mainland Chinese, and my grandparents still feel a resentment. We can't ask them to forget the resentment they feel… but I really wish they would let the resentment die with them. My aunts, uncles, even some cousins (Nintendo generation has NO reason to feel any resentment btw) have gotten into habit of referring to Japanese as 日本鬼 (and they also make tasteless jokes about middle Easterners, Indians, Koreans, etc). Honestly, the Chinese are the most racist people ever, mostly because our home country is so homogenous, and everywhere you go in the world, guaranteed to find Chinese. You don't need to learn English in N.A. if you're Chinese because there will definitely be a nearby "Chinese community". And no, I'm not bitching about my own race. Just stating a fact that has been taught to our culture. I'm definitely not as politically correct, or accepting as I should be, and have more than once pulled the race card.
    I started school in Japan, and didn't speak a word of Japanese. Not once while living in Japan did I hear any racist comments made at me pertaining to my ethnicity. I wasn't made to feel excluded once. Maybe it was different for some other Chinese children, but those were my experience. But when I moved to Canada, where I grew up… I have been called a "chink", or told to "go back to China (or Korea or Japan, since to some of them it's all the same thing)" countless times. And when I did happen to visit China? My relatives lovingly referred to me as 洋人鬼 or banana. Nevermind that my 普通话 is actually better than theirs since I didn't grow up speaking dialect. Not my intention to be rude toward other nationalities, but we can clearly see which culture has the most manners in this case.
    This was a gorgeous article. I think that you express your emotions very well through your writing, and I'm happy you stood up for what you love. No country deserves a tragedy like that, and I hope Japan can rebuild and recover quickly!

  53. sibz says:

    haters gonna hate. dont worry about them, they just havent seen enough of the world to know what things are like. i do understand what you’re saying though- i am totally in love with greece and greek culture. second to that would be jap culture.

    dont be discouraged by those comments! i think you’re amazing for sticking to what you’re passionate about!

  54. shingaporu jin desu says:

    😈 didnt know that cheeser is so good in writing persuasive article! used to thought ure one japanese wannable. but its very ok what, just like people who dye hair oso copy ang mo ma, actually the whole world is copying each other!how u hold a chopstick, how u sit on toilet bowl to pee/poo etc etc , if u despise people who copy den u invent new way to pee/poo la -.- ok, main thing is, u TOTALLY changed my point of view! THUMBS UP FOR U! 😈 😈 😈

  55. DaiJoubu! says:


  56. Racheal Tan says:

    Well said Ringo! I have to respect how the Japanese handle the current situation.

    I visited the country before and yes they are very well mannered and non to mention very friendly too. They will try to help me when I kinda lost my way, they tried their best to communicate with me as much despite that they have difficulties in expressing everything in English. I certainly don’t think Malaysian can be this helpful, prolly will try to con me if I am a foreigner here.

  57. Stephanie says:

    You are entitlted to do what you want and think what you think. Feel whatever makes you happy. If it is japanese stuff, good for you !

  58. NIHON SAIKOU! says:

    😈 People also dont get how I feel when i said im still depressed and worried about the situation in Japan. Its just that i feel Japan is like another part of me.
    Siigghhh, I was about to apply to teach in Japan along with my friend like a week before the tragedies occurred. And the school that we almost applied to is in one of the worst hit areas by the Tsunami 🙁
    I still dont get how people can just say those insensitive comments without thinking, like “The Japanese totally deserve this” or like “theres a reason why god chose Japan”. *CHO UZAITTAI!* I JUST WANNA SLAP ALL THOSE STUPID PEOPLE SERIOUSLY *ANGER!*

    Anyhow, I’m glad im not the only one who’s feeling this way and one day i hope to go teach in Japan. 頑張れ日本!!!!

  59. Desh says:

    😈 very well said. I know the feeling. :blush:

  60. cheesie says:

    Thank you all for your comments. Really surprised and delighted to see so many people who share the same thoughts. 🙂

  61. Jc says:

    meaningful thoughts 😈 cheers babe! 😉

  62. renee says:

    hi cheesie may i know whether you plan to restock the monster fur tail? thanks !

  63. Hachi says:

    Are people really saying not to eat Japanese food? Or you joking? I don’t wanna stop eating it :@
    I’ve been donating as much money as I can, but I wish I could do more too. If I didn’t have school to worry about, I might think about flying to Japan to volunteer. I really wish I could 😥

  64. Natalie says:


    This is such a refreshing post! I used to visit your blog just to see your pictures. But now you actually have something to say, and it’s not something light you are talking about, but something that actually carries weight.

    Thank you for your compassion, and thank you for making me realize my relative ignorance to the Japanese. God bless them.

  65. Tien says:

    I enjoyed reading this post. Very well said 😈
    The Japanese are indeed a highly civilised nation. My highest salutations to them.

  66. Sandy Mac says:

    😈 amen sister! preach it!

  67. abraxis says:

    All the idiots who are gloating about the tsunami/earthquake usually have an ax to grind or an agenda to push.

    Here in the US, they’re actually “shocked” that there has been no theft, mayhem or looting; it’s almost as the MSM is hoping for the collapse of Japanese society (to benefit the American unions and the left). Since Japanese dignity is not a good story, they’re endlessly hyping the Fukushima Nuke Plant story (with the notable exception of Fox News), declaring it the next Chernobyl and feeding the anti-nuclear cause with their scare stories.

    What’s worse is that the US has posted a “Travel Advisory” that basically says that all US Gov’t people will be catered to and flown out and given meds for free. Civilians? You’re on your own. I don’t know how much of this is real and how much of this is paranoia. In either case, I’m still looking to head over for hanami and interestingly, the airfares have not dropped. In some cases they’ve gone up. Is that the sign of a disaster?

  68. clover291 says:

    cheer up~ i also had to cancel my japan trip this wk 😥
    ignore those pple who criticise, they r simply living in their own world.
    let us juz do our part & pray hard for Japan, the country which we all love~

  69. lv says:

    very well said, cheesie! 😈

    i also have a trip to Osaka end of May. and I AM GOING. despite all the radiation thing. in fact, radiation is my field of work and this will be the hottest topic for my slides soon. and so tempted to bring my film badge or dosimeter to see what’s the exposure in Osaka (from the fallouts) :p me and my colleagues even secretly wish that there will be announcement from our atomic energy board /nuclear agency seeking volunteer to go help japan for the nuclear disaster. we will definitely go but so far dont have lor because they have the most commited radiation workers and that is their lives they are putting in through (suddenly emo). i salute tabik spring, can?!. and how i admire japanese overall reaction in handling crisis. God bless Japan 🙂

  70. page says:

    as much as i sympathise with the people in Japan and feel that no human being in this world deserves such a disaster, i don’t think that highly of certain Japanese people.

    And yes, to date, they have not admitted publicly their war deeds and they are so proud of themselves that they look down on others.

    of cos, not everyone of them but many do. A Japanese guy once told me that he will never marry someone non-Japanese because he feels that he will be marrying down if he does. My Japanese neighbour who is married to a SG chinese husband told me that many Japanese people look down on Chinese and her SG Chinese husband is often frowned at. of cos not all Japanese are racist but many are and those that look down on other races are the type of Japanese i don’t think highly of.

  71. Mimi says:

    Generalizing the entire japanese population through a single person/few people is stupid.
    Not ALL japanese people are like that, nor do they think they`re superior. If you say that, then
    what about the other races? Racism doesn`t exist only in Japan y`know. Be smart and stop hating. You don`t have to think highly of them, but you don`t have to find reasons to hate them either.
    Your`e no better person if you hate them and label most Japanese as being spiteful and mean.

  72. Sophie says:

    You have put my thoughts in words which i can never relate well to others when I spoke about how much i respect Japanese! They are #1 in many aspects (well, in my opinion). So, let’s do our best to help them be it only in monetary sense =)

  73. Melody says:

    I think part of the reason that a lot of Chinese are still prejudiced against Japanese is because they did not actually acknowledged their mistakes in the warfare till date. I have seen so many inhumane comments saying that it is their retribution and all the million souls whom they have killed in the past are seeking their revenge now. I’m not sure whether those people have lost their humanity or if it’s just a moment of reckless, but it only goes to show how small-hearted, ignorant and vicious their hearts are. if they can’t practise forgiveness then they would probably remain this miserable throughout their whole life. Nationalities and differences should be placed aside especially in times of disasters, this is a human race we are talking about. I do not believe any human could live their entire life without sinning, thus those who judge others would naturally be judged by others in the same way.

  74. Lily says:

    Hi Ringo, my first time commenting though I have followed you for awhile. I love Japanese culture. I mean we grew up with Slam Dunk, Dragon Ball, Sailormoon, Doraemon, Samurai X and Cardcaptor Sakura. LOL. All Japanese products in our childhood!

    I agree what you say about people commenting about Japan’s past. I for one, often question those who say, Japanese attacked Pearl Harbour and all that. I believe the Japanese suffered too, and learnt a lesson from their mistakes/ To just judge Japanese based on what their people did so many years ago, is more of an emotional grudge rather than logic thinking. But now, today, how they behaved in the wake of the tragedy is truly, incredibly amazing. I have so much respect for them. Their patience and strength is admirable. Isn’t this display of qualities more important than what they did almost sixty to seventy years ago??

    And as much as I love Malaysia, I agree with you that I think we will never be so brave and virtuous during a crisis like that.

    Whew, went overboard there. But am glad to hear your thoughts about this, as you have put into words how I feel about Japan!

  75. Hey! I´ve been reading you for long time but never commented bfore >//////////<
    Sorry I´m too shy and though u are so lovely and awesome *_*
    I decided to reply this time coz I fully understand what u mean.
    I´m living in japan, it´s been almost a year since i moved here with my husband (he is japanese) and obviously we are now dealing with all the mess of the earthquake.
    BUt you know, it´s now such a big deal to be honest, is just the foreign media TOO MUCH
    exagerating. Here we can eat any and we are not gonna have a third eye in the middle of forehead u know XDDDD
    Everything should be calm down after another "BIG NEWS" come out hahaha

    Just ignore what ppl can say about u, u just live once and it´s up to you how u wanna do it, there is nothing wrong liking clothes, make up or whatever from other countries (I think in ur case looks wonderfull, but we can laugh of how it fits me 4example haha…¬¬)
    And really can´t believe all this bullshit bout "japanese raped our women" XDDDDDDDDDD
    Are there still ppl saying such a crap? I mean, it was like thousand of years ago, nothing to do with nowadays ppl, nothing to do wiz u.
    Man, those can of things makes me so high tension…and I imagine outside japan how must be now in all this situation which it´s called almost the end of the world…XDD
    It´s really AWESOME how there is no foreigners left here!!!!all of them they runaway oO
    how can someone b such an asshole to believe all those tv lies?
    Ignore them sweetheart, u better than them, at least u are smarter, to the rest F*ck off XDDDDD


    • Lily says:

      Wow, you sound really ignorant.

      The Japanese rapes committed in WWII are nothing to laugh about. And they did not occur “thousands of years ago”, they are very recent.

      Go get an education and learn some history.

  76. page says:

    i am saying not all Japanese people are racist but many are. go ask the asian foreigners especially Chinese who stay in Japan before. will they mix well and integrate into their society? most of them will say no. only the caucasians do.

    why would my Japanese neighbour say that many Japanese look down on Chinese people that her SG Chinese husband is frowned at in Japan? Even my Japanese friends say that Chinese are NOT well received in Japan no matter how hard they try to integrate into their society.

    i only dislike those who are racist ( or any nationality for that matter) and yes, i also find it strange that how some people are ashamed of their own roots and want to copy others, be it who they want to copy are Japanese, Africans or whoever.

    I am proud to be SG Chinese and no matter what other say about us, I will never be ashamed of my own roots and yes, my ancestors come from China but I am SG Chinese as both my parents and I are born in SG and SG is the country I call my home. Having said that, I don’t look down on any races except for people who are racist.

  77. there, there girl. just don’t mind what other people say about you. just be yourself:)

    japan is in a tough situation right now but i know they can over come it.

    my prayers are with them

  78. David says:


    This is your best post ever! 😈

    You speak eloquently for all caring humans!

    You shine the light of truth on what is so obvious many of us miss.
    No person, culture or nation is perfect.

    However we all share the same humble home!


  79. Rachel says:

    Sometimes people need to realise that things are two sided, that things can’t be generalised. It was war – which country involved were kind and sympathetic as a whole to the one they just took over? My boyfriend’s grandfather was involved in the war. He smuggled little Chinese kids to safety and got beat up for it. But we don’t know about the people who did things like that during wars. We only know about the cruel ones.

    And it’s understandable that the older generations feel the way they do. But I agree with one of the comments above, while there needs to be recognition and memory of what happened in the past, these needs to be forgiveness especially in the younger generations or the grudges will just carry on needlessly over time. The world is getting smaller – diversity is growing in many countries. To me, being proud of my culture isn’t about not wanting to fully immerse myself in a different culture. Growing up and living in a western country taught me that culture is inherent. You can dress differently or speak a different language but the things that you grew up with, the traditions that you’ve experienced, your first language, the little quirks that only you and people from your country in your age group know of, they make you you. And all you need to do to embrace your cultures is to remember all these things.

    I guess after my long rambly all over the place comment, all I wanted to say was – Be who you want to be, everything you do and think makes you the person that you are 🙂

  80. Ilusuens says:

    Wow i didnt know dating a japanese would be so stressful! Im currently dating a jap and ivr never had to do these kind of things… I wonder if its bcos we’re both youngsters?

  81. cheesie says:

    Thank you all for your comments, again. Don’t have time to reply each one but i read all them multiple times. It really feels good to know there’re so many caring people here. Really really appreciate it. 🙂

  82. larry says:

    I couldn’t agree more with you that Japanese did teach the world a great lesson in crisis management. It’s really sad to see people who picture every single things in life in a negative way.
    I think u’re on the right track, it’s always happy to know there are people like u out there 🙂
    hereby i would like to dedicate my favourite song to ya :
    ~Heaven Is a Place on Earth – Belinda Carlisle ~

  83. X says:

    I totally agree with your post. Honesty I don’t care much for Jap fashion or whatever but I have Japanese relatives and they are so unabashedly generous and kind and selfless, always willing to extend goodwill to ANYONE at all. I really wish I could be like them. The Japanese are amazing and deserve all the love they can get right now.

  84. elpheal says:

    Sigh I agree with you la. It’s not like we wanna bash our own culture or show favoritism to Japan. But their reaction to this whole catastrophe is just so honorable is something I look up to. Simply because like most people, I’m sure as hell unable to behave as calm and selflessly as them.

    Granted yes, they have a lot of practise (quakes are common in Japan) but it is also the way they were cultivated to behave. For the good for the bad lo =

    The best reflection of a person’s character is the way they handle unhappy/bad situations.
    And it’s because of the way they behave that makes me want to start a donation drive to support them >.<

  85. BerryBlast says:

    I think you need to open your eyes on Japan’s situation. They are not immune to crime.
    Have a look a this informative blog.

  86. Chris B says:

    “I have seen some people brought up the issue of Pearl Harbour or whatever during the earthquake, and to some of the Japanese people replied, “we really have nothing at our defense to say to that”.”

    I’m from Hawaii and have visited the Arizona Memorial surrounded by elderly war vets from America and Japan. They were there and seemed just fine getting along.

    I live near the Atomic dome/Peace park in Hiroshima and not as many visitors but both races of elderly age seeming to have less problems than younger folks.

    “i realized that i have become a more civilized and well-mannered person.”

    This , I’m sorry, makes no sense. What is considered good manners in the West is not the same here, not always anyway. You are good or bad. Brushing up against another culture enhances you and broadens your view of the world but it doesn’t give you manners. You should already have them.

    They are O.K. Everyone should just sh** the fu** up about that kinda bullsh**.

    I live and Thrive in Japan now because I am the same guy as in Hawaii. I have learned things and taught things but my solid core is why I thrive.

    “Is it so wrong, after all, to try to want to be a better human (like the Japanese)?”

    You really don’t have the full picture. Good luck. Your overly optimistic view is setting yourself up for a harsh reality/culture shock.

    Your opinions about the post Earthquake behavior is REALLY incomplete.

    Seriously. Good luck.

  87. missironic says:

    It’s true what you say, Rin. Couldn’t agree more. I was in Tokyo the day the first earthquake happened. I actually felt the ground shook and the rooftop was chattering all the way. It was a scary experience. But I utterly admire the way the Japanese handled it so well. They queued up for everything, at the public phone and in the convenience store. And there was no panic expression on them as they calmly camped at the hotel lobby as the trains and roads were closed. Even if there was traffic jam, there was no honking sound at all. It was total silent! Because of this, I feel safe being in their capable hands. By far Tokyo is the most awesome city that I’ve been to. The Japanese are so courteous and helpful that really made you feel so welcome being there. Even if I’ve been through that scary experience, I told myself I will come back again to Japan! Yes, there will be 2 sides to a coin in which there will also be some bad things about Japan but from the good things that I see, they somehow overshadow the bad things. All in all, I understand how you feel Rin. 🙂

  88. kana says:

    Eh you said “After the whole thing i was just like, fuck this shit, i will never date a Japanese ever again.”!n

  89. Carissa says:

    Hey Cheesie. This is such an old blog post but I thought I’d comment here. It was really nice to meet you at TEN’s Gifu Ayu tasting and learn more about Japanese culture from you. Your blog is lovely – especially to inner Japanophiles like me. I wish you more success and prosperity for your already-successful blog 🙂 have a safe pregnancy!

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