On Tuesday!!! With Xiaxue!!!

It’s a damn short trip though, we only have less than 3 days in each places πŸ™

In case you assholes forget about me again imma post useless pictures of myself. #CamwhoreExcuse


Took some pictures for clothes i wanna get rid of again! But don’t have time to update on my Facebook Page yet.


My two luggages are forever lying on the floor. FOREVER.

The Mickey motif one contains all the clothes i don’t wear anymore (and want to sell off), the pink one is either 1)full of dirty clothes still unpacked from the previous trip 2) half-full of stuff i never bother to take out just in case i’m traveling anywhere soon again wtf.


Paste polka top from LOLOLOOK. Beige skirt from LOLOLOOK too.

Liz Lisa Kago Bag from minimaos.


Oh and guess what!!!

I’m officially a Youtube Partner!!!!! πŸ˜€

I don’t know why they picked me also since i wasn’t very active and only uploaded low-quality crap videos and even Xiaxue asked me to start vlogging for so long i just can’t be arsed!

Anyway! It’s a good sign i guess and i think i will start making Useless Fashion Videos from today wtf.

Here’s my first crap Useless Fashion Video!

Please subscribe to my Cheeserland Youtube Channel! πŸ˜€