Wait that’s the joke for later.

So a few weeks ago i met up with chio SG bloggers in SG!!!



Oh sorry this is not one of them.


This is!!! Met up with QiuQiu for the first time and i like her because she somehow dunnohow PSed me until so chio that even i can’t stop staring at me WTF.

To demonstrate, the above picture is totally unedited and the below 5 pix or so are unabashedly stolen from QiuQiu’s blog.



Even my hair looks nicer here!!!


Met her at Mandarin Gallery for the long-lusted Ippudo ramen. The rest of the girls were freaking half an hour late -___-


So we decided to camho till the cows come home wtf. Got many people say we look alike! Yes ah?


My Tonkotsu Ramen!


Dunno why my expression liddat i think Xiaxue was telling me something gross.

Anyway i tell you a private joke! Literally!

So we were dissing QiuQiu about how she wants to get married but can’t because some fortune teller told her that she shouldn’t marry before 28 and that’s some good 4 years to go. And she is very upset about it.

So she was like,

“So this cheebye fortuneteller said that i….”

And i stopped her right there.

“Huh what? So you mean apart from palm fortune telling and face fortunetelling, there’s also cheebye fortunetelling?!”


And for the rest of the day we kept making highly inappropriate jokes about the Cheebye Fortuneteller. Gynaes are so gonna run out of business.

Yea that’s the PRIVATE joke.


And then and then.

After lunch, Kaykay wanted to get some dessert so we stopped by some fancy imported food store and she wanted to get the chocholate fudge cake.

And the staff told her that all fudge cakes were sold out. And KK was very upset about it and said oh man she was really in the mood for it and now everything is spoilt wtf.

So i said.

“Not a single fudge is given that day.”

And there was a moment of awkward silent before i realized everyone was looking at me like this.-_--


So yea that was the fudge cake joke. And Maybe I need to stop making internet meme jokes.


Cold stone for dessert!


Hui Wen left for work so left the 4 of us. Then not long after KK left too.


Then Xiaxue said she had to go hence my emo face, i think. #foreveralone.


Ok pic with Xiaxue before she left!


The next day i took a coach back to KL.







Oh wait there’s more!

Last week i flew to SG again for work!!!



Totally ignoring Xiaxue here wtf. Or isit the other way round.

Both denim and wedges are from minimaos.com




A Photo together!


With Qiuqiu!


Oh my new bohemian nails from MillyMilly’s in Far East Plaza, who is supppppper nice to sponsor a Malaysian blogger wtf. I realized the awareness of social media value is so much higher in SG!

Here in KL someone will offer you 10% voucher to buy their products in exchange for 25 blog posts and 380 Twitter and FB updates.

I briefly considered relocating to SG for more opportunities but yesterday someone left a comment on my blog saying, “yes singapore is awesome but please don’t move here. we are already short of space as it is.”