Because a chinese radio DJ just called me 七喜 (Qi Xi). Which means 7Up.

And in NHK Tokyo Kawaii i was 厕纸(Chiji) in Cantonese.

Man. I’m so glad i chose this name instead of like, Bak Choy. My potential field of expertise is so wide i don’t even have to worry about being jobless. Toilet paper endorsement, please?

Anyway! Those who missed my Ai FM interview on Saturday afternoon, this is part of the video. I split it into two just in case this one is shit boring you don’t have to watch the second one and waste extra 10 minutes of your life.


Impossible to sub it unless someone volunteers to.

And a pic

Top from MURUA.

That’s all, bye!

My Youtube Channel HERE.

Going to SG again tomorrow woohoo!!!!!! You are welcome to stalk me wtf.

Dear SG readers, please leave a comment and tell me what and where i should go/do!!! 😀