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End of the world

September 22, 2011 in Eccentric Cheesiesm 37 Cheesed

The predicted date is 21 December, 2012. If it is true, then it leaves us like really just one year and a little more. I know it is silly to think about things that may not even happen. Or… is it really? Most prophecies predict an apocalyptical event that will lead to the end of […]

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The Perfect White Gift

September 20, 2011 in Cheesellaneous 16 Cheesed

After a visit to the most awesome dentist in Singapore (yes i went all the way there!), i realized how little i know about oral care that eventually contributes to the perfect smile. And the good news is, i’m sponsored invisalign!! Which means i will have the most awesome straight teeth and perfect smile soooon! More on […]

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Only doing this because there are lotsa commercial breaks

September 18, 2011 in Commercial Break 17 Cheesed

I also fixed 2 memes. First time ever wtf!! Here they are: INCEPTION (FIXED) For Awhile Not Alone (FIXED) Ok only because it was Malaysia Day i was allowed to make fun of Singapore for just one day. And since that’s about the only thing we could make fun of :X. Ok end. :X . […]

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September 16, 2011 in Commercial Break 13 Cheesed

This post is for people who can talk non-stop. If you love to talk, you’re rewarded with…. Wait for it… FREE SHOPPING! EVERYDAY! Talk-a-thon is running (haha) from 15 August – 30 November 2011. 5 winners everyday wins RM5,000 FREE SHOPPING each! (in the form of shopping vouchers of their choice) How does this campaign work? […]

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The Cube.

September 14, 2011 in Commercial Break 18 Cheesed

Um. I know right. That person in the video really couldn’t find the best angle, they all look the same. But it seriously looked like someone BOXED his/her/its face wtf. A lot of people also asked me, who is that? Why this person dress like that so silly?! Summore asked, “咁无聊既? 唔通佢既脑四方架?!” But seriously, you […]

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Arthur’s Day with Taio Cruz

September 13, 2011 in Commercial Break 31 Cheesed

If you don’t know this song you obviously haven’t been very happening. YES you have heard this song before. It is Dynamite by Taio Cruz. Not to be confused with Grenande by some other Lazy Singer. Man people are getting really violent nowadays. If you don’t already know, Taio Cruz is the first British artist […]

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