CandyDoll Make Up Tutorial

October 22, 2011 in Commercial Break / Make up Cheat One™

CandyDoll: Zutto Onnanoko

It means “Always a girl“.

It’s another make-up brand produced by the always girly Tsubasa chan.

No matter how many styles i changed, when it comes to Japanese fashion/make up, the ultimate keyword is still “kawaii”. That’s probably also the most widely used Japanese word in the world.

So this post is about a Kawaii Me-ku Tutorial, using the very brand new CandyDoll products—the entire new series!


I know i know… hold your gasp, ladies and… gent… erm, more ladies.

Jealous no more.

Whaadaap Malaysian Gyaru?? CandyDoll is finally available in Malaysia!

Together with the newly launch foundation range!

And here’s my me-ku tutorial!

CandyDoll Liquid Foundation



It comes in 3 shades. I’m using No 2.


You can apply this after the make up base.

CandyDoll Concealer


I think the concealer is really good! Super coverage, just that it’s a little thick so make sure you spread it out evenly.

CandyDoll Mineral Powder



This mineral powder really blends and sets everything in place and gives your face a translucent feel. I apply a thin coat after the foundation, and then one more time after i’m done with the whole make up.

It’s also perfect to tone down OTT blushers. ^^

Now we’re done with the base.

Next i’m doing two looks with CandyDoll cheek and lip products. The first one is Dolly Pink look.

CandyDoll Cheek Color in Peach Pink


I actually bought the same color long time ago from Japan. So happy that it is available in Malaysia now!


Brush the light peach pink color on your cheek from your nose outwards. It’s very light in color so i like to just give it a light brush under the eyes as well as highlighter.

CandyDoll Cheek Color in Strawberry Pink


Super girlish pink!


The color is really intense, so use a bigger brush and just circle lightly on the apple of your cheek for a round doll-like blush.


Cheek is done!

Now lips! I use a lip concealer first but if you don’t have this you can skip this.

CandyDoll Lipstick in Lemonade Pink.


I looooove all the CandyDoll lipsticks! They are all very very nude kind of tone, it’s super Tsubasa and perfect for gyaru make up!


CandyDoll Lip Gloss in Macaron Pink


There are soooo many different colors but this is the most girly.

After applying this, i like to just mix it with a thin coat of CandyDoll Strawberry Milk, which is a sheer shade for glossy effect. For those of you who like glitters, you can use Gelato Glitters.

And we are done!


The second look is a more beige/orangy Sunkissed look.

CandyDoll Highlighter in Cream Beige


I apply it on my nose bridge, under eyes and chin.


CandyDoll Cheek Color in Carrot Orange


I love orangy blush because i have tanned skin. It looks more natural and goes really well with green eyeshadows too!


I apply it all across my cheek, from nose bridge onwards to it gives a cute sunburnt effect.



CandyDoll Lipstick in Apricot Beige



This color alone can double up as a lip concealer so i skipped the concealer.

CandyDoll Lip Gloss in Milky Orange


I really super love this color because i have never tried a color like this before! It gives a make up a whole new different look 😀


And done!!

CandyDoll is now available in Malaysia SASA (selected outlets), or you can also get it online at

Go to your nearest SASA to grab them! You will get a FREE copy of Tsubasa Make Up Book (limited edition) with every purchase of CandyDoll product (while stock lasts), and SASA is also having a CandyDoll Make up contest, find out more from

32 responses to “CandyDoll Make Up Tutorial”

  1. Angel says:

    OMG sooo many candy doll products in one post!!! *drools!!!

    I love both makeup looks especially the orange one since it looks very fresh 🙂 what eyeshadow are you wearing there?

  2. Yuki says:

    omgg love ur two looks but i thought it was a full tutorial including eyes >..<

    love the sunburnt look with the orange blush! gona try that next time =)

  3. Isabellmiao says:

    OMG! super love the orange blush! i’ve been wanting to find one since forever!! 😀

  4. Bella>3 says:

    I love your make-up tutorials ,
    Wished that Canydoll would be available in Sweden.
    You should do more tutorials in your YT channel.

    Visit my blog if you have some time ^^

  5. stella lee says:

    how can i not jelly of you since you own all the products from candy doll *drools
    i gotta say i love your second look more though, it’s more otona lor 😈

  6. suli says:

    which Concealer are you using? No.1 or No.2?

  7. me says:

    The alternative title for this post would be “Not The Right Angle”


  8. Glo-w says:

    jelly jelly jelly ! *wobble wobble* i love sasa for bringing all these brands here n u for showing that it does work on msian girls! ^^

  9. hua says:

    cheesie!!! i love your post! candy doll is a really cute product! u really looks cute in it XD not sure the SASA near my area have it or not ……. :blush:

  10. Kiwi says:

    Really love the second look with the orangey lips and eyeshadow =D

  11. both looks are fabulous! those glosses intrigue me… are they available in Watsons Singapore? i think i saw some…

  12. PuiSan says:

    Discovered ur blog recently and 1st time comment on ur blog 😀 😀
    I’m studying in Japan, and this post urged me to grab candydoll products here!!
    I love both make up, and especially impressed by second one! 😈 😉

  13. Jamilla says:

    You are the ideal Gyaru!

  14. galas says:

    All of these look so great!

  15. Nora says:

    Uber Cute, I also love your pink lenses !!!

  16. Coco says:

    The orange makeup look is gorgeous on you! I don’t think I could pull it off near as well. Jealous >.<

  17. J-yin says:

    LOVE it~~~ will get some for myself and friends for sure!!

  18. b34st says:

    Apart from the general physical perfection You do have an eye lash problem
    Simple curl and dye would be best,no masquara
    Just a mans point of view

  19. Jenn says:

    I love these looks! The orange one is my favorite of the two! Super cute!!

  20. Bijin says:

    It looks really good on you! Really like both your lenses as well! 😉
    I’m definitely gonna try out some of the lip colors!

  21. I like how the nude orangey lip colour work on Cheesie. It made her look really younger. And it seems that there is a guy in our midst that is dishing out make up advise. Don’t know whether I should be pleasantly surprised or…wth.

  22. b34 says:

    Yes it is weird
    Here is a straight European male perspective
    Its a( NON PERVY) interest in feminine things
    For me I have always loved helping my GFs choose clothes and make up, its a kind of love making, the mood the build up then mutual enjoyment
    Why do I visit Cheeses blog?
    She is quirky and funny (probably a massive pain in the butt in real life)
    This place is an interesting view into the female psyche
    I was talking to an ex,
    mentioned Burma and how bad things are, I was pretending to give a WTF about the place and the massacres so she says
    yes (BTW this is a Dr)
    ” The handbags are of really poor quality”
    China mentality
    So to sum up
    Cheezie is a well cut gem, many faceted but always worth looking at
    This is why a man looks here
    BTW you are in the land of the flea or at least your server is

    • b34 says:

      Extra tips for men
      Always buy Clinique female products you get more for less cash and its the same stuff as male
      E45 is the best moisturiser on the planet only problem is that it lasts toooooo long
      Citrus fruit is a great cleanser for under the arms plus areas unmentionable on a family blog
      Never drink beer or cofee on a first pre snog date
      Whipping Mr happy out uninvited is also a no no unless you know the lady very well indeed
      Hope that helps some of the men here

  23. Simon Seow says:

    You should do a video on this tutorial :p

  24. IfOnlyIHadIt says:

    Cheesie… When are you coming back ?? i want to bring you out for dinner or lunch ?? Can Can ???

  25. Phoebe says:

    Hi Cheesie!!

    Nice tutorial! how do you do your fringe like that? Just like after it was done from the salon! Its very nice, mind sharing how to do it? Thanks! Love your blog 😀

  26. Sooji says:

    so so pretty! I love the orange-y makeup look on you 🙂 what gray lenses are you wearing? I’ve seen you wear them in your recent posts and it looks so pretty!!

  27. MinnYDinO says:

    like most of the people here, i like how the 2nd colour look on you as well, awesome…
    by the way wanna ask, there is another cheek colour in peach pink, do you recommend that colour or is it too light for make up like this?

  28. pammy says:

    Nice! I m impressed
    I like pink lipstick and dress

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  31. misty says:

    wow so pretty! I was wondering if you use eyelid tape or glue & if you do what do you use?n

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