I wonder if hipsters know that they are hipsters, or consciously want to be a hipster, or admit they are one.

Because i’m doing almost everything a hipster will possibly do (except getting hipster hair and drink coffee wtf) yet i’m making jokes about them and laugh at other hipsters wtf.



Yay! I’m blogging! (That’s for myself).

And i have many many good stuff to share in upcoming blog posts, but i can’t tell you yet. Getting adverts about products you truly love is really the best feeling ever.

till then, pictures for you first!


This is for NHK Tokyo Kawaii X Foruchizu Meet Up!

I was thinking soooo hard what to wear and in the end Aud and i decided to stick to MODE-kei.





NHK Tokyo Kawaii director in the house! They were doing a short interview about my newly adopted fashion sense ever since Lie and Maiko convert us forever.



That was me tweeting non-stop about the Gyaru meet up that day! More story later!


#Addiction Power again. I swear we didn’t plan that. Ok la we planned on a style, but we really end up wearing the same thing again wtf.


Laced skirt from azorias. And my favorite top everrr.
Other fashion pic!


DRWCYS Bandana top, Bow jeans from minimaos.


I was thinking how to show off the special part of the top on the back and i found a way hahahah.


I’m Scarlettjohanssonning HAHAHA.


WC Jacket, Checkered Aimi, from minimaos.


WC Apple Dress from minimaos



Liz Lisa Spring Floral top from minimaos.



Will post a make-up post soon hope you all will like it! 😀