November 28, 2011 in Holland

Actually drafted this long time ago but wanted to get more Useless Fashion posts up during the voting period! It has ended ( i think, by the time i publish this post) and THANK YOU for everyone who have voted for me! Nao we can all sit back and just read my blog. Well including myself wtf.

And anyway i realized more people love my travel posts than my fashion post so yea maybe next award can try nominating me in travel category wahaha.

Here’s Amsterdam!!! 😀

Flew this obscure airline called Transavia from Berlin to Ams and i think i paid about €90 for it.



It’s night time when i arrived!! This is the first picture i took. So nice right!!!


This is the street where our (I met my friend Jason who flew from London to Ams) accommodation was. It was just a guest house that was like €50 a night. Which kinda was the worst place to stay T___T in Amsterdam. Will elaborate why later.


Red light district. I swear i didn’t take this intentionally.

Screen shot 2011-11-27 at 10.54.30 PM

I was just snapping away without even knowing we were in the red light district already!

The girls are all in their sexy lingerie standing against the window basically like live mannequin that you can have sex with wtf. Some will tease a little and knock on the glass beckoning you to go in. The shops with the curtains drawn means the girls are “taken”. I think.


Ok this picture was taken under stealth mode.

Screen shot 2011-11-27 at 10.59.46 PM

Kononnya this street has the hottest girls, so most of the curtains are drawn. It’s really weird to know that you’re walking down a street where many people around you are having sex. It’s like visiting a sex zoo wtf. Except you can’t see the animals. Well you can’t see most animals in a zoo anyway -_-.


In a Smart SHop. Get enlightened by Cheesus Crust.



What is this i don’t even.


FEBO. A auto-vending snack machine shop. Highly unhealthy and not even cheap. Or nice. (when you feel normal.) But quick solution to, well… munchies. I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE, AMSTERDAM.



This is from our guesthouse. Worst place ever. Why?

It is in the middle of coffee shops and it didn’t get quiet until like… well, until you wake up wtf. T_T

And from 5AM onwards there’s this deafening construction noise FFFFFFUUUUUUUU.jpg and i was telling Jason that the only way to survive this is to get so high till it sounds like dubsteps WTF.


In the morning. I surprised myself by looking still like a human.



City view!





Coffee Shop.




Another Coffee Shop.

It says “I Came, I Saw, I Smoked” in Japanese. lolol



Lunching at a dimsum place! Was surprisingly good!!


In a cheese shop!





A guitarist at Damsquare.

I heard his music from afar and i was like zomg what is this sorcery was so attracted to it


And then i bought one of his CDs



I was like can i take a picture with you #fangirlmode and he was like can i take a picture with YOU lol.



Okay. *laughs alone*



Lotsa pigeons at Damsquare!



Actually i stole someone’s bread on the ground to feed these birds ngee




Don’t get the wrong idea if someone asks if you want some Home Grown Cheese in Holland. :X






Giant bubbles again! I love this!!!! <3



Another smart shop selling magic mushroom.


*laughs alone again*



Dutch Herring I LOVE THIS SHIT



A lot of people said you either love it or hate it but as a sashimi lover i <3333 this!



Happiest thing was meeting up with a reader from Holland, Laura, who took a 2.5 hours train allllllllll the way from Volendam and she’s soooo nice <33333. And i think she looks like Scarlett Johansson!!!



Thank you so much! Made me feel so loved in a foreign land <3

Ok i’m getting really sleepy continue another time.


PS: All pictures above taken using my awesome Olympus PEN mini!

Stored in Holland | 48 Cheesed

48 responses to “Amsterdam”

  1. Misa says:

    Can’t stop laughing at your pun “EVERYDAY IM TRUFFLING”. 8DDD

  2. ani says:

    aww the pictures are so beautiful makes me wanna visit everywhere you go !!

  3. Kf says:

    SO did cheesie buy some cheeses from the cheese-land? asked by fellow cheeserlander. 😉

  4. T. says:

    Omg, I didn’t know that Amsterdam is full of the coffeeshops o.o… (I live in Holland, but nevermind, haha)

    Btw, when were you in Amsterdam?


  5. Ida says:

    Wow, Amsterdam looks so much like Copenhagen!! :O
    Btw, if you ever go to Denmark then tell me (or just write it on your blog 😀 ) and I’ll meet you just like Laura met you…. I’M A BIG FAN xD
    – Ida /

  6. robin says:

    next time go to rotterdam, way better XD no red lights, better shops, nicer sight.. just better ;p lol.

  7. Synchroflash says:

    Ringo, how many lives have you ?

  8. Moa svedberg says:

    Come to sweden sometime?? 😛

  9. Kf says:

    owh btw just noticed that #14 is a left angle pictures 🙄

  10. meitzeu says:

    I do regret I didn’t visit Amsterdam while I was in UK. 🙁

    Its beautiful and i love cheese!


  11. dblchin says:

    I want to go after seeing you pictures!!! The place is superrrrrrrrrr awesome!

  12. Jovis says:

    LOL!!! u did not laugh alone at picture 22 and 29. I laughed too. hahaha.. u ‘re funny!=D

  13. J says:

    woahwoah how come your pictures all turn out super nicee

  14. -lyne says:

    ur photos are making me miss amsterdam! oh, and while there, i went for a countryside tour to visit the wooden clog factory, windmills, cheese factory etc and it was really fun and beautiful!

  15. EvaRuri says:

    Beautiful place! 😈 😈

  16. charlene says:

    cheesie! whats the brand and model of your camera! it takes such nice pictures!

  17. Jamilla says:

    You make Amsterdam look gorgeous! And you look so beautiful in your pics! Thanks for sharing!

  18. Kiwi says:

    Despite the sex and weed, I think Amsterdam is beautiful. I wish I had the chance to visit too.
    Love your photos =D

  19. Sachie says:

    Omg !!! I’ve been in Amsterdam once too, I LOVE that city :–)
    Originally I’m Finnish but I went to Brussels (another awesome city !) and was there a few days, then took a train to Amsterdam, stayed there for only one day boohoo :—(
    But it’s awesome place and the pics you took are really beautiful ♥ 🙂

  20. Xiaxue says:

    fuck off. you are so fucking ugly! please fuck with demons!

  21. minyi says:

    your photos made me wanna go amsterdam ! And you looked pretty 😉

  22. J says:

    your sweater is so nice!!! where did you get it from? (:

  23. Dylla Fadzil says:

    LOL Dutch Vader HAHAHA 👿

  24. Dylla Fadzil says:

    ps: i soooooo love your boots (heart shape)

  25. Laura Bee says:

    Nice photos! I never knew Amsterdam had such a “red light district” thing going on!! o_o

  26. FiSh says:

    the cheese shop looks awesome! are those keychains ?


  27. Sarah says:

    Hi Ringo, I know you have mentioned it before but I can’t seem to find that post. What camera are you using for this post? They and you LOOK AWESUMMMM!!! 🙂 Thanks!

  28. David says:


    GREAT photo set!

    Most, if not all your photos are beautifully composed1

    Of course the photos with Cheesie includes are alway inspiring!

    I trust you know that brothels are legal in Amsterdam.

    More cheese please!


  29. Emeryn says:

    r those photos effect from ur camera or did u photoshop it further? like the colour of it.

  30. Glo-w says:

    I love using the dramatic effects too! adds some drama into the normal <333

  31. Sandy says:

    Hey thank you for updating almost daily. And thank you for keeping your posts always so interesting and fashionable!! When the catergory ‘most fashionable blogger’ came up I knew right away i have to pick you! I really hope you win because you deserve it MORE THAN ANYONE ELSE DOES!! I love you cheesie!! 😆

  32. Tim says:

    Amsterdam kinda looks like the Belgian cities, but is also different in a weird way.
    It looks so much cosier than cities like Antwerp, Bruges or Brussels.
    The buildings kinda look alike, but the ones in Belgium look older and more monumental.
    Meh, the atmosphere in Holland just looks so much warmer! (‘:

    And those pigeons freak the hell out of me. :dunno:

  33. Oreo says:

    she DOES look like scarlett johansson! 😯
    i really wanna go to amsterdam now 🙁

  34. Elisa says:

    AHHHHH, Going to eat Herring any time soon xD I’m missing it as well hahaha, just got back from my 1 month vacation in hong kong/ singapore. whoa you took so many picturesss in amsterdam <3!!!

  35. Sanne says:

    aaaah i am from holland yeeey me haha

  36. Angel says:

    OMGOSH why do I only discover your website NOW?!! I’m Dutch and wish I could have met you, you’re so awesome!! I am living in London now for 2 more months so I hope I can meet you one day 🙂

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