Sigh actually i wrote a super long ass post about… basically just me whining. It was too disgustingly emo that i didn’t end up publishing it.

And it’s maybe not a good time because so much good stuff is happening to me now i can’t even believe my luck. First of all i’m nominated in #NAPBAS, which is happening this coming Friday. Somehow i am extremely chilled about it. I was just slightly panicking about my outfit. In the end got it all sorted out.


I received an email while shopping in Pavilion with my hair stylists Amy and Dejima san. I did the pukecerealguy.jpg then was speechless for minutes. Then i had to read the email a few times before i was all OMFG OMFG on twitter.

It was something even more unbelievable than actually winning #NAPBAS. It makes me feel like, man, everything is enough. Almost like, i have lived my dream. Almost.

Is not like i purposely want to make suspense or what la, i just so afraid i will jinx it and i have only shared it with a few people BUT WHEN IT IS CONFIRMED I WILL MAKE A GRAND ANNOUNCEMENT OK.

No i’m not getting proposed to. Which seems to be happening everywhere this few weeks alone wtf. Not by email anyway. -_--

Digress! Useless pictures!

Fuck iPhone. Ever since i laid my hand on it i NEVER bring my camera anymore.  It’s so mafan and you then have to transfer pictures and then upload, dafuq?! With iPhone i can just instagram then copy those picture and paste on my blog wtf. iPhone is going to ruin blogging forever!

Having said that, I LOVE YOU LONG TIME, iPhone.

These are some pictures taken with REAL camera.



This is a shirt Dumbi got for me from David and Goliath <3



Some new make up i did with Haze’s help.




I’m also super excited because i’m working on my own line of contact lens, and this is one of the colors. 😀

Just finished the photoshoot few days ago! YAY! Will definitely update you guys about it. ^^

I just want to thank everyone who is reading this now (for no reason). You guys are so awesome. I can’t possibly be any luckier when it comes to blogging as a career. 🙂