Mermaid Hair Cheat One™

December 27, 2011 in Hair Cheat One™ / Useless fashion

So i straightened my hair, but i miss my mermaid curls again. So i have mermaid curls. Again. (I’m a girl what do you expect?)


This time it is a lot easier because i just did the wave with a curler.


The triple barrel wave curler i have always wanted for a looooooooong time. And Hama san from 76style got it for me ALL the way from Tokyo <33333.

Inspiration is Arime!!



My wave is tighter because the curler i have is with smaller barrels.


The effect! With fringe


Without fringe

#Useless Fashion Of The Week with mermaid hair!


Hello Kitty quilted bag and DATURA cropped jacket from minimaos.


Liz Lisa Floral Cape Trench Coat


Snidel Yuru Two Piece, poncho and winter kago basket from minimaos.


Violent Lips in Leopard Print!

Here are also some photos taken by Mandy from Keep Calm and Snap On.  The lip tattoo is from her too!








If you like Mandy’s photography you could check out her FB site or email her at

Did i say i’m leaving for Japan with my #addiction next year??? Which is just a few days away WAHAHHAHA EXCITED <3