Guess what’s my blogging topic today?

That’s right. It’s my vajayjay again. Or your vajayjay! Yay!

Honestly, apart from hair, eyebrow and eyelash, i don’t think i know any girl who fancies body hair. On their own body. If they have chest hair fetish on guys or whatever i dunno la. But body hair is just gross.

About 5 years ago I did underarm IPL (intense pulsed light), which is a permanent hair removal treatment, if you don’t already know.

Which is one of the best thing i’ve ever done wtf. Imagine plucking your armpit hair every week. :X


So last year i decided to go for Brazilian IPL as well (permanent hair removal for your vajayjay) simply because Brazilian waxing is motherfuckingpainful. Sorry mom.

No shit. Every time i went to a waxing salon, lying on the bed feeling all tormented and asked myself, why the hell are you doing this again, what the hell, me?

So after that i tried Brazilian IPL, twice, in different waxing salons, because i could only afford to pay for the first trial price, which was about RM400 EACH TIME. Brazilian IPL is motherfuckingexpensive. Sorry again, mom.

Then i stopped going because no $ wtf.

And then comes My Body Secrets!

It is owned by a friend actually and it took her a looong time to invite me over to try out the service because she wanted to make sure she has the perfect equipment and therapist to do it. Professional!!

So! I did it again, upper lips and Brazilian IPL.

This is how the machine look like!

To be completely honest, the first two times when i did it in other salons, it was definitely significantly less torturous than waxing, but there was still pain. Bearable pain. It’s like a very very very mild electric jolt-like burn that you feel every time they activate the IPL thing.

And i thought, oh okay, i guess that’s the price you have to pay la, for a…. nice (maybe nice is not the word, but feel free to insert an appropriate adjective) vajayjay.

But at My Body Secrets, i experienced ZERO pain.

So i was very  intrigued and asked why is it so different!!!! Then i was told, apparently their Body Secret (haha wtf sorry) lies in the cool roller.

See , before they do IPL they will cool your skin with a roller. Last time when i did underarm IPL in other salons they used ICE CUBES. Ice cube leh! It was very unpleasant and always wet and painfully numb (oxymoron i know but whatever, that’s what i felt).

But in My Body Secrets it was the cool roller that does the trick! It didn’t feel painfully icy, but enough to cool your skin not to feel any pain at all during IPL.

Whole process takes only about 10 minutes and the therapist is professional and prompt. Awesome experience! And there’s really nothing to be embarrassed about.

I can even show you picture wtf.


This is err… IPLing the … back part WTF.

(Ok you should stop staring. I’m feeling uncomfortable now)


The first trial for upper lip is only RM45 and for Brazilian IPL is RM250! That’s almost half price of the previous salons i went to!

Book your slot now with My Body Secrets!






Useless Fashion Of The Week

After coming back from Japan with shopping the size of Pluto (whichever), i gave myself a challenge— to do a whole week of everyday-MODE style. With few of the same favorite pieces!

Here goes!






Top & Necklace: MURUA



Color lens: RAINBOWCOLOR in Lilac


Knitted top: EMODA

Bottoms: MURUA



Bottoms: EMODA

Make up case-YSL




Color lens: RAINBOW COLOR in Earth


Top, Skirt & Bag : EMODA

Color lens: RAINBOWCOLOR in Sky



Bottoms: EMODA

Color lens: RAINBOW COLOR in Earth

Lately im putting less and less make up cuz lazy -_-. This is my everyday Nude Makeup. Only eyebrow, brown liner, bronzer and matt nude lipstick.

The trick is really color lens!!!! If it is a brownish color without limbal ring it will totally make the whole nude look super natural and awesome. 🙂

That’s all!

Will blog very very soon again! In a good blogging mood ^^

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