Never have we thought that we would shop so much.

At first we were like, Japanese Yen has reached such a new high that we could probably afford to eat only 7-11 onigiri every single day, and then we were like hmmm it’s winter now so there’s probably also nothing much to buy.

But wrong were we. BIG wrong.

Because, SALES can never be any more violent in Japan.

Seriously this fuckin sale is driving us fuckin crazy.

On the first day itself we already were panicking about luggage overweight.

Our credits cards were swiped until bercalar calar wtf.


Shopping from our favorite brands. All black shit so now #addiction and i are waiting for a hate message from Xiaxue.

Also midnight i received a surprise package couriered all the way from Tokyo  and i teared after i opened it wtf. It’s full of stuff that i love including lots and lots of Ringo Juice, mentaiko, Jagabee and stuff!!! Also heat packs to keep us warm T________T

A camho pic.

At Kobe today.

And met up with Aki chan, a Japanese reader from Kobe who wanted to meet us! She’s a nail artist so she and her friend did our nails NAIS ANOT!!!!

Also i forgot to mention that this initial private holiday with #addiction has a twist wtf. We ended up here filming for a new program for an Osaka production so you will see our episodes soon. Talk about making it in Japan WTF.

OK moving to Kyoto tomorrow omg i’m just so happy to be here OK BYE EVERYONE I WILL NEVER GO BACK ANYMORE SO LONG

No la. I still have to go back bank in a cheque THEN I COME BACK HERE AND STAY FOREVER WAHHAHA

No la. Impossibru.


Sorry if i sound out today. #addiction and i had like 872 near-tearing experiences since we landed. Our first bite of kaiten sushi, first purchase of fukubukuro, first sight of everything familiar….