Since everyone is in a CNY mood (read: lazy and bored), here’s something better than no update.

The trailer of LOVE JAPAN, which is a new online program filmed with Bailin production during our trip to Kansai.

Totally stumbled with  my speech and had to do so many takes cuz people kept passing by (filmed at China Town in Kobe). And look out for the part where Aud and i were walking in Kimono along a Kyoto street HAHAHAHAHA like penguin wtf and can hear me sniffle cuz SO COLD T__T

You can also watch the Chinese subbie version on Tudou.

Happy CNY!!!

14 responses to “LOVE JAPAN”

  1. Dealy says:

    Aaaaah! So excited! Will you post the episode(s) here on your blog? Or were can I watch it with english subtitles?

  2. Francesca says:

    i still like watching this preview, i think the soundtrack very suitable with the theme

  3. Christina says:

    Totally looking forward to it! And you totally motivated me to improve on my Japanese again 🙂
    — ^^

  4. DebbZ says:

    super love it !!! specially the kimono part. Both of you are so pretty 😉

  5. Bammi says:

    So excited! ^^ – Are you from Japan?

  6. beast says:

    That Kimono stuff was soooooooo “Gay” sha 😉

    gung hay fat choi

    New year is just as crap in Europe
    A year gone and another pile of problems to come
    But it beats being dead
    Happy new year Cheese

  7. Joee says:

    Admit it Cheesie, you are good at taking picture xD

  8. loz says:

    Can’t wait to see the whole thing!

  9. Ben McC says:

    When are you coming back? We all miss you in Kansai! 😀

  10. Blogshopgirl says:

    Both of you look super pretty in kimono! 😆

  11. Joy says:

    Can’t wait for the rest of the episodes to come out! You and Audrey are so pretty!

  12. David says:


    You are lovely even when you stumble over lines.

    Even when you make a mistake, you appear to handle such events with grace and poise and remain a beauty unruffled!


  13. Andrea says:

    i love the video SO MUCH
    i wish i could do something like this is the future.
    my own (semi) show in japan…haha! sigh :0
    i have no idea why but i like the way you talked there. X3

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