For now the first batch is available for sales online at TokyoNinki.com, it will be available at retail stores like Watson and SASA soon!

This is my first personal commercial project, a GEO Lens X Cheesie collaboration so i am really really excited about it! I have been wanting to work on cosmetic lens line for the longest time, because 1. i’m a big fan of color lens, NO LENS NO LIFE. Secondly i have receivde waaaay too many enquiries about the lens i wear, so i feel that this is really a great opportunity πŸ™‚


RainbowColor is 100% genuine and certified GEO lens, manufactured at GEO Medical Ltd, Korea.

First of all, no matter how pretty color lens are, quality is always the most important question. Before RainbowColor, i have just been wearing cheap obscure colors lens i purchased online or random beauty shops simply because i couldn’t get them anywhere else πŸ™

They always claim that they are authentic branded korean lens but let’s have a reality check. How is it possible that these so called “authentic lens” can be sold at just a fraction of the original cost of GEO lens? A pair of authentic GEO lens normally ranges around RM60-70, and these fake lens were sold as cheap as RM19 as i saw in pasar malam.

True enough, the colors are amazing and it looks exactly the same as the original one. BUT THEY HURT YOUR EYES. I might not have blogged about this, but once i had an eye infection so bad that i thought i was going blind =).

It was damn scary!!! There was a white spot on my iris, and i had blurry visions. At first i thought was just eyeshit wtf, turned out it was a tear in my cornea or something. I had to go to an eye hospital and went on medical treatment for weeks, but i backside itchy still haven’t sworn off color lens. I was too stubborn. As i say, no lens no life. :X

I’m sure you have heard lots of horror stories about low quality contact lens, so i assume that you are aware of the risk of wearing cheap lenses. After that incident, i will never wear obscure lenses ever again.

GEO lens is reputable enough i don’t need to stress on the quality of it. All i can say is, avoid fake lenses at all cost. After all, WE ONLY HAVE ONE PAIR OF EYES.


So far RainbowColor is all plano 0.00 (without) power for the first batch. If the response is good, i will consider producing with-power versions. πŸ™‚

RainbowColor is a 3 months disposable cosmetic lens. I have worn my first sample from months ago until today, it still feel very comfortable. As long as you take good care and clean it properly, it will save you lots of money! πŸ˜€

Concept and Design

I was so greedy i wanted to have like 100 different colors wtf. But i picked only 4 of my favorite colors, plus two basic circle lens.

The general theme of the color is Otona Natural.

My inspiration is all the Scawaii models, especially Matsumoto Aki. I used to think that’s her natural eye color because it’s so real! Also i’s so natural that it makes her look like she got mixed blood or something!

Medium-sized multi tone


Also MODE-kei fashionistas always wear this type of lenses! πŸ˜€ *true MODE spirit

To be honest, nowadays i’m a little repulsed by all the super big and dramatic lenses with super funky patterns. Maybe i’m waaaay over the Popteen gyaru phase. Sometimes i see girls wearing those super huge lens it actually look scary to me, then i was like, damn, that was how i looked before :X

RainbowColor is only 14.2mm , it is just slightly bigger than my original iris. There was a period (maybe still is now) where all the lens manufacturer are competing in size. “XTRA LARGE“! “EVEN BIGGER NOW“! Some even come out with lenses as ridiculous as 17mm!? How is that even humanly wearable. I don’t even think my whole eye is that big wtf. Might as well tattoo the whole eye black so you look like Hello Kitty wtf. Lens too big stresses your eyes, and super uncomfortable. That’s why i stick to the perfect 14.2mm.

The colors are essentially multi-tones because i love how that gives a depth of field to your eyes. Also, all the lenses are without the harsh and thick black limbal ring, which i think is the number one key to looking fake.

Ok sorry for being so long-winded wtf. I’M GETTING TO THE PICTURES I PROMISE!!!!

Present to you, RainbowColor cosmetic contact lens produced by … erm me wtf.


That’s the packaging.

This would be the main picture printed on the sticker wtf.



For people who want just bigger eyes!



Available in black as well.



A very vivid multi-tone brown, also the main color of this series, and my FAVORITE! Looks good in almost everything, nude make up or red lips.



This one comes with a light limbal ring, suitable for those who prefers a more intense and dramatic look!



I loooooooove grey color lenses. Super MODE and mystic. Not to mention mesmerizing. This is probably my second favorite ^^


If you prefer a more feminine color, Lilac Purple is super sweet! Matches pastel and pinkish make up the best <3

Ok that’s all!


RainbowColor is nowΒ availableΒ for sales in TokyoNinki.com, at RM58 per pair, and currently it has a nationwide BUY 3 FREE 1 promotion, and also FREE DELIVERY with Malaysia.

From overseas? No worries! RainbowColors also ship internationally, best news? FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE for any purchase more than RM150. Β πŸ˜€

I hope you all like it and will support this first batch of RainbowColors. If all goes well, i want to come up with more colors, especially a nice green one (i actually did but i end up not satisfied with the color so i didn’t include in this batch) and other pretty colors.

Which is your favorite color?

If you have any feedback or suggestions let me know too! What other colors do you like? Will gather info and produce awesome colors that you all like! <3

Get your RainbowColor cosmetic contact lens nao!!!