RainbowColor Cosmetic Lens

January 15, 2012 in Commercial Break / Make up Cheat One™


For now the first batch is available for sales online at TokyoNinki.com, it will be available at retail stores like Watson and SASA soon!

This is my first personal commercial project, a GEO Lens X Cheesie collaboration so i am really really excited about it! I have been wanting to work on cosmetic lens line for the longest time, because 1. i’m a big fan of color lens, NO LENS NO LIFE. Secondly i have receivde waaaay too many enquiries about the lens i wear, so i feel that this is really a great opportunity 🙂


RainbowColor is 100% genuine and certified GEO lens, manufactured at GEO Medical Ltd, Korea.

First of all, no matter how pretty color lens are, quality is always the most important question. Before RainbowColor, i have just been wearing cheap obscure colors lens i purchased online or random beauty shops simply because i couldn’t get them anywhere else 🙁

They always claim that they are authentic branded korean lens but let’s have a reality check. How is it possible that these so called “authentic lens” can be sold at just a fraction of the original cost of GEO lens? A pair of authentic GEO lens normally ranges around RM60-70, and these fake lens were sold as cheap as RM19 as i saw in pasar malam.

True enough, the colors are amazing and it looks exactly the same as the original one. BUT THEY HURT YOUR EYES. I might not have blogged about this, but once i had an eye infection so bad that i thought i was going blind =).

It was damn scary!!! There was a white spot on my iris, and i had blurry visions. At first i thought was just eyeshit wtf, turned out it was a tear in my cornea or something. I had to go to an eye hospital and went on medical treatment for weeks, but i backside itchy still haven’t sworn off color lens. I was too stubborn. As i say, no lens no life. :X

I’m sure you have heard lots of horror stories about low quality contact lens, so i assume that you are aware of the risk of wearing cheap lenses. After that incident, i will never wear obscure lenses ever again.

GEO lens is reputable enough i don’t need to stress on the quality of it. All i can say is, avoid fake lenses at all cost. After all, WE ONLY HAVE ONE PAIR OF EYES.


So far RainbowColor is all plano 0.00 (without) power for the first batch. If the response is good, i will consider producing with-power versions. 🙂

RainbowColor is a 3 months disposable cosmetic lens. I have worn my first sample from months ago until today, it still feel very comfortable. As long as you take good care and clean it properly, it will save you lots of money! 😀

Concept and Design

I was so greedy i wanted to have like 100 different colors wtf. But i picked only 4 of my favorite colors, plus two basic circle lens.

The general theme of the color is Otona Natural.

My inspiration is all the Scawaii models, especially Matsumoto Aki. I used to think that’s her natural eye color because it’s so real! Also i’s so natural that it makes her look like she got mixed blood or something!

Medium-sized multi tone


Also MODE-kei fashionistas always wear this type of lenses! 😀 *true MODE spirit

To be honest, nowadays i’m a little repulsed by all the super big and dramatic lenses with super funky patterns. Maybe i’m waaaay over the Popteen gyaru phase. Sometimes i see girls wearing those super huge lens it actually look scary to me, then i was like, damn, that was how i looked before :X

RainbowColor is only 14.2mm , it is just slightly bigger than my original iris. There was a period (maybe still is now) where all the lens manufacturer are competing in size. “XTRA LARGE“! “EVEN BIGGER NOW“! Some even come out with lenses as ridiculous as 17mm!? How is that even humanly wearable. I don’t even think my whole eye is that big wtf. Might as well tattoo the whole eye black so you look like Hello Kitty wtf. Lens too big stresses your eyes, and super uncomfortable. That’s why i stick to the perfect 14.2mm.

The colors are essentially multi-tones because i love how that gives a depth of field to your eyes. Also, all the lenses are without the harsh and thick black limbal ring, which i think is the number one key to looking fake.

Ok sorry for being so long-winded wtf. I’M GETTING TO THE PICTURES I PROMISE!!!!

Present to you, RainbowColor cosmetic contact lens produced by … erm me wtf.


That’s the packaging.

This would be the main picture printed on the sticker wtf.



For people who want just bigger eyes!



Available in black as well.



A very vivid multi-tone brown, also the main color of this series, and my FAVORITE! Looks good in almost everything, nude make up or red lips.



This one comes with a light limbal ring, suitable for those who prefers a more intense and dramatic look!



I loooooooove grey color lenses. Super MODE and mystic. Not to mention mesmerizing. This is probably my second favorite ^^


If you prefer a more feminine color, Lilac Purple is super sweet! Matches pastel and pinkish make up the best <3

Ok that’s all!


RainbowColor is now available for sales in TokyoNinki.com, at RM58 per pair, and currently it has a nationwide BUY 3 FREE 1 promotion, and also FREE DELIVERY with Malaysia.

From overseas? No worries! RainbowColors also ship internationally, best news? FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE for any purchase more than RM150.  😀

I hope you all like it and will support this first batch of RainbowColors. If all goes well, i want to come up with more colors, especially a nice green one (i actually did but i end up not satisfied with the color so i didn’t include in this batch) and other pretty colors.

Which is your favorite color?

If you have any feedback or suggestions let me know too! What other colors do you like? Will gather info and produce awesome colors that you all like! <3

Get your RainbowColor cosmetic contact lens nao!!!

132 responses to “RainbowColor Cosmetic Lens”

  1. 😈
    I love the lenses~! <3 So pretty!
    I really love the Sky Blue & Lilac Purple ones~! 🙂
    Hope to buy them at Watsons/Sasa when their out!

  2. chers says:

    can you make monthly disposable colour contacts? 🙂 would very much prefer that. my optical shop usually doesnt recommend 3 months disposable ones because it isnt as soft and may be unhygienic. love the brown! more 3 tone colour lens.

    • cheesie says:

      to be honest i have tried both and i dont think there’s any difference, which is why i picked the 3 months disposable, but i normally change my lenses monthly anyway because i tend to be very lazy and always lose them during traveling T__T

  3. Mel says:

    omg these lenses are super-nice and pretty! I really love natural lenses too and that brown is gorgeous – only thing is I wish they came in prescription 😥

    • cheesie says:

      Suggestion noted, and thanks so much 🙂

      • Caryn says:

        yea i hope they come in prescriptions, the brown n the grey is absolutely gorgeous 😉 😉

      • Florence says:

        hey hello!
        yes yes please produce the lens that comes with prescription! I can only buy when there’re degrees to the lens and I believe many of them are in the same situation too! No point wearing 0.00 gorgeous lenses when I can’t see properly >_<

    • Sara says:

      :mrgreen: OMG They are so pretty but I have astigmatism so I would need them in prescription too. Its so hard trying to look cute when you are pratically blind! LOL

  4. melody says:

    Congrats on your first personal commercial project!!!!!
    looking pretty as alwaysssssss!!!!!!!!!!!
    loving ALL the lenses!!!!!!
    Why soooo pretty one!!!!!
    ya i bought lenses before i dare not put them on coz of the stories i heard! scared me die hehe

  5. wen says:

    Hi Cheesie (:
    Any power for the contact lenses?? (:

  6. Jessica says:

    It looks so awesome on you Cheesie!!!! 🙂 I am so gonna get them! 🙂 I like the one on the packaging! What color is that?

  7. Angela says:

    The Earth Brown colour is SOOOOO PRETTY :O I love colours that look super natural. One question though, are the colours a little bit opaque? Because my eye colour is super dark, and usually when I wear colour contacts, the colour doesn’t come out 🙁 unless I put flash on my camera 🙁

  8. Hey Cheesie!

    Congranz on the project you are working with!!! Keep it up! I love the Earth Brown, Storm Grey and Lilac Purple 😀

    I do love to have a No Len No Life statement with me. I NEVER wear color lens in my life before!

    I’m short sighted with very high degree + high astigmatism. I had an eye infection before and the doc told me that I can NEVER wear contact lens anymore! True but not true, I got a second opinion and the other doc told to me stay of contract lens for 1 or 2 years! FML

    Anyhow, I still can wear contact lens now but not for long hours (because I have dry eyes ever since) and my contact lens has to have astigmatism degrees in it too!

    As you can see in the market almost ALL of the color contact lens will not include astigmatism degrees, even they have the cost for 1 pair is RM200++ 😥

    Sorry to sound so long winded but do hope you could come out color contact lens with astigmatism degrees and affordable prices.

    Thanks <3

    • jilliancat says:

      Agree so much with this comment! people who have high astigmatism aren’t able to wear normal colour contact lens. 🙁 Perhaps you should try to coming up with those that have astigmatism degrees and at affordable prices.

    • taley says:

      Yes I really have to agree with that. I mean, there’s kinda no point in wearing color lens and then having to wear specs or be half blind.

      That aside, congrats!! The colours look amazing!

    • Janey says:


    • cheesie says:

      thanks so much for your feedback!!! i’m definitely interested to come up with degrees but let’s see the response first ! Baby step ^^

  9. sian says:

    no degree de.. 🙁

  10. “Might as well tattoo the whole eye black so you look like Hello Kitty wtf”

    this got me laughing for 10 minutes straight.

  11. Joey says:

    Hey Cheesie!!! Do these lens come in torique lens? Lens for high astigma and myopia? They’re so pretty! It’ll be a real pity if they don’t! Please reply!:D 😯 😈 😆 🙂

  12. Kim says:

    Zomg want .Pls be available in toric lens. Pleaseeee

  13. Jessie says:

    You are so hardworking to publish several photos with diff hairstyles, color lenses, make up, clothes and hats!

  14. Jwxwei says:

    when i saw the Earth Brown I was like “this is my favourite!” then I scrolled down and saw the Sky Blue and thought “no no this is my favourite!” then I scrolled down some more and saw the Storm Grey and Lilac Purple and thought “WHY ALL SO NICE ONE??!!?!!?!111” D8

  15. reiko says:

    this is too awesome!

  16. beast says:

    Seriously impressed
    One day you will be a billionaire 😉
    Well done
    I want some cats eyes, bright green

  17. nat says:

    lol i almost ordered….and then noticed there’s no option for prescription???
    im like..blind without prescription so… cannot order la!
    will this be an option soon??

    • cheesie says:

      yes, definitely will look into that, for now it is plano 🙂 Also wanna gather more info on the colors etc

      • nat says:

        like most people, im loving the brown! also like the grey
        i know “boring” colors but they look so good! i guess blue is pretty nice as well
        the purple is interesting but doens’t look so purple?
        can you make some pink ones that are a little more natural? (haha i know, pink + natural… a little contradicting)
        your lenses are so nice! designs kinda remind me of the tsubasa ones 🙂

  18. Chiisa-tan says:

    Wow! Almost like I couldn’t believe it was u on all the pics! U look so different with different lenses on! 😯 But, OMG, they’re SOOO pretty! 😆 And I love the package-image-thingy! 😛 Earth brown is really beautiful (just like ur other lenses) but I think it looks really creepy in the picture, like you’re staring in to my soul… 😳

  19. KY says:

    congrats lingggggggg 🙂

  20. ユー says:

    i love those earth brown lens! many lens dont appear like that as effective and showing the colour, etc definitely wanna get ur lens from ur line! omg lucky ur eyes are fine now, i’ve never had an eye infection before and sounds so scary @@

  21. Glow says:

    CONGRATS!!!!! Hope you can expand ur lens empire to include power and for astig as I think many girls now adays have that and boys as well. Looking forward for more esp pink colour ^^ great for cosplay! ^^

  22. fiionx says:

    OMFG. this is so nice!! BUY NAOOO!!!

  23. Pamela says:

    CONGRATS girly! AHH! 🙂 so Happy! omgh.. I want all the Brown one’s and I love the Purple and Grey.. they are so PRETTY! and Nice! YAY! they Ship WORLD WIDE!! WHOOO HOO! #ORDING SOON! 🙂
    XOXO Pamela <3

  24. I also love the brown and grey lenses! But seriously.. you look GREAT in all the photos! No matter the hair or eye color! Congrats to having your own line of lenses that you can trust 😀

    — tht-christina.blogspot.com

  25. Aki says:

    😈 where is the pink!!!!!!! 😛

  26. fiionx says:

    the pictures looks awesome too! Hope to see you blog about how is the making this lenses and production blogpost soon!

  27. Stine says:

    I love them ! You know what I really miss though ? Nice enlarging lenses for light eyes ): the dark lenses give us really ugly keyholes and we end up looking derpy all the time ;;

  28. Kiwi says:

    Wow. The lilac purple doesn’t look super unnatural like most other purple color cons I’ve seen.
    I love the storm grey and earth brown colors too!
    Are you their official contact model? haha

  29. Rai says:

    I LOVE IT! I’m so excited to try the browns ~

  30. Hikaru says:

    I love those lens!(((: I would love it if they have power too! (Short-sighted). I wanted to try coloured lens for a long time but never did, because they didn’t have power and…I don’t know, I just think it will be quite profitable actually. Many of us have short sightedness, but still have interest in those coloured lens.

    Great job!(:

  31. Stella says:

    The grey and lilac are gorjuz!! Please please do make them with degree as well! The prospect of affordable, safe, easily available and chio/realistic powered lenses is awesome. 😀 I am so sick of wearing clear lenses that do nothing for me aesthetically (besides not having to wear glasses that I hate) cause I can’t find coloured lenses that tick all the boxes in optical shops!

  32. angela says:

    yes! i am agree with you..
    i even saw 18 mm lenses!
    i was like, “wtf man? 18 mm?!!”

    so, i am truly interested in these rainbow lenses..
    hope you will launched lenses with power.. :'(

  33. Rebecca says:

    To all human being please support this line coz I wished the powered lens to be out. PLEASE!!

  34. eleng says:

    omg. so pretty! those cheapo lens look pretty but hurts alot! please come out with power ones? :DDD and i cant wait to see your green lens!

  35. Isabel says:

    Gah! Storm grey is definitely my fav.. strangely enough, earth brown is my least favorite. From experience, lenses like that and in smaller diameters have a tendency to make me look zombie ish. Weird, but true.

  36. amy says:

    i love the circle brown!!

  37. Kim says:

    waaa the earth brown so naiss~~~
    but for some reason all colour contacts/circle lenses block my vision ;_;.. i want to support but cannot…maybe i ask my friend in aus if she wants then buy for her

  38. neko says:

    killing myself now since i bought those cheapo lens like you said in malaysia cause i kiasi i have no lens in UK.

  39. cal says:

    wow i’m so glad this turned out well for you <3

    the colours look great and i think they're the ones that people buy the most anyway
    i love the lilac and blue ones :3

  40. eelaine (: says:

    i love the storm grey!! do consider bringing those with power!

  41. jojokeys says:

    amazing.diff color with diff hairstyle makes u look like diff person:) 😈

  42. Ivora says:

    Cheeesieee! Please produce power lenses as soon as you get all the ‘information’ that you need? Onegai! I’m pretty sure all the color lens fans of yours would be over the top once you you start producing it! <3 I love the earth brown color, and you look naturally stunning in those.

    Fellow Malaysian ftw! 😉

  43. Abby says:

    love the lenses. pls come out with powered ones. even in odd numbers like 275.hehe. thanks cheesie! xoxo 😉

  44. Caroline says:

    Yey! bought the contact lenses. can’t wait to wear it.
    Btw, i’m away from 20~29Jan. hopefully it will not arrived before 29Jan.

  45. Natalie says:

    I SAW YOU ON CHANNEL 5. In that Dinosaur commercial thing.

  46. Erm says:

    What kind of treatments? Any surgery? :O

  47. tiffany yun says:

    ahh i want !! except i need prescription one :/

  48. Steph says:

    I love storm grey! ^^ Should have a grey-green color also!

  49. Joanna says:

    OH NOOOOOOOOOOOOO, why no degree T-T -depress-

  50. Kay says:

    I am soo annoyed. The earth brown ones are super gorgeous, but my stupid parents don’t want me buying them off the internet! Grrrr

  51. kamishiro says:

    Hi Cheesiee ! I loved the contacts and i RLY want to buy but hey don’t have power? If not, when it will be available? My sister and i LOVED the Storm Grey and the Sky Blue. We really want it <3

  52. LAHLAH says:

    I just placed an order for these. 😀 The buy 3 get one free is pretty sweet so I’ll be anticipating their arrival since it’s shipping internationally. 😐 This will be my first time using lenses so wish me luck 🙄

  53. wanyachu says:

    Cheesie! I’ve been following your blog forever as a lurker >_> But I had to comment on these lens! I was really excited when you announced you were collab with Geo because they are my favorite brand!!! And as soon as you posted these I was without a doubt ready to order but…T_T I’m blind and they dont come in prescription? *sob* Still they look gorgeous! I will look on enviously!

  54. Amanda says:

    Cheesie arr, can u pls oso bring in those with power+toric?

  55. rach says:

    Hi Cheesie. Since you’ve mentioned that a lot of online blogshops cheat one, do you know which ones are reputable?

  56. Vienna says:

    Yes! I love natural contacts la but I wish you guys had prescription ones! I’m as blind as a bat 🙁 I love the brown one! It reminds me of the Hana Sharon Brown. Consider having year long ones? I would hate to throw them out after 3 months :3

  57. Ashley says:

    Omg! All the colours are so pretty! Please please pretty please make prescription lens too. I’m looking forward to trying out the lilac purple because the one I’ve tried before couldn’t show its colour but yours look very nice! So please make prescription ones so I can buy them. Super like your free international shipping so I can buy from uk when the power lenses are out! Congrats btw! =)

  58. Carla says:

    Wow! Very pretty colour choices!! My fave are the blue, and I usually don’t like blue lenses! Hope you make powered ones, I’m too blind to wear clear!! 😛

  59. Jennifer says:

    Why no power one?? 😳
    I am -8.00 meaning I can only SEE the RainbowColor but cannot buy. I jealous!!!! 🙁

  60. Xiao Han says:

    i want the power wan! 😀 😀


  61. flora says:

    OMG SO EXCITED! i really want a pair of these but i hve glsses so…TT^TT and i’m kind of afraid to buy onlinefrom untrusted sources..if the respnse is good when might the prescription ones come out? i like the multi-tone brown ones cuz they look natural but still stand out :3 and brown ones really make the eyes the look big! ur look so pretty in all the pics…:$

  62. Carly says:

    Holy crap I love these! But I don’t buy lens unless they’re prescription D: Cause I’m blind and don’t want to have to wear glasses on top D: Come out with the prescription versions soon!

  63. nadnut says:

    These are really pretty! Congrats Cheesie!

  64. Jella says:

    Hey Cheesie,

    I just bought the buy 3 free 1 deal! Gonna be my first time wearing lenses cause I’ve never found any I trust enough to buy. Hope they’ll be awesome!!

    Also, I wasn’t sure how I was supposed to choose the colours cause I wasn’t prompted when I was going through the order, so I left my preferences in the comments/notes section at the end. I hope it works that way?

  65. Rika says:

    So are these lenses really comfortable?
    Rate comfortableness?

    and also…
    Are they soft lensed?

    (sorry I am a noob at lenses–and was looking to try my first pair and these are very pretty)

  66. Syl says:

    I really like the lilac purple, sky blue, and the new wood ash @___@;;
    I hope you do end up making a green one because these contacts look natural and lovely >u<

  67. Dayy says:

    Hey cheesie, started following you on instagram n ended up here ! I am one of the blind ones 🙁 -8.50 in one eye and-9.00 in the other! I’m desperate to buy some lenses ! Like the bluey n grey ones but you wear a Greeny goldy pair in ur pics sometimes? Ahh that’s my fave! Hope I can get some soon xx

  68. ann says:

    Hey cheesie,

    Possible to get high power for earth brown? Like 6.50 and 7.50!

    Thanks much 🙂

  69. Angel126 says:

    hi cheesie.. im just curious hw can u be chosen to sell the contact lense of your own brand? do u go for interview or need modals(lots of money) then u find some company? anyway,congratz^^.. im just curious abt it..goodluck^^

  70. […] a side note, I have been reading several reviews (they are pretty rare though -__-) on Cheesie’s Rainbow Colour Lens. Cosmetic coloured lens have been quite the rave among cosplayers for quite some time before it […]

  71. kubi says:

    Hey =)

    Im from germany. and i would bak you where can i buy the lenses

  72. emma06 says:

    hello cheesie, love especially the 3 tone and grey lens! but too bad it’s not prescription. and again hope it came with prescription

  73. Natsu says:

    Are there any shops that sells this?

  74. Elaira says:

    Oh my gosh I just went to Sasa and saw the lenses 🙂
    I was having an internal debate whether or not to get one!
    Gray looks amazing 🙂
    Congrats Cheesie!
    Now that I know you’re behind those lovely rainbow lenses,
    Ill definitely get one soon!

  75. Wow !!! Nice blog and colors of these lenses are incredible. You are looking very pretty with those beautiful lenses :))

  76. Sandy says:

    Hi Cheesie, nnI just purchased a few pairs of Rainbow Color contacts and I love them! <3nnI was wondering whether the contacts will come in the power between -0.25. ( my left eye is -4.25 and my right eye is -4.00. However, it is not possible to purchase -4.25, because it doesn’t exists. )You currently only have power between -0.50. =/

  77. Pivaxi says:

    I really want! but my eyes are of different degrees, So I’d have to get 4 pairs and 2 would have to be the same colour so I could accommodate. 🙁

  78. Sarah says:


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