As i *ahem* age, the quality of your skin is more and more important to make you look young. That’s why recently i have also gone easy on my make up, and focus on having a cleaner face instead.

recently i did a photoshoot with Nth’ magazine. Believe it or not, the stylist wanted to have nude make up on me and all she gave me was really good foundation, blusher, mascara and light lip color. Not even eyeliner.

I was like =)

But it turned out really quite nice!!!

Conclusion is, foundation is super important. Once you found a good one, you can go easy on the rest.

So today i’m doing a review for the latest foundation by L’Oreal Paris—the first ever Roll’On Foundation.


It;s called the True Match Roll’On.

Now i had never seen anything like this and i was like =) how does this work?!

In shallow my knowledge of make-up,  foundation comes in every shape and form–brush or stick, liquid or mousse, tube or jar…. but a roller? That’s a first!


I’m using shade W3 Golden Beige cuz i have tanned skin.


Once you open the foundation case, you will find a Roll’On applicator specially designed for this new product.



My scary no-make face.

And don’t be intimidated with this unfamiliar looking foundation! The steps are really easy! Basically you just have to remember:

1. Firmly Roll



First of all, roll the applicator on the foundation with slight pressure. You will find the foundation sticks really well on the roller due to formula that includes oils and gliding agents that stretch the finest layer of foundation over the skin.

2. Lightly Glide



Lightly glide it across your face, using an inward-outward motion. Repeat till your whole face is covered.

3. Softly flex


The applicator is designed to be flexible to stretch the foundation over the skin so even difficult areas like the side of nose is not a challenge!


Before and after True Match Roll’On foundation.

I love it! I always apply my foundation (usually liquid foundation) with my fingers, but i find it a lot easier with this new roller, the application is a lot smoother and more even. No more streaks or caking!

I like how velvety it feels on your skin, and the coverage is surprisingly good!


For best effect, i also applied True Match Compact Powder after the Roll’On foundation. (RM49.90)


Just lightly dabbed it on for a matte finish–it’s a super blendable powder that is suitable for every skin tone or texture.


For the basic everyday make up look, just complete it with eyebrow mascara, brown eyeliner, blusher and a coat of mascara.


Of course then a sheer and clear lip gloss (i picked L’Oreal Paris Glam Shine Fresh, RM26.90).


And done!! 😀

You know how 9gaggers always make fun of girls who take forever to get ready? Well, this look is so simple that it only takes me 5 minutes to complete. CHALLENGE COMPLETED. I believe now i am marriable.

Get True Match Roll’On Foundation at only RM76.90! More for information, check out L’Oreal’s Facebook Page!