Please vote for ASIA!

February 26, 2012 in NHK Tokyo Kawaii TV


I passed and i got like 2000+ votes out of 3000+.








Ok technically Japan is also ASIA but whatever!

The videos are up!!





DID YOU SEE THE MALAYSIAN FLAG!!!!!!! *incepts patriotism*



The video shoot ended 7PM and I edited my video with NHK Tokyo Kawaii production team until 7AM this morning. It was 12 HOURS in total






Anyway  here’s a picture of my make up tutorial. The theme is SPRING MODE!


To be completely honest i was very disappointed at my own video because i was nervous, and then not used to the lighting and stuff, i made shitloads of mistakes and i think i did a pretty bad job as a gyaru guru wtf.



I promise i will do more and better tutorials when i get back home so if you have any suggestions please leave a comment.

Also… if you require any bribes :X



Here’s how you can vote!!! Go to Tokyo Kawaii TV’s website, scroll down!



Deadline is 27th Feb 10AM (Japanese time) so time is very very limited!




*offers various bribes*

61 responses to “Please vote for ASIA!”

  1. Kf says:

    Cheesie bring some souvenirs from Jap ok! We worked hard to vote for you LOLOL just sayin’

  2. yoyo says:

    voted! how many times can one person vote/how many hours b4 i can vote again? 🙂

  3. jodie says:

    voted =D jiayou
    btw the japanese girl has a super awesome vid man!! ok just saying she’s a strong competitor

  4. babyesther says:

    Voted! I’ll share to my other friends too! 😉

  5. Lene says:

    VOTED! 😉

  6. Nina says:

    done voting! all the best! 🙂

  7. Glow says:

    you can do it! Why i’m voting for cheesie? Cos though pthwrs are youngee she shows that you can be eldee but still look kawaii! Plus shes hakka like me n from seremban. Ganbatte kudasai! ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

  8. cheesie says:

    SHOW MY FLAG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Valerie says:

    Tot perhaps you could include subtitles in the video cos the volume was quite low 😉 You’re awesome anyway!

    Val, S’pore

  10. Emily Chia says:

    I saw all the videos and the lightings for your video is dark but but but… I still vote for u… Bec I think your normal video is still better than all of them. Ganbatte ne!!~

  11. Enrico says:

    Vote jor all the best queen

  12. Veronica says:

    Hi Cheesie,

    Seems like a tough competition, have voted for you.

    Good luck! 😉

  13. Anissa says:

    Voted! Hope that you’ll win! You’re definitely prettier than the other three girls! Go cheesie. Make us Malaysian proud 😛

  14. Saxxxy says:

    it was really dissapointing watching the american rep, and hard to watch some of the other entries as well, in terms of make techniques, but you all are so cute, but Cheesie yours’ was by far the most professional 8) good luck girly!

  15. ゆきえ says:


    チージーちゃん頑張ってね~!!本当にチージーちゃんに勝ってほしいーー o(>~<)o 可愛いし、ファッションセンスもめっちゃいいし。。応援しています!!

  16. Mingli says:

    Voted for Cheesie! 🙂

  17. melody says:


  18. Yuki says:

    Voted!!! But I thought it was unfair how Shiori and Usagi pyon had better lighting than you and amandine =( Good luck and really hope you will win ^__^

    And please make more make up tutorials when you are back ^__^

  19. Mia says:

    voted for you cheesie!!hope you’ll win!

  20. Estelle says:

    I just voted.
    All the best 😛

  21. Ying Bin says:

    Voted for u, all the best Ringo! 😀

  22. Eunice says:

    Done voting

  23. Erika says:

    i barely hear what you’ve said! but i voted for ya. good luck!

  24. XCB says:

    voted for u cheesie!

  25. DebbZ says:

    one vote from Bali !!!
    good luck Cheesie, make the SE Asia proud 😉

  26. Joy says:

    Looks like a tough competition, everyone has really good videos!

  27. cheesie says:

    Thank you everyone. THANK YOU SO MUCH

  28. Apple says:

    Voted!! 😀
    Good Luck!! :mrgreen:

  29. Min Yi says:

    voted from malaysia ! 😈

  30. Ben McC says:

    Voted! I of course watched all the videos and your’s was by far the best. If I ever start wearing makeup I’ll know how to put it on. Lol.

  31. wen says:

    voted!!! 😆

  32. nekomeow says:

    心配しないよ~ 😉 サポート! Voted 🙂

  33. angelicjin says:

    Vote and love from the UK! 🙂

  34. Haruka says:

    Hi Cheese!!!

    I obviously vote for You..^-^

    But You know how is the blog address of Shiori Kamakura and if she has one??

    Because on internet i not found her..

    So, good luck and win!!!



  35. Eehui says:

    Voted!! Saw one of your blog snapshot in! You should totally have a weibo account and spread your love in that space love. xoxo and all the best <3

  36. samantha says:

    Amadine looks pretty in the photo but she looks terrible in the tutorial. -_-

  37. Cristiana says:

    Voted you! I watched the other videos too and it’s a shame you didn’t have better light but still you did an awesome tutorial!

  38. Anna says:

    Voted! Go Malaysia! Do us proud Cheesie!

  39. erynnectt says:

    Voted for you! 😛

  40. Voted ! (and now I feel bad because I didn’t support the french girl… ^^’)
    If it makes you feel better, the only video with decent lighting was the one with the japanese girl… That’s too bad…

  41. TySh says:

    pretty kawai lashes 8D

  42. i voted for cheesie..but honestly i thought cheesie’s presentation was the worst…she looks so tired and haggard i feel sorry for her. but still, i hope her fans pull thru and help her with this round.

  43. JH says:

    Cheesie! Really like your blog! And I just realised you’re 27! Because I always thought you are 22 only! 😀

  44. ShuShu ♥ says:

    also VOTED! :3 don’t worry about your video, i like it and being nervous is also kind of cute *Q*

    ShuShu ♥

  45. Junor says:

    voted 😀 any bribe for guys?

  46. Patsy says:

    It’s a competition? Srsly. You win straight! You’re the most kawaii! Swear!

  47. Choo says:

    Voted, of course! Ganbatte! 😀

  48. Alexis says:

    one vote from M’sia 😉

    after watching all four videos, im pretty confidence that you’re gonna get into next round! 😈

    jiayou Chessie, make us Malaysian proud kay?

  49. Rosa says:

    Of course I voted for you! You’re amazing and bring fun into my day<3
    love from South Africa!!!!!

  50. Noukster says:

    Good Luck!!!! 😀

    I voted 😀 for you!

  51. Hachi says:

    Voted for you, good luck!!

  52. cheesie says:

    Thank you SO MUCH guys. ありがとうございました! Terima Kasih, 謝謝, Hmm goi sai, merci, grazie mille!

  53. Vienna says:

    Honestly, besides you and the Japanese girl, I couldn’t watch the videos ;__; I voted for you! 😀

  54. Michelle Y says:

    Too late to vote T.T All the best anyway! <3

  55. Jacqueline says:

    All the best cheesie!!! :DDD
    We love u!!!

  56. PanPan says:

    Cheesie, Sorry to say that I failed to vote 🙁

  57. Lisa says:

    Hi Cheese!!

    I found this (!/cheesie/status/174710493951426560/photo/1) on your twitter..

    i’d like to read your section, but I live in, can you post you’re pages on your blog for us??

    Please, thank you!


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