Quick blog post cuz super tired!

Anyway i passed the previous challenge, which is to create a magazine of my choice!

Here are our creations!

Shiori (Japan), Cheesie (Asia), UsagiPyon (USA)


This is my magazine.


Explain next time if i have time!


And the last two contestants left now are…

Shiori and me!



A lot of people might be still confused about what this whole Kawaii Of The World thing is about. If you have time you can watch the Tokyo Kawaii TV video here on that website. It basically explains this whole new project that was started last May. Shiori was featured in that video!

It has been one year since the start of the search. It feels so so so surreal to be in the same room together with her right now, sleeping next to each other. And that out of hundreds of selected girls, we were the LAST TWO girls left in this search right now. It’s more surreal than a lucid dream.

We will be going to Tokyo Girls Collection on Saturday (and will be meeting SO MANY awesome people wtf) , and winner will be decided there and then!!! Wish me luck!

I probably can’t reveal the winner after the show because it will be kept a secret until Tokyo Kawaii TV episode is out mid March. But no matter who wins this, it feels like everything is worth it and i’m just super duper mega happy that i have made it this far. This is the best contest i have ever joined and it is a chance of a life time. Just being here itself is making me so happy can cry.

The only thing i can say is that I love Japan SO MUCH it makes me tear just thinking how much i love everything here, no matter how people tell me otherwise. Nothing will change this ever.