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March 26, 2012 in Bon Cheesepetit / Commercial Break

This is gonna make everyone jealous.

The last trip, i was in Japan for 21 days in total. From 21 Feb till 12 march.

This is gonna make everyone even more jealous.

I ate SO MUCH. Yet not only did i not gain any weight, i actually lost weight.

I was 42kg before i went there.


Some of my friends think that it might be due to stress since i was involved in a competition, like how i lost 5kg when i was in MDG in 2008. But i was happy everyday. Nervous yes, but happy.

After a long thought, i came to the conclusion that i lost weight even though i ate a lot because everything i ate was healthy. Aud can testify this. She told me when she was studying in Japan, no matter how much she ate she couldn’t get pass 35KG.


Even though most of the time during the competition we only had fast food bento, but even lunch boxes there are so nutritionally balanced that i feel healthy.

Here’s a 21 days diary of some of the things i had during my stay in Japan.



My first meal in Japan. Lunchbox with salmon and veggies.


Asparagus and scallop pesto pasta





Chili prawn and veg lunch box.



Mix lunch box.



Meat and Veg bento.



Amy and i cooked breakkie in the hotel. I looooooove spinach and bacon!!!


Healthy soba in clam soup.



Low fat sushi!


Ebi fry and salad.




TGC day! The catering was superb!


Farewell party we have Sekai No Yamachan chicken wing and lotsa salad.


Horumon cabbage and Mentai Tamagoyaki.



Super healthy Mizutaki (chicken steamboat in light broth)



Hotel buffet. I had rice with mentaiko topping and lotsa veg!


Black pork shabu shabu!



Kumamoto Ramen!


Yamanaka Motsunabe, where i had the BESTEST edamame in my entire life.



Set dinner in Aso, Kumamoto.


Tonkatsu set!


Lunch at 76 Cafe!



Homecooked nabe! Almost 90% were veggies!!


Do you notice lots of green in all the food i had? Even i had lots of fried tempura and stuff, it didn’t feel oily at all, because they also had lotsa fresh salad and black tea to help digestion!


Seriously i feel sooooooo good eating Japanese food. And i feel that i want to continue eating healthy like this forever.

It might be hard now that i have come back to Malaysia. Let’s be frank and admit that Malaysian food is not one of the healthiest, and i don’t cook so it’s really almost impossible to eat healthily.

But i feel inspired. I have done it for 21 days, and you know they say that it takes 21 days to truly change a behavior, or beat a bad habit? I can do it again, because it is for my own good.



I’m using the 21 Days app by Great Eastern Life on my phone to help me stick to my new resolution.

It’s a free and really simple app, but it is really useful. I discovered it on the last day in Japan and i set my goal.


It is To Eat More Vegetables and Fruits.

And this promise is made to my mother, because my health is probably the only thing she worries about now, as i am happy, content, no longer foreveralone and at the same time enjoying life!

I just want to assure her that i am determined to eat more healthily.

I started using this app in the plane on the way back to Malaysia.

And cheers to the next healthy 21 days and many more to come.
Download Great Eastern 21 days app on your iPhones and Androids. Also, check out their Wellness Profiling Tool on their website that helps you find out how healthy you are in a variety of areas.

Here’s my score and OBVIOUSLY i need to improve on my fitness level. T_T


Go find out and all the best!!







13 responses to “eat ALL the healthy food!!”

  1. sk says:

    I love how the “21-DAYS” is so coincidentally.. i don’t even..

    and pic #6 had me giggle until..

  2. jiaying says:

    the food looks awesome! love the variety! here in singapore im always eating the same old stuff :X and almost everything iseither oily or sugary..

    arent you tempted to eat all the sweets in japan? :X and do you finish all the portions served? looks like alot of rice!

  3. wen says:

    I love japanese food too! and i foresee an oyomesan in the near future? 😆

  4. Joanna says:

    I just came back from Japan trip last month and I ate alot in Japan as well! Though I actually gained a little >< about 2 kgs D: I think it was cuz I ate about 4 meals a day because so much walking around I got so hungry so easily! Though Japan is the first place i haven't been sick when travelling overseas! Their food is well balanced and healthy 🙂 Healthy food in Australia is too expensive T__T

  5. Glow says:

    No wonder I’m eating less but gaining weight! quality really sucks -_-” If healthy yummy food is convenient then that you be awesome! Or that would be Japan? o.O”

  6. Kio says:

    Wow all those lunchboxes look amazing <3 Guess this gives me a bit of hope for traveling this summer? haha hopefully wont gain a ton of weight in Japan!

  7. Vivian says:

    Am I getting the weight conversion correct? 35 kilograms = 77 lbs(pounds). Is that correct? I can’t imagine any grown adult woman trying to weigh less than 77lbs? 40 kilograms is like 88lbs? Is that correct? I just seriously don’t know any women under 95lbs and that’s like the smallest girl I know! On a side note, I lurve Japanese food and I would be happy to eat happy, delish J-food everyday!

    • Ella says:

      well Audrey is 4’9″ (like her blog title) so that may be why she can weigh so little but that is still kinda bad haha 😛

  8. kei says:

    also cuz the portion damn small! haha well at least the rice damn little wan. and got lotsa walking to do in japan! haha thats how i lose a lot of weight whenever im in japan.

  9. Abi says:

    Japanese food is the best. It is so healthy without even trying. You don’t even realize you’re eating healthy!

    But, that aside, I am very jealous of your weight! lol XD

  10. Haruka says:

    Ahh Cheesie, you’re killing me!!! All the food pics. Confirm me jelly. 😥
    I live in Ottawa right now and it’s so hard to eat healthy!! I wish we had more healthy food options here on campus. Cafe sushi is overpriced and taste… urgh.

    I am starting a new fitness plan this week though! Got to lose the extra weight before I head back home to Vancouver.

    Mad love from Ottawa,

    • Riri says:

      I stayed in Ottawa last winter and gained like 10kg >.< all the brown food in Ottawa confirm soooo fattening. Asian food in ottawa rly blows too lol. There is actually a Singaporean/Malaysian restaurant in bayshore near the theater; the food there tasty and not so fatty. Stay away from beaver tails hahah! Canadian cuisine in general pretty fattening… Poutine…maple syrup…nanaimo bars…

  11. jedidiah says:

    Hi Cheesie,

    this is my first time commenting! I like your blog! I am quite a skinny guy and I am into healthy living. Thus, I always tell myself that one day i must go Japan and stay for at least a month. Haha. Cause their food is really healthy and nice 🙂

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