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Continue with my Japan trip before i go to Japan again wtf.

Anyway if you haven’t read it on my twitter, i  am going to Japan again!!!! NHK wants to do filming again so they are flying me over on the 1st April I WAS SO SCARED IT’S A JOKE WTF.

But i’m damn happy la because i get to spend my birthday in Japan (and with my kareshiiiii), and also get to see Sakura full bloom!!!! Omgomgomg if i can get happier than this i might die.

Anyway! We went to Kumamoto from Fukuoka!


Actually we kind skipped Kumamoto and just went to this small town called Aso.


En route


Aso looks very kampung liddat but the market next to the train station HAS FREE WIFI PLEASE!!!



Nature ippai desu!!!



Aso miruku!!! Was sooo good!






OMG you know what!!

When i went to Singapore lately there was a Kyushu Fair!!!! I was sooo happy as if i have just seen my hometown liddat lolol.


At your Isetan!!!


And then Kumamon started dancing HAHHAHA damn hilarious!!!

(This is in Singapore by the way)




I purposely waited very long for this picture leh!!! I’m really the biggest fan lol


And then SUPER DUPER GIGANTIC STRAWBIES…. for like SGD24 -____-


Ok back to Japan!!

Omg the same awesome super gigantic stawberries for only like 400 yen!!! Like SGD9 instead of SGD24 wtf.



Our hotel!!! With private onsen outside omg so xing fu!!!



In yukata provided by the hotel!! You get to choose whatever color and design you like!




Our set dinner (comes with hotel package)


The next day we went to Cuddly Dominion!

It’s like a petting zoo with lotsa cuddly animals and….


Ok Pan Kun is this very famous Japanese chimpanzee who is super smart. I tried to find the video of him taking the subway with James (his bulldog wtf), but couldn’t. :((



At the entrance!


Gigantic bear!!!

Omg you always think like when bears appear in movies they are always very fake and walk very robotic one right? Every time i see it i am like, cheh, so fake one!



The real bears really look liddat one!!!!!! They look fake and walk really robotic wtf.


I have never seen so many bears at one go in my entire life before.


And got sooooo close to one of them.



When i posted this picture on instagram rightm someone commented:




HAHAHAHHAHA quite funny ah my readers sometimes.




I also held a baby bear omg!!!!! She is like 25KG!


Ok when i posted this picture on FB a lot of people say cruel and whatever la and for sure i’m getting the same shit now again. Whatever okay Japanese zoos have the best care system ever in fact they love their animals like their own babies like that ok the end.


Miniature pig race lolol. I wanna throw some angry birds here lol




Pan Kun burger shop so cute!!!!!!!




Puppy house!


All the puppies here are sooooooo cute and soooo niap and lying down so comfortably next to each others


ALso got big dogs like the danes


and more puppies

















Also i watch Pan Kun’s performance but cannot take picture inside the hall.

Then i queued and paid 1000 yen to have this picture taken lol

Anyway i feel a bit sad to see Pan Kun getting very very old and he looks tired. He is 11 years old already! I’m abit worry that if one day he dies (!!!!) what would become of Cuddly Dominion !?!?!

Most people go there because of Pan Kun and i think they are not even making enough money to feed all the animals and staff besides the 1000 yen picture with Pan Kun.

If you guys ever go to Kumamoto, please support and go visit it!!!





Pan Kun and James merchandise

End of zoo.




After that we went to super awesome outdoor hotspring sweetjesus.jpg




Then we took the bullet train to Kagoshima!!






Udon on the ferry


Kagoshima Black Pork kitty


Free foot hot spring spa for everyone in the park!!!

Ok i have no idea why i look like i hid a microwave in my tummy wtf.


Mandarin for 100 yen! No one is look after the “stall”, you take a packet, you drop 100 yen into the  coin box. This whole business runs entirely on human trust and good will. Which is one of the reasons why i admire Japanese people so much.

This is only one of the examples. Same goes to the food for animal feeding in the zoo, newspaper at a news stand, Fortune paper at a shrine.. etc.



If it’s in Malaysia, not only the mandarins will be gone, the whole coin box will be gone. In fact that’s the first thing to go. Also the basket too wtf.




Kagoshima famous dessert called the Shirokuma!!! (Literally means White Bear)



Ok after that we went back to Tokyo.






Awesome food on the last day in Shibuya


The yellow brown color thing is not garlic. It’s Bishop’s nose. Or  in another word chicken ass WTF. But it is sooooo gooooooood




I LOVE the sakura roll cake <33333




Did some shopping at Shinjuku Lumine EST but the things i wanted from MURUA is sold out T_______T






Got some stuff from Liz Lisa for Xiaxue!!! #goodfriend




So cute!


Got shitload of stuff from EMODA and also for Aud #goodaddcition




Ok that’s all! It’s 2:12AM nao and I don’t know in what possible way  i can sound like i’m not bragging but i really need to pack for another 3 week’s stay in Japan.


Ok bye! Update soon!

32 responses to “Kumamoto”

  1. Marimiau says:

    I really love this post! Above all I liked the photo of the dogs haha so cute!
    You seems to had a good time with your boyfriend 🙂 that is the best!

  2. Simon Seow says:

    Aso-desuka. Takusan kuma ga arimasu! Boku wa jelly desu!

  3. hitomineko says:

    ommmmmmggggggiiishhh another trip to Japan already! super jealous yo!!!!!

    I love all the pictures. Love the food, the animals. everything. ur hair clothes, all the stuff u bought.. blah blah blah~ i did feel little sad for the baby bear pic though. Even though super cool that you get to carry a baby bear but feel little sad to see her mouth n neck b chain like that. of course i know it’s for safety reason ^^ ha

    I never seem to many bears together like that either. it is little crazy! ^^ have fun on ur next trip lo !

    xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo
    😉 🙄 😆

  4. OMGSH! you got to hold a baby bear! And the animals are so adorable! I freaking love animals.. LOL And all the photos are so nice as always ^^ That looked so amazing!


  5. vanessa says:

    Chimpanzees live to their 30s or 40s I think, so don’t worry about him 🙂

  6. Kf says:


  7. D. says:

    Japan looks awesome. I’m glad that you had a great time (: .
    But please, do you want to blog a photo of you and your ‘kareshi’? 😀


  8. Anna says:

    I don’t think it’s cruel you held a baby bear, like, it’s not your fault they hold them there anyway, in fact it looks super adorable.

    Envy you so much for your life hahahahahahahahaha

  9. aely says:

    awesome post cheesy 🙂 loved it! have tons of fun on your next trip and looking forward to your next japan-blog-entries 😀 <3

  10. Col says:

    Love your travel blogs.. although Japan is not one of my travel destinations at this point of time, you make me wanna fly there right now. So many countries, so little time 🙁

    I also admire Japanese for still practising goodwill and trust. We have “honesty box” in New Zealand as well (mostly rural/ remote areas for local products. viz, honey, fruits, veges) and you pay whatever amount you think the items are worth. Pity a lot of scumbags took liberty of that by not paying up. 😳

    Anyways, love your posts, they’re so random and covered a lot of aspects in life. Thank you for sharing with us. 🙂

  11. Amy says:

    Who won the staring contest in #28? Happy Birthday in advance and enjoy your 500th trip to Japan wtf 😀

  12. Glow says:

    kareshiiiii????!!!!! OOooooooOOOooo~ lols…cant wait to see him^^ In Melbourne farms they have trust sys too, so touched! You deserve the trip to Japan ^^ have an awesome birthday there and COME BACK AND BLOG ABOUT IT! ^^ Cos we sadly live our lives vicariously through you.

  13. kei says:

    lol i really feel like im practically in japan when reading ur japan posts. HAHAHAHA ya i remember those random baskets with random vegetables/fruits inside. the ones i remember seeing was damn random like in the middle of some isolated street loll

  14. jilliancat says:

    I heard of Pan kun before but I didn’t know which zoo he was from, heh. I think it’s definitely worth to pay and take a photo with him since he’s so famous. 😉

  15. Mimiejay says:

    Ehem. Not #onlyinjapan some part in sabah do like that too..except nobody dare to steal because nanti kena cursed. Become sick or got bad luck wan..

  16. sienny says:

    lucky that you are in japan! i hope you enjoy the sakura season!!
    p.s the golden week is coming soon too..
    i think you should visit nikko : ) its very popular for the shrines and temples

  17. Michelle says:

    when i read about your remark about the mandarins and trust, i felt quite sad really…. 🙁

  18. emi says:

    i saw most of these pictures on your instagram already but it’s nice to read a bit more ^^ you look so pretty and relaxed! it looked like you had a very fun trip! so jelly i miss going to japan ><
    that's a nice story about the mandarin oranges, i'm pretty sure it'd be like that over here too…i mean how the situation you described would be like in malaysia
    hope you have fun again and good luck with your filming! have a safe trip 🙂

  19. JD says:

    Really really nice post about Japan! Keep up the traveling! 😛

  20. five5 says:

    *like *like *like

  21. sostomato says:

    we still have the “This whole business runs entirely on human trust and good will” here in sabah 🙄 🙄 🙄 🙄 🙄

  22. Denise says:

    OMG #34 is sooooooooooooooooooo beautiful.
    I have always LOVED autumn-y sceneries but thAt plus hotspring outdoor = heaven.

    can tell me whats the name of that hotspring and where? THANKS!!

  23. beat says:

    To a cjnese person that petting zoo must have looked like a menu 😆
    Sort of like an aquarium to a Japanese family

  24. BUBUBUBU says:

    omg please blog about your kareshi 🙁 so curious!!

  25. That forest almost look like Sweden 🙂

  26. Icy Blue says:

    Lovely nails you had. 😉 and baby bear is so cute!

  27. T says:

    Actually mineral water and fishball snacks are sold like in pic#41 too in my Uni. 🙂

  28. reixii says:

    OMG!! YOu are SOOO LUCKY! TO BE ABLE TO GO TO JAPAN ALLL THA TIME!! What I wouldn’t give to do that TwT

  29. Yuenny says:

    auuughhhh i love pan kun!!!!!!! & james!!! <3<3<3

  30. Winnie says:

    I’m watching Tokyo kawaii tv on NHk via Astros. 🙂 keep it up babe!

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