Secret Recipe’s 15th Anniversary

March 5, 2012 in Bon Cheesepetit / Commercial Break

My hometown is Seremban.

More than 15 years ago there was nothing in Seremban. My memory of a restaurant are those Chinese da chao places. Or hawker centers.

And then there was this legend (yes legendary it was) about a super nice cheesecake shop called Secret Recipe opening in Seremban, and then that changed everything forever.

My highschool friend Ichigo and I were so proud of it because finally something atas has arrived in Seremban, and if we hang out in Secret Recipe it was considered a very hipster cool thing to do lolol.

I also remembered the first ever time i tried their award-winning marble cheesecake i had a megusta sweet Jesus moment.

If our family bought us Secret Recipe cakes for birthday, it was the best birthday ever wtf.

Also, if the boys asked us out and suggested  meeting at Secret Recipe (instead of McDonalds) we would likely agree wtf.*materialistic*


Ahhh. Those were the days.

And now just at a blink of an eye it’s been 15 years.


This 15th Anniversary, i revisited Secret Recipe! I was invited to the pre-launch event to try out their 15th Anniversary promotion!


A lot has changed over 15 years, their menu has more variety now and it’s not just only about their  awesome cakes anymore!


Even though it is still mostly about their awesome cakes :P



I bet everyone has their favorite Secret Recipe cake!!! Mine is Lemon Cheese. And White Chocolate Macadamia. And Raspberry Cheese.


Secret Recipe’s new secret recipe hahahah.


Strawberry Marshmallow Cheese!! Sounds like a sweet dream already!


Ooh one of my fav!



I didn’t realize they now have super cute 3D cakes too!!!


Lunch time! We ended up ordering ALOT because of the promotion (will elaborate later!)


Secret Recipe Cappuccino.


Minestrone soup.



Crispy Chicken salad. I love this a lot!!!! Crispy chicken is crispy!!! And the salad is real fresh too! Something perfect for the health conscious!


Vegetarian lasagne, very cheesy!


Caribbean fish fillet




My Seafood Laksa!


Ivene’s Thai Seafood Aglio Olio. I think this was my favorite actually, i ended up eating half her plate of pasta lol.


Dessert time!


Chocolate Banana


Chocolate Indulgence


And my Creme Brulee Cheese! It magically tasted exactly like creme brulee + cheesecake lol, i guess that’s the whole point. I love it especially the top part!


Ivene and Suet Ying getting annoyed at me disturbing their heavenly dessert time.


Group shot! With Andrew from Nuffnang.



So, what’s this promotion about?!



If you order 3 items from the same category (starter/main meals/beverages/dessert), you get another one for FREE!


4 items, only for the price of 3!! :D


Meaning you can now order 4 items of the same category and the lowest priced item will be free (dine-in only). Awesome right?! :D


This promotion is valid from 10-25 March 2012.

Go go go, bring ALL your family and friends to Secret Recipe!