Kawaii Of The World Finale (Part 4)

April 24, 2012 in NHK Tokyo Kawaii TV

Sorry for splitting the episode and posting same-ish things 4 posts in a row. Just wanna get it out of the way so i can blog about other stuff! Like…. more of Japan HAHAHHA.


Picture first!!

So, Shiori and i were the last two remaining in the competition.

Before our last challenge, we had to do a catwalk session, and we were the TWO WORST contestants out of six in the whole competition when it comes to catwalk lol.




Coorde of the day. It’s still so cold back then!




Shiori and i reached the catwalk studio. While they set up the camera we had to wait outside and was soooo cold T__T



Got people commented i look like Notre Dame here HAHAHAH


In the studio.

We practiced from 10AM till 2PM.

Also kena scolded by Fumi chan sensei because we chose to rest and not practice during a 10 minutes break T___T.




Imagine walking in 4 inches for 4 hours none stop. Summore isn’t normal walking. Had to “stand straight, chin down,  drop your shoulder, stick out your hip” and after 4 hours our back bone was so pain until dunnowhat.




Our lunch T___T (ok but super yummy)


Our catwalk sensei Fumichan. Who is super famous la he trains superstars like AKB48 ok!!!!!

Everybody says he’s super scary because he always cold people until cry wan T__T. But i think he’s DAMN funny and kind-hearted really. Sometimes he will touch you to adjust your posture and then he will say “don’t worry i’m gay”. LOLOL.

He also ask me to promote him on my blog HAHA.



Nah here you are. He is so cute la lol.



After that i went to 109 to do my nails!

TGC’s theme this season is Sherbet Garden, so i did paddle pop colors!!


I have never seen such cute gel nail colors before!!!!



Cute right!!!!

And the quality of Japanese gel nail is so high that mine lasted something like 2 months wtf.




The next day.






With Shiori


And Kawaii TV producer haha.




Our next challenge was TGC fashion challenge.

We didn’t know the brand assigned to us until the last day. Mine was BEAMS!!




Here’s my model, HENA from Korea.


The theme for our outfit is Sherbet Garden and “sheer material”, so i picked a coordinate that i thought would suit HENA!!



Head accessory for her!!




Here’s the outfit!! NICE OR NOT!!

It’s a pastel purple tie-dye top with floral pastel shorts. Camel color bag with a colorful scarf. And lots and lots of thin necklaces.




And the back has a big surprise!! 😀

It’s backbone design that shows her pretty skin and she will be wearing a forest print bikini inside.


And HENA is super tall (173cm) so i make her wear flats!



With BEAMS shop staff.

Honestly i was very very happy with the coordinate that i chose for HENA lol.




Also we get to choose an outfit for ourselves IN CASE WE WON. Cuz the winner gets to wear their own choice of outfit to walk on stage.

I wore a matching pastel tiger print loose shirt and also forest-print bikini inside.



Kinda unrelated but FORUCHIZU made it onto Japanese magazine!!!!! Proud anot!!!




OK end.

Video here!!




0:00  The next challenge for the last two girls chosen out of 170 people worldwide is Tokyo Girls Collection. They have to pick the latest spring outfit for their TGC model, and the live audience will decide the winner by voting their preferred outfit on their cell phone.

00:50 Cheesie and Shiori went for catwalk lesson. Introduction of catwalk sensei Fumi chan.

1:30 The two of them had no experience in catwalk and there are here for strict training.

2:08 Cheesie has improved gradually over time. Fumi sensei comments that her shoulder moves less now (before that my biggest problem was that my shoulder move when i walk WTF).

2:30 Fumi sensei comments that Cheesie has a dramatic change after practicing. He said that he noticed that she has copied his style exactly, and in Japan there was only one model who managed to do that before. WTF.

3:25 Shiori tells us that she couldn’t use her left hand since she was born, and that her left and right hand have different length and size so she has very unbalanced posture.

4:00 Fumi hchan comments that he knows about Shiori’s disadvantage in this situation, and to make her able to do proper catwalk is also a challenge for himself.

4:49 Fumi chan requested all crew to be cleared from this room because he needs to talk to Shiori alone. After 10 minutes, he allowed the filming crew to go in. (That time i was still waiting outside and had no idea what was going on inside.)

5:30 Fumi chan tells Shiori that she is not inferior and wants her to look at the mirror and walk confidently.

6:10 Shiori says that if she doesn’t tell anyone no one would notice that she is different so all her life she just kept quiet about it, but now she thinks that maybe that’s not a right thing to do.

6:35 Cheesie and Shiori begin practice again. Gradually Shiori also has a positive change in walking.

7:35 Lesson finally finsihed, and Fumi sensei tells Shiori not to be envious of other people but live her own way.

8:00 Cheesie goes to Harajuku for her last challenge, the brand is BEAMS.

9:15 Shiori goes to Uraharajuku to pick her coordinate. She comments that TGC is different from Paris fashion collection so she wants to choose an outfit that a girl can wear during normal days. She chose a fishnet knitted top and a plain color shorts.

11:00 Cheesie and Shiori’s interview the night before the big day. Shiori says that she thinks that walking on TGC will definitely change her life.


[to be continued]

The rest are introduction of all the judges present for all the challenges (which i’m too lazy to translate unless someone volunteers to lol.)

That’s all. Only last video left!!!!


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  1. Kf says:

    “He said that he noticed that she has copied his style exactly, and in Japan there was on one model who managed to do that. WTF.”

    That kinda makes you Japan TOP 1 model LOLOL, cause no model in Japan can do that in the history. LOLOL! MOTHER OF CHEESE! 😀 😀 😀

  2. Michelle says:

    I can’t wait for the last video!

  3. Cheryl Chan says:

    can’t wait to see the last video! 😛

  4. Asuka says:

    omg im actually in loooove with outfit you chose! seriously admire your fashion sense =)

  5. Melia says:

    Cool!!! >< 日本がいきたい!!!

  6. gunila says:

    I think that was a great idea to split videos like this!
    Your nails are superb!
    And the outfit you chose is so awesome! 💡
    sorry to knew about Shiory’s hand 😥

  7. Ying Bin says:

    I can’t see the video. 🙁

  8. Ying Bin says:

    N I’m in Australia also. :p

  9. hihi says:

    zzz… u always got urself good comments ..but bad 1 for all other gals… i noticed that! zzz

  10. Caryn says:

    OMG u got menang or not, kan cheong !!!

  11. cyulippu says:

    I watch this yesterday!
    You two are so cute, stay strong through the last competition both of you!
    You two are so beautiful, and you have a great catwalk instructor!
    I got scared at the beginning he right away said “Try not to cry” lol but he was very nice I thought ^^

  12. Aki says:

    OMG! this is such a great episode! 感動しちゃったよ、泣いちゃった。I really like your outfit you put together! Shiori is such a great girl!

  13. Emily says:

    Thanks for updating part 4 so fast. So ‘kan cheong’ when you said ‘Update Part 4 again when i’m free!!’. Now, I cant wait for the last video. ^.^

  14. beast says:

    A gay stylist????
    I cannot belive it
    He is probably just using that as an excuse
    Very cunning 😉

  15. R A E says:

    I haven’t watched any of the videos yet but i REALLY want to. I’ve bookmarked them all and gonna watch them when I have enough time. #ihavenolife :cheh:

    Can’t wait to watch them all! From the pictures you put up it looked amazing! :mrgreen:

    [ http://smallrakuen.blogspot.co.uk ]

  16. ef.ae says:

    OMG! I can’t see myself withstanding the 4 hrs catwalk practice and the 10 mins break was a lie!~ haha….

    I realise that Japanese and Korean are still very much disciplined when it comes to serious stuff like this even in model or artist industry.

    and.. I really like your nails! <3!

  17. Melanie says:

    I hope you can make it big in Japannnnn cheesie ! 😛

  18. Francesca says:

    ahhh I got teary eyes when Fumi sensei sat Shiori down and talked to her. I didn’t know bout Shiori’s till she mentioned it (or you in this video). She was right no one notice it if she’s not telling but it’s true that it’s not the right thing to do
    Shiori san, you are perfect the way you are …

  19. sgrmse. says:


  20. Mia says:

    i’m watching all 4 parts today and I was so excited!!So proud that Cheesie won all the challenge and i’m going to be sad in the last part…Cheesie was the best..I really hope you won T^T

  21. Sabrina says:

    OMG, you’ve worked with someone who has worked with AKB8 – and somemore he say nice thing about you. I really feel that you can make it big in Japan. Just move there and work there full time WTF

  22. hitomineko says:

    awww i like this whole thing! looks like so much fuN~ <3 <3

    Thx for sharing with us! <3

    xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo

  23. Liz says:

    I am waiting for your fifth kawaii of the world post so I can watch all the videos in one go. So excited!! I LOVE JAPAN too so I am super looking forward to your Japan blog posts too.



  24. leyla says:

    I am glad Shiori in the end found her confidence!

    Is that a regular Beams shop or a show room?
    I totally didn’t know it was located there,
    must have walked right passed it :s

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